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Friday, December 13, 2013

Free Kit from SVG Cuts!

                            Free Kit from SVG Cuts!

SVG Cuts has given all its fans a FREE KIT  (Click Here) as a Thank you to all their customers for this past year!  Its only for a limited time.

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If your not a fan of their SVG Cuts Facebook Page.  Please stop by and tell them Thank You for the Gift!

Thank You SVG Cuts for all the amazing kits you make all year long. I own so many but so many more I need to get.



Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Merry Christmas Banner" (Sizzix Eclips Tutorial)

I have seen several of these banners made on the net and thought I would make one for my fireplace. I didn't feel like making a file for this so dug out my cartridges and looked for some thing that would work.   I used my Sizzix Eclips and Albums, Bags & Boxes 2 cartridge. (Tutorial to follow) And ended up making a file for the letters as I only own 1 cart with letters and they are wonky looking. So would not work. So yep, had to make a file for the letters and cut to my Sizzix with Ecal. 

Here is my fireplace with new Pine Cone Garland. For years we have had the long strand of plain garland that swagged cross the fireplace and down the sides. Now that I have 2 grand babies in the house all day. We decided to change it up. And use a garland that just laid across the top. I had some issues with the ribbon and will have more pictures coming up in the post with a link to May Arts Ribbon. 

This is a close up of the Banner, You can see the Inked edges. I used Adirondack Oregano, first on the outer edge. But after it was done. I thought it needed a touch of red. So I used a light inking of Adirondack Cranberry. On the outer edges. The second layer is light brown, and used Distress Ink in Walnut and top layer Oregano. Then stamped the First and last Letter of both of both rows. And finished off with Silver Rhinestones from Want 2 Scrap. 

I was having a hard time with the wire ribbon on my mantle. I had tried 4 times to put in on different ways. And it just didn't look right. So was taking a break and reading facebook and Wham! May Arts Ribbon posted this: "Classic Christmas Wreath for the Bow-Challenged".  So I went and read it and posted to see if it would work for Mantle Garland. And Charlene Driggs sent me a message on facebook and said it should work fine.  So I gave it a try and Yes! It worked.  (Thanks so much Charlene!) Above is a collection of several sets of 3 gathered together to make a box.

 Here is the set of 3 wire ribbons. The pine cone ribbon my hubby picked out at Michaels when he picked out the new garland with pine cones.  I had to dig in my stash for two others. I only had a few feet of the red one, but made it work.

Here is the mantel with the Ribbon, Poinsettia flowers, Silver ball garland, and a few red ball springs. (Im having a hard time with the color lights. Hubby wanted colored lights this year. I'm a White light and Blue, Silver and White Christmas kind of girl! 

Sizzix Eclips, Cartridge and Ecal

I haven't used the cartridges but once to test cut when I first go it. So it was a learning experience for sure. And since there are not a lot of Eclips tutorials out. I am going to walk you though the steps I used to make this banner from a Album file. And some tips I learned along the way. 

I used Recollections cardstock and use these settings. Blade 2, Speed 4, Pressure 3

I used cartridge Albums, Bags & Boxes 2 and used the "Fancy Album" on page 22 & 23.
If using the Title Merry Christmas you will need 14 of each layer.

First I cut the back layer as it would be the largest. So wanted to size it first. Here is the screen shot of the Hand held with the "SOLID" file selected.  I sized this to 4.16 H  X 6.41 W.  And Qty 2.

Note that I'm using 8.5 x 11 cardstock.  So I placed my cardstock on my Cricut mat in landscap (11 inches is Left to Right) And was able to cut 2 and notice the Right side scrap. Next step.

(yes, you can use cricut mats, just lay your Eclips mat on top and use a fine marker to mark the rounded corners. Cut the corners off and it works fine. I think these stay sticky longer and cheaper to get with a coupon at Joanns)

The Right side scrap you can save till the end and turn it on its side and change your Qty. to 1 and cut another to save paper.

Here you see how the file cuts out of the scrap. So really you get 3 out of 8.5 x 11 if you take the time to use the scrap just make sure you change your Qty to 1. I did these when I had enough of the sets of two cut. And just cut the last 4 on the scraps.

 2nd layer is the first "Pieces" I sized this one size down. So it actually makes it have a 1/8 inch border all the way around. So size this to 3.91 H  X  6.03 W and Qty. 2 And do the same as above. Cut 2 till 10 are cut then turn and change Qty to 1 and cut last 4 of the scraps.

This is the last layer which is the top. With this one. I used the 2nd image in "Pieces" Notice this one has the holes. I used this one because. I thought it would give me good placement of where to punch the holes. And it worked perfect.  This one cutting step changes.

Notice I now have my 8.5 X 11 in the Portrait position (11 inches Up and Down). Then sized it to 3.66 H  X  5.64 W and changed Qty to 4. I was able to cut 4 on this one sheet 8.5 x 11.

NOTE:  On your handheld scree at the bottom, It will ask you "ROTATE SHAPE FOR LANDSCAPE" hit OK for yes. And it will cut just like you see on screen. And get 4 out of this piece of cardstock.

 Pay attention to your edge. Use your laser to check it. With the cricut mat, I think the paper placement is off a little. Its right close to the edge, I usually just use my hand held to move the blade over and down a tad, forgot on this one but it was fine.

I used a Font in Ecal called "Perpetua" and Select all letters and size to 3 inches tall. I inked all my edges. Layer all your pieces. I used my ATG gun. Then use Scotch Quick Dry glue for the letters. When you place your first letter. Use a grid mat to line up the top of one and then line up your next, and take notices of placement of the letter on the first one. This will help you get all your letters as close to even as possible.

Lastly, I used my Cropadile to punch the holes. Remember you cut the top layer with holes. So just center the largest hole punch over the one that is that is in the top layer. And punch all your banner tags. Then I used this new stamp set to stamp the "M & C" in the top left corner.  And stamped the  "Y & S" in the top right corner. And used another stamp to stamp the centers of each letter with Adirondack Oregano ink. And lastly added A tiny silver rhinestone for the center of the smaller stamp in middle of the letters. And then on the bottom I added a Med rhinestone and 2 tiny ones to the bottom.

Supplies Used:
Sizzix Eclips (Machine)
Ecal (Cutter software)
Albums, Boxes and Bags 2 (Sizzix Cartridge)
Stamps (Recollections  Flourishy) 
Ink (Adirondack Oregano, Cranberry) (Distress Ink Walnut)
Cardstock (Recollections) Brown, Cream, Deep Red
Glue (Scotch Quick Dry) Love this stuff! 
Adhesive (ATG Gold Tape.