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Friday, November 29, 2013

Hanging Kitchen Towels (Sewing Tutorial)

After many years of walking around with a kitchen towel on my shoulder when my kids were small. Half the time I couldn't remember where I laid it down. I remember walking half way though a store with a kitchen towel still on my shoulder. LOL!  It was after that. I decided I needed towels that hung on my stove. And you know, they aren't easy to find.  I usually found a few at yardsales and picked them up when ever I found them.  But now that my old ones are starting to fall apart.  I decided it was time to make some like one I bought years ago.   So here is a sewing tutorial for these.  These are easy to make, but I took a lot of pictures to show you the steps.

 Supplies Needed: Sewing Machine, Towels with matching pot holders (Square or Rectangle) , Needle and Thread, Ruffle, Scissors.  The set on the left I got at Dollar tree, 2 pot holders and 2 towels $4. And the set with pumpkins came with 2 pot holders, 1 oven mitt, 1 Wash cloth and 1 kitchen towel. $5 on clearance half off $2.50 score at Biglots.   I will be working with the Fall one for this tutorial. 

 This is the Wash cloth, I cut a piece of ruffle ribbon long enough to be 1 inch longer on both side.(This came on a spool for 2.50 from Joanns).  Pin the ruffle to the front bottom of the wash cloth and fold the ends around the back and pin. 

 This is the Kitchen towel with the ribbon pinned to the front bottom and wrapped around the back.

 Sew along the ruffle on both the wash cloth and Kitchen towel or 2 Kitchen towels if you have them.

 I turned it over, and lined the bottom of the towel just above the bottom of the front (So you don't see it from the front). But you can leave them even if you like. Or if your towel has a strong fold line from the store, just leave it as is.  This one didn't have a strong fold so it didn't matter. Pin to hold in place. Then flatten out the towel.

 If you have strong fold center line, just go with that. This one did not, so I used a fine marker to make my line across so I would know where the center was. Or you could Iron it to get your center line fold.

 I used a Needle and Thread to make a Loose Stitch. Or you could use your sewing machine and set your stitch length to the longest possible.

 If you use Needle and Thread pull thread a little to gather and leave the thread attached at the end. (See red Circle) If your using sewing machine to make your loose stitch.  Make sure you leave long threads on the ends.

 Next, Fold your pot holder in half and pin where the center is (See red circle)

 IMPORTANT!   If your using a Towel and Potholder with a specific pattern. Turn the potholder over and make sure the loop faces the end with the ruffle (See Arrow). If you didn't use a ruffle. Just make sure you have it facing the front bottom of your towel.

NOTE!   If your working with a solid color or stripes or plaid. You can choose to put the look in back so when its closed, your button is in the front. So check that when your buying it, Which would look better to you.

 Now that you have it facing the right direction, I pinned the pot holder even with the towel edge. Make sure you line up the center pin with the center line or center fold.

 Next, Pin to the other end and pull your end string to gather and tie it off.  Then use pins to hold gather in place while you sew.

 Hold down the gathers while your sewing.  Making sure you end even with your center pin on the end.  When done, pull the back thread till the front stitch comes though, pull it out and tie off your ends.

 This is how it looks when you flip the pot holder over and fold it in half. This is the front.  Since this has a pattern , the loop will hook in the back.

 I attached a Medium size button about 3/4 inch wide to the back. (See how the pumpkin is upside down. Important to keep eye on the direction of your pattern. So you know to put look on front or back.

                        Wash Cloth Hanging Towel 

 This is how I sewed the Wash cloth.  I did a loose stitch with my needle and thread.  Close to the edge.

 Pull the thread to gather and make sure you leave it attached.

 IMPORTANT!  Notice the direction of the towel and pot holder. Since this has specific pattern. I turned the wash cloth over with the top facing the right. And the pot holder face up but the top with loop facing the left. Your seeing the end of the pot holder.

Pin  both sides, then pull your thread to gather, then tie it off.  And pin to the center of the pot holder.

 Sew along the center along the edge of the wash cloth.

 When you flip it over, you can see the direction is correct.

And this is the back with the button to attach the loop.

And here is finished project. Wash cloth on the Left and Kitchen towel on the Right.

Updated 12/02/13 Added picture of new Hanging Kitchen Towels

Hope you find this useful.  Once you do one, the others are super easy. I have several more to make, and will be looking for Holiday Pot holders and Towels on clearance.


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Lillian DeFleur said...

Hi Sharon & Smokey
I know your tutorial was posted a long time ago but Thank you for posting it! I just bought some towels today and matching potholders. I thought it would make a lovely Mother's day gift for my Sis. I also wanted to mention I have a Smokey fury kid too. He likes to get in to my crafting space all the time. His favorite? Yarn of course! lol
Happy Crafting