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Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Won a HomeRight Steamer! And Review!

I follow this super cool blog called "Mod Podge Rocks!"   Really! that is the name, and its super cool.  She shows you all this cool stuff you can do with Mod Podge.  I honestly had no clue there were so many different kinds of Mod podge. I have only two kinds (Mate and Sparkle) and think I will be expanding my collection soon. LOL!  But anyway.  She was doing this giveaway for a HomeRight Steamer.  So I entered, I had entered several different giveaways for this machine because I had been wanting one of these for a while and I was so over excited when she emailed me that I won.  I just couldn't wait to get it.
So it arrived and I pulled it right out of the box, read the booklet and was shocked at all the stuff that came with it.  Everything in the picture above is what comes with this baby!  It was so super easy to use. Fill the cup up with water (It holds a lot) screw the lid on and push the on button.  The Red light lets you know its on and Orange light come on letting you know its heating up. In about 8 minutes the Orange light goes off and its ready to use.  

I love that it has wheels so you don't have to carry it. This is a great help for me.  And I love the long coated hose.  Its not cheap plastic so it will last a long time.  And all the little parts store under the front tented lid. Just push inward and it lifts right up.  So with all this out of the way.   I got right to work playing with it.   

The first thing I wanted to tackle was my kitchen and the over head Microwave was fist up!

These are the metal mesh screens under the Over head Microwave over the stove.  The grease is so hard to get off and our faucet water just isn't hot enough to get it off.  And I try not to use harsh cleaners as I have Asthma.  So I tried the steamer.

Here is it after I cleaned it with the HomeRight Steamer.  The one on the left looks pretty good.  So of course I cleaned the one on the Right next.

Next up is the glass door on the oven.  As I mentioned I have Asthma and cant use harsh cleaners so you know I can not use Easy off or any thing like that.  So you guessed it.  I tried the Home Right Steamer.  And check this out!

This is half the door cleaned and wiped down (They even include a cleaning towel) I used the wire brush that comes with it. You just spray some steam to heat it up then lightly rub and it comes right off.

Here is the whole door cleaned.  It was so nice to be able to clean this and know I didn't have to use any harsh chemicals.  I showed my hubby what all I had cleaned when he came home from work and he said. "WOW" Now that is clean. LOL!

I also cleaned the glass top of my stove to remove some burnt on stuff and used it to clean the grill on the top of the Over head Microwave.  Then I opened my 2nd Microwave we use the most.  Usually I put a cup of water in there and boil it and let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it out.  So with the Steamer.  I opened the door.  Sprayed a lot of steam in there.  And closed the door and waited 5 minutes and opened the door and there was still steam in there.  And it wiped out clean. That was super nice.

Next came the floors!  Okay so I have two mops I use for my wood laminate floors. And I thought they worked pretty good.  So I ran my wonder mop over the floor first then ran my Revel Spray mop over the floor.  So by now it should be clean right.

 (Notice that long hose and long handle. Makes it easy to get under the coffee table and TV stand.) 

Okay, well!  What I thought was a clean floor after using two mops. Wasn't so clean.

Look at what it picked up after using two mops.  I couldn't believe it.  But am now glad to know my floors will be clean for the grandbabies. 

I told my hubby he can take this out and use it on his new truck to clean his chrome rims so he don't have to use harsh chemicals on them.  He was all excited about that. LOL! 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my review of the Home Right Steam Machine.  

(Note: My opinions are my own and I was not asked or paid to make this review.  If you follow my blog you know I love to review things and I will honestly tell you if I like something or if I don't like it.)  And this one I like.  HomeRight makes good products. 

I know right now there are several blogs doing reviews and giving away one of these machines. So you might want to check them out.  Here are a few. 

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scrapn said...

first of all congrats! I never heard of this steamer, but after your review, I want one!! That is a great prize! I can't believe your stove, how cool!!!