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Monday, January 14, 2013

I Own a Sizzix Eclips!

I am so excited!  I have been wanting a new machine for over a year now.  And didn't think it was in my budget.  But you know.  Things have a way of happening.

I had done a lot of research on a couple machines. Pazzel's, Cameo and the Sizzix Eclips and decided the Eclips was the one I wanted.

I know, I own a KNK Groove, which I haven't used since I got my Cricut Expression with MTC.  I have had great cuts with my Expression. Perfect every time.  Only thing I didn't like is it cuts circles as ovals.  But I love how easy the blade is to adjust.  I always hated the adjusting the blade on the KNK holder from the day I got it.  But I just got a Eclips holder for it and will see if I like that in the KNK.

But now to the Sizzix Eclips. As I said, I didn't think it would be in my budget for a long time.  But, I found out a store here in Florida was having a awesome sale to clear out the last of her sizzix stock.  And I just could not pass up the deal.  So my friend and I bought Sizzix Eclips.  I got 2 carts, the accessory kit and the usb cable.  So now All I need is ECAL to cut all my files to it.

I will see if I like designing in ECAL better then MTC if not, No big deal.  I can just design in MTC and save my file as SVG and Open ECAL and import the SVG and cut it. And I'm ready to go.

If yall have any links to tutorials on the Eclips or Ecal.  Post them in a comment. I will be adding links to a tab at the top for the Sizzix.  And I need to learn as well. LOL!

So don't surprised if you see a Cricut Expression and possible a KNK Groove for sale here soon!

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