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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New File! Mexican Fiesta!

Okay, well maybe its not all that new. LOL!  But it is new in a way.  I have never offered this file before.

I designed this file back in 2007 for a Recipe swap I did and totally forgot about it.  Until our family reunion coming up decided on a Mexican Fiesta theme.  And remembered I had done this one. But it was on my back up external hardrive and in KNK form.  So I got it loaded and got my KNK software working again.  And I was able to use my file.

I did make some changes and redid the file and added some new files to it. And added several file types.   I Also used this for my Family Reunion Invitations.  I will have a post on those later. (This is why I haven't been posting, super busy with invitations)

This file can be used in so many different ways,  I have used it to make a "Recipe Swap", And "Family Reunion Invitations" and will be using several of these images in my "Layouts" of all our reunion pictures. 

Here is the "New" file loaded for the first time.  RM001700 "Mexican Fiesta".

This is a large file and contains a lot of paper piecing's and layers. This is what the file includes:.

1.  "Complete Card" with card base with front layer. Inside has 3 layers for each side. One layer has zig zag edge to look like a rug.  You can choose to use as many or as few layers as you need. 

2.  Paper Piecing "Pepper Frame" with Mat and back layer.  You can also use this a a frame for your pictures. 

3.  You have 3 Titles with 2 layers.  (Cozumel, Mexico and 7 layer Mexican Dip (from my recipe swap)

4.  Fold-able Pennants to make a cute "Banner". They fold so you can put them on a string.

5.  "Pepper boarder" Paper piecing (Red, Green peppers with Tops and a back Mat)

6.  "Pinata" ( this would be super cute cut out of strip paper)

7.  "Parrot" ( has several pieces and back mat) This is my favorite. You wont believe how small I cut this, later post)

8.   Single "Chili Pepper"

9.  "Cactus Set": Tall Cactus, small Cactus and Sand Mound

10.  "Maraca's" have 3 layers

11.  "Mexican Guy" paper piecing. Okay I love this one as well. 

You can grab this awesome file here: RM00170 "Mexican Fiesta" 
File types in this file include: AI /EPS, MTC, SVG, DXF, KNK, WPC & SCUT3

Here is a picture of the Recipe swap I did using this file back in 2007.

7 Layer Mexican Dip Recipe (Download here)

I will have a post soon on the Invitations I made using this file soon. I took a lot of pictures showing how small I cut some of these pieces on my Eclips.

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