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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Family Reunion Invitations "Mexican Fiesta"

I mentioned a few days ago. I was asked to make the Invitations for our Family Reunion in Iowa. This is my Husband's Mom's side. And most live in Iowa so yep. We will be driving from Florida to Iowa in July and I cant wait. I havent been on a driving trip in 7 years. We used to go on  2 or 3 a year when the kids were growing up.

I made 34 of these invitations. It turned in to a lot of cardstock. Lots of shades.  And for the pattern paper. Well that was a job of its own. I went to Michaels and couldn't find a primary color stripe paper.  So went to Joanns. And they had one by DCWV.  They only had 6 sheets at .59 each.  So I got those 6 thinking I could find more.

Well, that weekend, I went to St. Pete with my friend and we ran to the Joanns there and they had 18 sheets and they were now 3/1.00 so that was good but I still needed more.  As each card used one sheet of pattern paper. For both inside sides and outer layer on front and Mexican guy blanket. Oh, and the back mat of the title.  So later in the week on Friday I started calling all the Joanns around me seeing if they had it in stock.  no one local did. So I ended up going about 30 miles out and getting another 18 sheets.  So I now had enough to make the rest of the invitations and have a couple sheets left over to do some layouts after the reunion.

So I now had every thing I needed so I got started.  I cut the outside card , white mat, and inside green mats by hand but have included those in the file.

Then I was off to cut all the images on my Sizzix Eclips using Ecal.  And let me tell you.  I was shocked how small some of these pieces cut. So I took several pictures.

Since all of my images are small I was able to cut several colors at one time. I just love doing this, this way, I can cut all at one time and just sit down at my desk and start assembling them with out getting up.

This is the inside. I turned one of my Pepper frames in to a PNG and used it in word to print the inside (personal Info removed)

I cut 34 each of the Parrot, Cactus sets, Mexican Guy and titles along with the pattern paper mats for front and inside x 2.  I made 24 first then made another 10.

I cut 3 parts of the Parrot for here.  Black is back mat, Blue is part of the feathers there are 5 parts in blue. And the Yellow chest. I used Recollections on this blade 2 depth 3.  And the blue parts are super thin and really small and look how clean it cut. I was going to cut this section super slow but it cut fine on speed 3. 

Look how clean the pieces cut out. I just pulled the paper off and it left all the pieces stuck to the mat.  This is why you always need a good sticky mat with cutting tiny pieces. And use the right blade depth, pressure and speed. And a great cutting file helps as well. LOL!  I would rather have a light mark in the mat and know it cuts all the way though. 

This is the rest of the Parrot.  Green Feathers, 4 pieces, White face and dark yellow feet and beak (4 pieces).  Next picture shows how small the pieces are.  

I laid these pieces on my gridded ruler so you can see how thin and small these pieces are. The blue are pieces of the Parrots tail.  And they yellow bottom is one of the feet and the top yellow are the beak. 

After I made the first 24 I found out we needed 10 more invitations. So off I went. I as able to cut all the pieces for 10 parrots in one cut.  I did the same for the Mexican Guy and the Cactus Sets. And Titles.

I used red pompom ribbon on the hat, Stickles on the Parrots face, beak, Cactus, and the blanket on the Mexican Guy.

A couple days ago I loaded the file I used  RM00170 "Mexican Fiesta" with additional files I didn't use on these.  You can see that post listing all the files in the Collection. 13 files in all. Its a big file with several file types. This file does not include the Family Reunion file. I didn't think any one would need that but if you do let me know I can get that to you if you buy the kit.

But remember, this kit can be used for any thing.  I originally used part of this file for a Recipe swap back in 2007 and now the invitations.  And next I will be using it for layouts when we get back. So you could even use this file if you go on a cruise to Mexico.  I included two titles for that.

Every thing I used:

Recollections Cardstock: Black, Red, White, 3 shaded of  Green, 2 shades of Blue, 2 shaded of Yellow, 2 shades of Orange, Pink and Brown.

Pattern Paper:  DCWV Rainbow Stripe

Cutter: Sizzix Eclips with Ecal

File: RM00170 "Mexican Fiesta"

ATG tape, Scotch Quick Dry glue, Tweezer Bee's, Cricut Mats, Stickles and pom pom ribbon from Michaels. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my post.  I'm on to my next project. "Ribbon Shelf"

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Vivian Lake said...

WOW! Love how you went all out for your family invites!

Michelle said...

These are great Sharon, you sure have put a lot of time and love into them, I'm sure the recipiants will be delighted when they receive them.

Michelle E xx