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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sizzix Eclips Update and Blade Setting Test!

When ever I get a new machine.  I like to start off with some basic testing to see how much pressure and speed each type of cutting material needs.  But did a update first.

So having just set up my Sizzix Eclips and having done the Update on the hand held last night   It comes with version 1.1 but there were a couple updates that allow you to do folds and other things in version 2 and in version 3.1  it added the stamp 2 cut and other features. I like the being able to cut several different images on different colors on the same mat at the same time.  I haven't tried it yet, but seen it was one of the options.
If you need to update your handheld.  Here is the link.  You need to know your Serial number (on the back of your hand held ) and what version windows your running. 32 bit or 64 bit.  Then go to this link Sizzix Eclips Update.

I wanted to do some basic test cuts on different media using the Machine with the Hand held before I do any thing with Ecal.  Because I know the C***** cuts differently whith 3rd party software.  So wanted to check this first.

Okay, so on to the test. I used the cart that came with the Eclips "Rockin Janie" This is a simple flower, the inside cuts but is still attached in the center of the petals so you can curl them up. Cute! I cut this flower at the size 1.5 inches.  I wanted to make sure it would cut small.

These are the papers I used.  So you will know where to start cutting with your medium.

Joanns cardstock (white flower)  I used blade setting 1 and pressure was on 3 but I think I would lower it to 2.

Michael's Recollection Cardstock (Pink Flower)  blade setting 1 and pressure 3 was perfect. I love this paper, it cuts great on all machines. This cardstock is 65lb weight

DCWV (Green Flower) Textured with white core. Blade Setting 2 pressure 3.

Bazzill (Blue Flower) This bazzill is super thick with a heavy texture. Hard to bend. Blade setting 3 and pressure 3 and it cut out perfect first try as well.

Chipboard (Last Flower) this was a really thick backing off a Paper stack, it was thicker then the heavy Bazzill used to do the blue flower.  I used Blade setting 4 and Pressure 3 and it cut fine. But might use pressure 4 next time.

Acetate:  Im still testing this one.  I test cut some clear acetate from the package of the cartridge and did a Blade setting on 5 and pressure 4 and it almost went though. So I think changing the Blade to 6 will work fine.

Now other tips I found with this test cutting was.

When you load your paper on your mat and line it up with your lines. And then load the mat in to the machine. And it goes in and then out and goes to its home.  If you look closely at the blade holder and push down on the pin in the top. It will push the blade down so you will see where it will start.  I found out that its right on the edge of the paper.  And did not notice this with the first flower. So it cut just a tad off the left side petal.

So on the others.  After I loaded the mat. I used the arrow over and down keys on the hand held just to move the starting position a little and it was perfect.  So check that on your machine.

The other thing I found was. With using the thicker material starting with the Bazzill.  If I just loaded the mat like the others.  It had a tendency to not roll back in right and the cut of the outside flower was off from the center cut.   So I used the arrow keys on the hand held to move the mat so the thick cardstock and chipboard were under the gray rollers more. Not just on the mat as how it loads.  So your image will now cut like a 1/2 inch down from the top.  And it worked perfect..  I think the wheels just needed a little more to grab on to.

I just bought Ecal to cut to the Sizzix Eclips from Craft Edge it was $50.99 after using the code under it on the website. And will be working and testing with that soon.

I hope you find this information useful.

Thanks for stopping by!

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