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Friday, August 15, 2014

Look at this Scrap Stash!

I spent all day Wednesday getting my Craftroom back in order and its now all cleaned. And now its ready for me to get busy.

 I still have this "Wire Cube" wall for my storage. It's worked pretty good for the past 8 years. But I would really love to have some Ikea Kallax Shelves.  I want to put 4 sets of the 8 cubes in here. Stand them up. I already measured and 4 will fit here and they will be as tall as the shelf on the right side with the 3 drawer storage's on them.  One day I will have them.  As you can see. I recently added one more set of cubes so I could get some stuff out of the walk in closet. I need to turn another sheet into a curtain.

This is the other two walls. From left to right. Printer. Window with my cutter stations. The sizzix eclips1 is under the orange and green cover I made (originally for my old KNK groove I sold) so its a little big but works. Next station is where I do most of my crafting. Next is my sewing station for sewing cards, layout or just plain old sewing projects. Like one I just did for a friend for a Christmas Present for her son.  This also gives me 3 stations for friends to come and scrap.   Now you might notices from my old pictures.  The table (Island) I had in the middle was my station for all my rolls of vinyl and my paper cutters were there instead of on the counter.  But its no longer there. When we had family move in. We took that old desk which I didnt like anyway but it worked. We took it apart and got rid of it to make enough room to fill this up with furniture and boxes.  So I am looking for a new table to put there.

And this is my old black DVD shelf that I painted and moved shelves and added shelves to turn it in to a ribbon storage. I just love seeing on those pretty colors great me when I walk in the door.  But as you can see on the bottom two shelves. One shelf, Left to right, is Spellbinder dies in DVD cases then all my See D's unmounted stamp sets. And bottom shelf is all unmounted stamps sets from Inkadinkado and a few other company's.

So now seeing this shelf in this picture and seeing its full.  I have no clue where I will put the other 30 sets I have in that big old bag that has been sitting in my closet for 2 years.  Okay, let's move on to that bag. Are you READY?

 This is a huge bag from Sams Club. These bags are great for the beach and we use them when we go camping and to hold all the scrap stuff I buy until I can catalog it and organize it.

 Here it is from the top. There is a lot of stuff in here. Its pretty heavy. And I have NOT bought anything scrap related in 2 years. So this is like Christmas! LOL!

Okay, here it is all poured out on my nice clean floor.  See why I had to clean the room before I started on this. LOL!  Are you ready for a list of what was in there?

30 Studio G and Inkadinkado small sets
30 Unmounted big stamp sets
18 Sheets of Stickers and Diecuts

2 Sets of spellbinder dies
8 Cuttle bug dies
3 Cuttle bug folders
1 Hand punch 1 inch circle for bottle caps
29 packs of brads
52 Wood Mounted stamps.

 I managed to get the 2 sets of Spell Binders on my excel sheet, printed the label and they are now in DVD cases.  And I got 3 sets of stamps, stamped on a paper and cataloged in my Stamp Book.  You can find how I do this in the links on the left. Stamp Organization. 

I will be working on this for a while.  So will be back with update in a few days. 

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