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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Calling All "Sizzix Eclips" and / or "Ecal" Users!

Do you own a Sizzix Eclips? Or maybe thinking about getting a Sizzix Eclips! Do you use Ecal with your machine?  Are you looking for more info, tutorials or just plain looking to connect with others that have this machine and love it as much as I do!  Then you need to read this post!

I have been thinking about this for a while now and just don't understand why there isn't a whole lot of  "ACTIVE"  blogs or forums or yahoo groups out there. I have been chatting with Becki over at Happy Card Factory and she loves her machine as much as I do and feels the same way about there being a lack of active or hard to find blogs or groups out there that love their machine.  Okay, I know Craft Edge has a small section for Ecal users with a little bit of talk on the Eclps but it is not very active.  And a little bit of talk on it on the Make the cut forum.  But I want a "Dedicated" place to go chat with others on this machine and post our creations and help others.

I mean, the Cricut came out and there was so much about the machine, all the cartridges , things made with each cartridge and so on with that machine. Why inst there any thing like that for the Sizzix Eclips.

 I love their cartridges. There is so much you can do with them. Did you know that if your looking to buy one of their cartridges and your looking at the back on the box, it only shows a really simple "Diecut". But really, when you open the book, it shows you, you can do so much with that one image, like turn it in to a

*Picture in Picture (That image cut out of a shape like a Heart or Circle)

*Charm or Tag  (with a hole to attach with a brad)

*Border ( You can turn that image in to a boarder and select the size you want it to cut 6", 12", 18" or 24      inches and it will automatically add the number of connected images to make that length.)

*Scoring (you need to update to 2.0 to use scoring but really you should update your handheld to the newest update of 3.0/3.1 you can do that here! Eclips Update

*Mirror (turn your image from facing left to facing right)

You also have "Original, Outline, Shadow, Solid, Embellishment and Pieces!" and you can resize any of these to your needs.  Here is a pdf you can open and have a look at. "Sweetalicious and Sweet Tooth" Scroll down and check out the pages for the shapes around page 66.  Okay really! You have pieces for the Cupcake Wrappers! How cool is that!

I mean, you would never know you could do all this by just looking at the image on the back of the box. What I do is go to Sizzix.com Cartridges and check out the pdf of each cartridge to see what all that cartridge will do before I buy it.

So I thought I would throw this out there and see how many feel the same way.  And see you would feel about some of us starting a Yahoo group, Facebook group or some thing for all of us that love the Sizzix Eclips!

Did you hear today at CHA 2014 that they are releasing a brand new Sizzix Eclips 2 in March.  Yes, they are. So I'm sure, there will be more people out there looking for information and tutorials on these machines.

I have a tab above "Sizzix Eclips and Ecal" with a few links to info and tutorials and videos on the Sizzix Eclips and on the left side of my blog I have "Labels" for my Sizzix tutorials for things I make using the cartridges like the last thing I made was a Christmas banner using the Albums, Bags and Boxes 2 cartridge with a tutorial on how to turn Album parts in to Banner Tags and get different sizes to mat your image.

So if you have a Sizzix Eclips and or use Ecal, Thinking about getting a Sizzix Eclips or would love to have a "Active" group of some kind. Leave me a comment and let me know what you would like.

Or if you have the machine and are a active user please post a comment below leaving your blog for others to be able to find you. ( I have moderation on, so I will check all links before I approve to make sure no spam get posted)

Update!  Sorry yall, I was away from my blog the past several months with family issues. And have gotten emails about starting up a group. I havent had time to do anything scrapping in the past several months but as of last week, things are back to normal and Im working on getting back in to the grove. 

I haven't started a group yet, but in the mean time, there is a facebook group out that is very helpful. Im on there already.  So go join, they are very helpful. See ya there.  Sizzix Eclips and Ecal Users

Can't wait to hear for y'all!
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JoAn Napier said...

I just received a Sizzix for Christmas. I did a web search looking for active blogs and forums dedicated to Eclips but have found very little info other than from the Sizzix company. That really surprises me because I've heard about what a great machine this is so I thought everyone would be talking about. I was hoping to find Beginner Tutorials somewhere to get me off to a knowledgeable start.

Sharon said...

Hi JoAn, Thank you for commenting. I totally agree. This awesome machine just has not picked up the activity that the Cricut and SIL have. And Im on a mission to change that.

I have been checking in to a Yahoo group and really dont like the new set up so looking at a facebook group.

Check the tab I have at the top of my blog. There are some links to videos and tutorials there. Do you use ECAL. If so, the Scal tutorials work with that software as well.

If you have questions just post I will try and help you out.

Anonymous said...

I am an avid eclips user and would love to have a forum just for us.

I use my eclips for so many things but just recently I have been providing course enhancement material for a number of schools, nurserys and playgroups.

The finish i get on my many 3D Projects is just so superior than my old Cricut Expressions!

Looking forward to buying the new Eclips2 later on this year....

kind regards


Shelley said...

Sharon, I would love for you to start-up a FB group. I was just "thinking" about my machine, still in the box (hanging head in shame here, lol) and wanting to get it the heck out of that box and USE IT. So I googled FB user groups. Nada. But I came upon your blog that I'm going to bookmark.

So... I will go check out your "tab" and make it a mission to make time in the next week to dust it off and jump in.

Start that group and I'll be there with bells on lol. ;-)

Ontario, Canada

-mp said...

Hi Sharon!

I just bought a Sizzix Eclips off of Craig's List. I searched Google for a users group and your blog came up on my search. I was wondering if you ended up creating a FB group? If so, I'd like to join! =)



Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

I have had my Sizzix eclips for 4 years, and bought the pen accessory and software and have been more motivated to use this past year. I also like checking out svg.com which has some cute die cut software which I was able to easily download. I tend to have to relearn things using the youtube tutorials if I put it away for a few weeks. Enjoy your creation everyone...the express the beauty in you. Aloha, Lin
from Hawaii.