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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cricut Mats in Sizzix Eclips!

I'm really loving my Sizzix Eclips using Ecal to cut to it.  It cuts so smooth (not the Click, Click, Click) that the Cricut does using other software.

I was asked to make the Family Reunion Invitations for our Reunion coming up in July. In Iowa!   We haven't seen Iowa family in over 10 years so this will be a nice trip from Florida.  And on the way back we will swing by Texas and see my In-laws.  We haven't seen hubby's dad in over 10 years as well.  His wife has Alzheimer's so we really need to make this trip and see her.

Some things I noticed with the Eclips mats.  They are not very sticky and don't stay sticky very long.  I mean. I did a lot of cutting for the step card and I did 25 sheets of pattern paper and its not sticky at all.  This time frame is far less then the Cricut mats.  I mean, I can do a ton of cutting for 6 months before I wash and re-stick them.

So I went to Joann's and Michael's looking for new Sizzix Mat. I would rather use a coupon on them then order full price and pay shipping on the net.  You to right!

I have new Cricut mats and held it up to the Eclips mat and they are the same size.  So I tried loading the Cricut mat in the Eclips. It took it in and spit it all the way out.  I just didn't get why it would do that. I mean, its the same size.  Only difference is the Cricut mat has pointed corners.  

I posted on the MTC forum and some one suggested cutting the corners off.  So I laid the Sizzix Eclips mat on top of the Cricut mat. Used a pencil to trace the corners.  Then used my Tim Holts Scissors (red and black) and trimmed the corners.  And Wha La!  It took it and kept the mat.  Funny how a little thing like rounding the corners spits it out.  Maybe it's because the laser was still seeing the edge of the corner.  Who knows.

But now, We can get Cheap Replacement Mats at Joanns and Michaels.

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Angi MakingMayhem said...

Thanks for sharing this tip! I moved recently and couldn't find my eclipse cutting mat and needed it right away for a project. I went to Joann's today and purchased the cricut cutting mat. Good to know that bit about rounding the corners...THANKS!

Sharon said...

Your welcome, I found that the cricut mats are also stickier then the eclips mats so only use those along with the 24 inch cricut mat in my eclips now. Just round the corners and your ready to go.