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Monday, February 18, 2013

DVD Shelf to Ribbon Shelf!

A couple years ago. I want to say maybe 3 or 4 years. (My memory issue make me really bad with time frames)  but I think it was that long ago.  I bought this black DVD shelf and I had all my Stampin up stamps and See D's stamps and all my unmounted stamps in DVD cases on here.  We, recently I sold over 30 sets of Stamp up sets and still have some to get posted for sale. But any way. This left this shelf half empty.  And I was really needing a Ribbon Roll shelf.  And trying to use what I have to save money.  I got to looking at this shelf. And thought, Hm! I can make that work.

So I took every thing off, took it out side, and sanded it down to get the shinny off the shelf so the primer would stick better.  I thinned out the primer with water so I could put on two thin coats.  And then added two coats of latex white paint. Which I had every thing in my work shop.  But let me tell you. I'm still dreaming of owning a Homeright Command Max paint sprayer. I will have one before the year is out. I have other projects that I need one for. And would have been so handy for this project.

The only thing I had to buy was a piece of trim molding for $3. I thought one would be enough, I didn't measure the shelf and I really should of. I was one piece short for the top shelf. But I can add that later. You can see that trim on the 2-5 shelf in the picture below. I painted it and used my air nail brad gun to put in on with staples. These will hold the ribbon in. So they don't roll out.

 Also in this picture. You can see the little trick I came up with to take up space on the shelf because its still a little wide for most rolls of ribbon.  The shelves are now adjustable for the rolls.

It just turned out that my WRM Keepers Magnetic ruler is exactly 17.5 inches which is the same as the inside of the shelf.  So I took some heavy coated poster board out of my craft closet. And marked every 2 inches all the way down length ways. You can see those black marks on both sides of the ruler  Then turned it side ways and cut every third mark. This gave me 3 sections of 2 inches each.

After I cut them down to the length of the ruler.  I used the ruler to fold the poster board on the marks. And this leaves you with a triangle fold. I used clear tape to tape it together to hold its shape.

Then place in the back of each shelf.  This takes up the spare room in the shelf and stops the rolls from rolling back, and the great thing is you just put your ribbon rolls in and reach back and slide the blocker forward and it keeps them in place.  How cool is that!

So here is my "New Shelf" All nice and pretty white.  And holding all my ribbon rolls I recently bought. And stamps I have left on the bottom. But! They wont be staying there long.  Turns out. I need that space for the rest of my ribbon rolls. So I will have to buy some 1x6 and rip it down to fit in the shelf as I don't have any more boards. And more trim. I think I can get 4 more shelf's in here.  

Still a few more rolls in this drawer. 

And this is how I used to do my ribbon. It was a great space saver. But I really like having them out and see them and I find I use them more.  I used to wrap them on these cards. but then you have little creases and I had to use my hair straightener to get them out.  And never used them. 

And this is how I keep all the left over pieces. And yes, I uses these for album rings and for cards and such. I'm always digging in here. LOL! 

Well, I hope you enjoy my ribbon shelf using what I had here. I love it. And now need to find a new project to work on next.  

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Heather D. said...

LOVE this! Will you come do one for me? lol

Michelle said...

Hi ya Sharon,

this is a brilliant idea, I love how you transformed the shelf unit,
it looks a lot brighter and fresher looking. Oh and I LOVE your ribbon collection. Thanks for sharing this great project.

Michelle E xx

scrapn said...

Love what you did to that shelf you are no longer going to use. You have really good ideas Sharon! I just did all my laces the way you used to do your ribbons. Thanks for sharing!

Melody said...

I really loved what you did with the shelf! Fantastic idea. Like you I want to see and have everything right at hand. Great job!- Melody