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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Scraproom! What A Mess!

(above picture is after) 

I don't know about yall.  But every time I work on some thing.  I have to have a clean room

When I work on a project. My room starts out so nice and clean.  And by the time I finish what ever it is I'm working on. My room is a total mess.  I mean, About half of every thing I own is out because I use so many different things for every thing I make.  So let me show you how the nice clean room above looked after my last project last week.   Disney Step Card  that I made last week.

Above picture is my counter top and on this end is all the ribbon I have been buying the past couple months to make bows for my granddaughters. And do you know I just counted them and I have 72 rolls on this counter.  And that don't include all my ribbon I had from before.  I think its time to go to my work shop and build me a ribbon shelf. What do you thing.  My paper trimmers got moved here so I could use the Eclips in its temporary spot. 

This is my Island in the middle of my room.  I needed a little more counter space so this is what I have for now. But I plan to build a nice Island with lots of cubbies on the sides.  This is just a old desk and two cubbies.  But it works.  This is where I usually keep my Paper trimmers (new blog post coming on paper trimmers) But since I still have my cricut on my top shelf and need to get rid of it. Right now this is the Sizzix Eclips home for now.  This is where I did my cutting for the Step Card.

 This is where I usually do my cutting.  My KNK Groove is on the bottom  and Cricut Expression is on top. I use the Expression the most but that will be changing soon.  It will be coming off and making room for the Eclips.

 This area isn't to bad.  My printer is on the right and just some left over poly board from my last project (a Vinyl sign for a neighbor)

 Now this mess on the side and behind the Island.  This is the boxes of stuff left over from the scraprook garage sale we had a few weeks ago and I need to take pictures and get them posted for sale.  And you see that Huge picture frame with the weird (kind of Scary) picture.  I love the frame and got it for $8 at the good will and plan to make some thing with it.  The smaller behind it.  Im going to paint and cover with fabric and make a bow holder for all the bows I'm making. So there are 2 projects.

 This is all my paper and basket storage.  I would really love to have a Ikea Expedit shelf here.  Or just build some of my own. One day that will happen. but for now. The wire cubes from Target work great.  Right now I have 30 of those cubes in there. No I didn't buy them all at one time. I had some all over my house and just started snagging them to use in my room. LOL!  You see some are black and some are white. The IKEA shelf has 25 cubbies and cost just a little more but more sturdy. This is why I would love that system.

Okay, after one hour of cleaning.  This is the after pictures.  And now its ready to play and make a mess again.

 Here is my room all clean.  Its about 10 x 13. Don't it look nice and all read to play. I have 4 work stations so when friends come over. They have a place to sit.  I also move around depending on what I'm doing.

 Main counter this is where all the ribbon and paper cutters were.  The end is my sewing station. I keep my sewing machine on top and in the cubbies on the right I have all my threads and stuff.  All my fabric is in buckets in the wire cubes.  The station next to it is where I sit most after I do all my cutting.  My tools and glue and stuff are there.

This is the cutter station.  KNK Groove on the bottom Expression on top. But I will be removing it and moving the Eclips up there soon. (Need to sew a matching cover for it) This is where I use my laptop to do all my cutting then move to the station next to it to do all my finishing work.

Here is the Center Island all cleaned and has the paper trimmers back in place. (That is Maya my mini Dachshund in the picture)

 This wasn't to hard to clean up.  I moved all the boxes in the walk in closet on the left. And closed the Curtains. When I moved back in here a few months ago, I snagged another set of cubes from another room and added them in here. So I need to make a curtain for it. But really hoping to get the IKEA shelf first. LOL

And the last part, Just closed the curtains on this shelf and put the poly boards in the walk in closet.  Oh, up top on the stacked drawers.  That is a rack I got at the good will for $2 to hold my cutter mats. It works great and keeps them all nice and neat. I really think I cold get 2 Ikea shelf on this wall and do away with this section of wood shelf and slider bins. But we will see.

I don't know why but when I clean my scraproom, it inspires me to want to go in there and play.  So maybe I will.

That is all I have for you today.

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SugarGem said...

Nice cleanup

Michelle said...

Wow Sharon I love your craft room, you are so lucky to have so much space and Maya is just adorable.

All I have is a small bedromm that I converted into a craft room but I really need more storage and work space for my equipment so hubby is going to buid me a drop down table. :-)

I would love any advice from you as to how to start blogging. I started a blog in 2011 and haven't a clue what to do, lol.

Hopefully one day I will have something as beautiful as your craft room.

Michelle E xx