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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bow Holder Tutorial!

I'm going to be making a bunch of bows for the grand daughters and needed a place to put them.  So I made this bow holder.  It took about an hour and was super easy.  Shipping on one of these I bet would be high because of the size and weight.  So I'm going to tell you how to make one yourself and save some money. This one cost me about $16 to make.

Do you remember the frames I painted with my HomeRight Command Max paint sprayer.  This is the smaller frame.  It's 23 x 19 which is good medium size.  And will hold lots of bows. I got this frame at the good will for $5.

Step 1.  Get a piece of Poster board and use the cardboard backer from the picture to trace on the Poster board   This will be your new backer board to give you a nice finished look.

 Step 2.  Cut out the part you traced and set aside for last step.

Step 3.   Get a piece of batting and trace the same cardboard backer with a maker and cut out and set aside.

Step 4.  Get your favorite piece of material and cut it a couple inches bigger on all sides then your Cardboard backer.

Step 5.   Lay material on the table. "Right side down".  And lay your batting on next (Center it) then lay your Cardboard backer on (Center over batting). "This picture is not centered yet, just showing you the layers step".

Step 6.   Next use a Stapler opened up and staple the material to the cardboard backer. Try and pull the material evenly and some what taught so it fits nicely.  And make sure you fold corners over nice and flat.

Step 7.   Next cut 5 ( More or Less depending on your size frame) for this one 5 worked good.  I used 7/8 inch wide.  Lay one in the middle then check your spacing for each additional ribbon. For this frame, it worked good to have them about 2 1/2 Inches apart so the ones on the ends are not to close to the sides.

Step 8.  Next use the stapler to staple the ribbon to the back side.  Do the top row first. Then pull the ribbon from the bottom tight.  And staple the bottom.  You can do one staple first to hold it in place but make sure you go back and add another staple or two to each so it gives it more holding power.

Step 9.   Remember the poster board you cut in the first step.  This is where you use that.  You will play our fabric covered backer board (Might be a little tight but that is good).  Then lay the white poster board down.  And use a pair of scissor or flat head screw driver to mash down the the staples that were holding it all in.

 And this is your finished "Bow Holder".   From this point you can do almost any thing.  You can get wood letters for a special little girls name, paint them and attach them.  Or you can add hooks or dowels for "Hair bands, or Pony Tail holders.

And for the glass you took out.  Don't throw it out. That glass is expensive. You might be able to use it for some thing else.  Like, get some scrap wood and make a frame to fit the glass, put some vinyl words on the glass and hang it on the wall or some thing like that.

I think I will use the two pieces I have now to put on top of the Island I plan to make for my scrap room to protect the top.  You can cut on it and not damage the table.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Its super easy and took me about an hour (After the frame was painted)  to put it all together and cost about $16.

Frame $5  (Goodwill but check yardsales and thriftstores)

Material  $5 ( check Joanns clearance rack, use a coupon, check good will, yardsales)

Ribbon $2.50 ( check sales and use coupon)

Batting $2.50 ( Got on sale)

Poster board , Paint, Staples I already had here ($1) LOL!

Now to start on my next project. This one will involve "Mod Podge" I'm not very experienced with it so I hope it goes well.  Will be posting that in a few days. With drying time and cutting and all that stuff. LOL!

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