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Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Won a HomeRight Steamer! And Review!

I follow this super cool blog called "Mod Podge Rocks!"   Really! that is the name, and its super cool.  She shows you all this cool stuff you can do with Mod Podge.  I honestly had no clue there were so many different kinds of Mod podge. I have only two kinds (Mate and Sparkle) and think I will be expanding my collection soon. LOL!  But anyway.  She was doing this giveaway for a HomeRight Steamer.  So I entered, I had entered several different giveaways for this machine because I had been wanting one of these for a while and I was so over excited when she emailed me that I won.  I just couldn't wait to get it.
So it arrived and I pulled it right out of the box, read the booklet and was shocked at all the stuff that came with it.  Everything in the picture above is what comes with this baby!  It was so super easy to use. Fill the cup up with water (It holds a lot) screw the lid on and push the on button.  The Red light lets you know its on and Orange light come on letting you know its heating up. In about 8 minutes the Orange light goes off and its ready to use.  

I love that it has wheels so you don't have to carry it. This is a great help for me.  And I love the long coated hose.  Its not cheap plastic so it will last a long time.  And all the little parts store under the front tented lid. Just push inward and it lifts right up.  So with all this out of the way.   I got right to work playing with it.   

The first thing I wanted to tackle was my kitchen and the over head Microwave was fist up!

These are the metal mesh screens under the Over head Microwave over the stove.  The grease is so hard to get off and our faucet water just isn't hot enough to get it off.  And I try not to use harsh cleaners as I have Asthma.  So I tried the steamer.

Here is it after I cleaned it with the HomeRight Steamer.  The one on the left looks pretty good.  So of course I cleaned the one on the Right next.

Next up is the glass door on the oven.  As I mentioned I have Asthma and cant use harsh cleaners so you know I can not use Easy off or any thing like that.  So you guessed it.  I tried the Home Right Steamer.  And check this out!

This is half the door cleaned and wiped down (They even include a cleaning towel) I used the wire brush that comes with it. You just spray some steam to heat it up then lightly rub and it comes right off.

Here is the whole door cleaned.  It was so nice to be able to clean this and know I didn't have to use any harsh chemicals.  I showed my hubby what all I had cleaned when he came home from work and he said. "WOW" Now that is clean. LOL!

I also cleaned the glass top of my stove to remove some burnt on stuff and used it to clean the grill on the top of the Over head Microwave.  Then I opened my 2nd Microwave we use the most.  Usually I put a cup of water in there and boil it and let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it out.  So with the Steamer.  I opened the door.  Sprayed a lot of steam in there.  And closed the door and waited 5 minutes and opened the door and there was still steam in there.  And it wiped out clean. That was super nice.

Next came the floors!  Okay so I have two mops I use for my wood laminate floors. And I thought they worked pretty good.  So I ran my wonder mop over the floor first then ran my Revel Spray mop over the floor.  So by now it should be clean right.

 (Notice that long hose and long handle. Makes it easy to get under the coffee table and TV stand.) 

Okay, well!  What I thought was a clean floor after using two mops. Wasn't so clean.

Look at what it picked up after using two mops.  I couldn't believe it.  But am now glad to know my floors will be clean for the grandbabies. 

I told my hubby he can take this out and use it on his new truck to clean his chrome rims so he don't have to use harsh chemicals on them.  He was all excited about that. LOL! 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my review of the Home Right Steam Machine.  

(Note: My opinions are my own and I was not asked or paid to make this review.  If you follow my blog you know I love to review things and I will honestly tell you if I like something or if I don't like it.)  And this one I like.  HomeRight makes good products. 

I know right now there are several blogs doing reviews and giving away one of these machines. So you might want to check them out.  Here are a few. 

That's all for today!
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Monday, February 18, 2013

DVD Shelf to Ribbon Shelf!

A couple years ago. I want to say maybe 3 or 4 years. (My memory issue make me really bad with time frames)  but I think it was that long ago.  I bought this black DVD shelf and I had all my Stampin up stamps and See D's stamps and all my unmounted stamps in DVD cases on here.  We, recently I sold over 30 sets of Stamp up sets and still have some to get posted for sale. But any way. This left this shelf half empty.  And I was really needing a Ribbon Roll shelf.  And trying to use what I have to save money.  I got to looking at this shelf. And thought, Hm! I can make that work.

So I took every thing off, took it out side, and sanded it down to get the shinny off the shelf so the primer would stick better.  I thinned out the primer with water so I could put on two thin coats.  And then added two coats of latex white paint. Which I had every thing in my work shop.  But let me tell you. I'm still dreaming of owning a Homeright Command Max paint sprayer. I will have one before the year is out. I have other projects that I need one for. And would have been so handy for this project.

The only thing I had to buy was a piece of trim molding for $3. I thought one would be enough, I didn't measure the shelf and I really should of. I was one piece short for the top shelf. But I can add that later. You can see that trim on the 2-5 shelf in the picture below. I painted it and used my air nail brad gun to put in on with staples. These will hold the ribbon in. So they don't roll out.

 Also in this picture. You can see the little trick I came up with to take up space on the shelf because its still a little wide for most rolls of ribbon.  The shelves are now adjustable for the rolls.

It just turned out that my WRM Keepers Magnetic ruler is exactly 17.5 inches which is the same as the inside of the shelf.  So I took some heavy coated poster board out of my craft closet. And marked every 2 inches all the way down length ways. You can see those black marks on both sides of the ruler  Then turned it side ways and cut every third mark. This gave me 3 sections of 2 inches each.

After I cut them down to the length of the ruler.  I used the ruler to fold the poster board on the marks. And this leaves you with a triangle fold. I used clear tape to tape it together to hold its shape.

Then place in the back of each shelf.  This takes up the spare room in the shelf and stops the rolls from rolling back, and the great thing is you just put your ribbon rolls in and reach back and slide the blocker forward and it keeps them in place.  How cool is that!

So here is my "New Shelf" All nice and pretty white.  And holding all my ribbon rolls I recently bought. And stamps I have left on the bottom. But! They wont be staying there long.  Turns out. I need that space for the rest of my ribbon rolls. So I will have to buy some 1x6 and rip it down to fit in the shelf as I don't have any more boards. And more trim. I think I can get 4 more shelf's in here.  

Still a few more rolls in this drawer. 

And this is how I used to do my ribbon. It was a great space saver. But I really like having them out and see them and I find I use them more.  I used to wrap them on these cards. but then you have little creases and I had to use my hair straightener to get them out.  And never used them. 

And this is how I keep all the left over pieces. And yes, I uses these for album rings and for cards and such. I'm always digging in here. LOL! 

Well, I hope you enjoy my ribbon shelf using what I had here. I love it. And now need to find a new project to work on next.  

Until next time, 
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Family Reunion Invitations "Mexican Fiesta"

I mentioned a few days ago. I was asked to make the Invitations for our Family Reunion in Iowa. This is my Husband's Mom's side. And most live in Iowa so yep. We will be driving from Florida to Iowa in July and I cant wait. I havent been on a driving trip in 7 years. We used to go on  2 or 3 a year when the kids were growing up.

I made 34 of these invitations. It turned in to a lot of cardstock. Lots of shades.  And for the pattern paper. Well that was a job of its own. I went to Michaels and couldn't find a primary color stripe paper.  So went to Joanns. And they had one by DCWV.  They only had 6 sheets at .59 each.  So I got those 6 thinking I could find more.

Well, that weekend, I went to St. Pete with my friend and we ran to the Joanns there and they had 18 sheets and they were now 3/1.00 so that was good but I still needed more.  As each card used one sheet of pattern paper. For both inside sides and outer layer on front and Mexican guy blanket. Oh, and the back mat of the title.  So later in the week on Friday I started calling all the Joanns around me seeing if they had it in stock.  no one local did. So I ended up going about 30 miles out and getting another 18 sheets.  So I now had enough to make the rest of the invitations and have a couple sheets left over to do some layouts after the reunion.

So I now had every thing I needed so I got started.  I cut the outside card , white mat, and inside green mats by hand but have included those in the file.

Then I was off to cut all the images on my Sizzix Eclips using Ecal.  And let me tell you.  I was shocked how small some of these pieces cut. So I took several pictures.

Since all of my images are small I was able to cut several colors at one time. I just love doing this, this way, I can cut all at one time and just sit down at my desk and start assembling them with out getting up.

This is the inside. I turned one of my Pepper frames in to a PNG and used it in word to print the inside (personal Info removed)

I cut 34 each of the Parrot, Cactus sets, Mexican Guy and titles along with the pattern paper mats for front and inside x 2.  I made 24 first then made another 10.

I cut 3 parts of the Parrot for here.  Black is back mat, Blue is part of the feathers there are 5 parts in blue. And the Yellow chest. I used Recollections on this blade 2 depth 3.  And the blue parts are super thin and really small and look how clean it cut. I was going to cut this section super slow but it cut fine on speed 3. 

Look how clean the pieces cut out. I just pulled the paper off and it left all the pieces stuck to the mat.  This is why you always need a good sticky mat with cutting tiny pieces. And use the right blade depth, pressure and speed. And a great cutting file helps as well. LOL!  I would rather have a light mark in the mat and know it cuts all the way though. 

This is the rest of the Parrot.  Green Feathers, 4 pieces, White face and dark yellow feet and beak (4 pieces).  Next picture shows how small the pieces are.  

I laid these pieces on my gridded ruler so you can see how thin and small these pieces are. The blue are pieces of the Parrots tail.  And they yellow bottom is one of the feet and the top yellow are the beak. 

After I made the first 24 I found out we needed 10 more invitations. So off I went. I as able to cut all the pieces for 10 parrots in one cut.  I did the same for the Mexican Guy and the Cactus Sets. And Titles.

I used red pompom ribbon on the hat, Stickles on the Parrots face, beak, Cactus, and the blanket on the Mexican Guy.

A couple days ago I loaded the file I used  RM00170 "Mexican Fiesta" with additional files I didn't use on these.  You can see that post listing all the files in the Collection. 13 files in all. Its a big file with several file types. This file does not include the Family Reunion file. I didn't think any one would need that but if you do let me know I can get that to you if you buy the kit.

But remember, this kit can be used for any thing.  I originally used part of this file for a Recipe swap back in 2007 and now the invitations.  And next I will be using it for layouts when we get back. So you could even use this file if you go on a cruise to Mexico.  I included two titles for that.

Every thing I used:

Recollections Cardstock: Black, Red, White, 3 shaded of  Green, 2 shades of Blue, 2 shaded of Yellow, 2 shades of Orange, Pink and Brown.

Pattern Paper:  DCWV Rainbow Stripe

Cutter: Sizzix Eclips with Ecal

File: RM00170 "Mexican Fiesta"

ATG tape, Scotch Quick Dry glue, Tweezer Bee's, Cricut Mats, Stickles and pom pom ribbon from Michaels. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my post.  I'm on to my next project. "Ribbon Shelf"

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New File! Mexican Fiesta!

Okay, well maybe its not all that new. LOL!  But it is new in a way.  I have never offered this file before.

I designed this file back in 2007 for a Recipe swap I did and totally forgot about it.  Until our family reunion coming up decided on a Mexican Fiesta theme.  And remembered I had done this one. But it was on my back up external hardrive and in KNK form.  So I got it loaded and got my KNK software working again.  And I was able to use my file.

I did make some changes and redid the file and added some new files to it. And added several file types.   I Also used this for my Family Reunion Invitations.  I will have a post on those later. (This is why I haven't been posting, super busy with invitations)

This file can be used in so many different ways,  I have used it to make a "Recipe Swap", And "Family Reunion Invitations" and will be using several of these images in my "Layouts" of all our reunion pictures. 

Here is the "New" file loaded for the first time.  RM001700 "Mexican Fiesta".

This is a large file and contains a lot of paper piecing's and layers. This is what the file includes:.

1.  "Complete Card" with card base with front layer. Inside has 3 layers for each side. One layer has zig zag edge to look like a rug.  You can choose to use as many or as few layers as you need. 

2.  Paper Piecing "Pepper Frame" with Mat and back layer.  You can also use this a a frame for your pictures. 

3.  You have 3 Titles with 2 layers.  (Cozumel, Mexico and 7 layer Mexican Dip (from my recipe swap)

4.  Fold-able Pennants to make a cute "Banner". They fold so you can put them on a string.

5.  "Pepper boarder" Paper piecing (Red, Green peppers with Tops and a back Mat)

6.  "Pinata" ( this would be super cute cut out of strip paper)

7.  "Parrot" ( has several pieces and back mat) This is my favorite. You wont believe how small I cut this, later post)

8.   Single "Chili Pepper"

9.  "Cactus Set": Tall Cactus, small Cactus and Sand Mound

10.  "Maraca's" have 3 layers

11.  "Mexican Guy" paper piecing. Okay I love this one as well. 

You can grab this awesome file here: RM00170 "Mexican Fiesta" 
File types in this file include: AI /EPS, MTC, SVG, DXF, KNK, WPC & SCUT3

Here is a picture of the Recipe swap I did using this file back in 2007.

7 Layer Mexican Dip Recipe (Download here)

I will have a post soon on the Invitations I made using this file soon. I took a lot of pictures showing how small I cut some of these pieces on my Eclips.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cricut Mats in Sizzix Eclips!

I'm really loving my Sizzix Eclips using Ecal to cut to it.  It cuts so smooth (not the Click, Click, Click) that the Cricut does using other software.

I was asked to make the Family Reunion Invitations for our Reunion coming up in July. In Iowa!   We haven't seen Iowa family in over 10 years so this will be a nice trip from Florida.  And on the way back we will swing by Texas and see my In-laws.  We haven't seen hubby's dad in over 10 years as well.  His wife has Alzheimer's so we really need to make this trip and see her.

Some things I noticed with the Eclips mats.  They are not very sticky and don't stay sticky very long.  I mean. I did a lot of cutting for the step card and I did 25 sheets of pattern paper and its not sticky at all.  This time frame is far less then the Cricut mats.  I mean, I can do a ton of cutting for 6 months before I wash and re-stick them.

So I went to Joann's and Michael's looking for new Sizzix Mat. I would rather use a coupon on them then order full price and pay shipping on the net.  You to right!

I have new Cricut mats and held it up to the Eclips mat and they are the same size.  So I tried loading the Cricut mat in the Eclips. It took it in and spit it all the way out.  I just didn't get why it would do that. I mean, its the same size.  Only difference is the Cricut mat has pointed corners.  

I posted on the MTC forum and some one suggested cutting the corners off.  So I laid the Sizzix Eclips mat on top of the Cricut mat. Used a pencil to trace the corners.  Then used my Tim Holts Scissors (red and black) and trimmed the corners.  And Wha La!  It took it and kept the mat.  Funny how a little thing like rounding the corners spits it out.  Maybe it's because the laser was still seeing the edge of the corner.  Who knows.

But now, We can get Cheap Replacement Mats at Joanns and Michaels.

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