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Monday, January 28, 2013

Family Reunion Invitations and Flash Back!

I found out last week that my husbands family is having a Family Reunion in Iowa and we are going. Yay!  I haven't been on a driving trip in years since our massive income change.  So this will be a nice trip.

We have not seen the family in Iowa in about 20 years so it will be great to catch up.  I was asked to design the Family Reunion Invitations and they are doing a Mexican Fiesta theme.  So I thought this is perfect.

I know I had done a Mexican recipe layout for a swap.  But the bad thing was I designed it in KNK software.  And I lost my soft ware after my last computer crash.  So I reinstalled my software thinking I could open my files and just copy and paste them to MTC.  Well that didnt work.  So the only way I could do it was to do a screen shot and trace it in MTC. That was some work.

 Well, I emailed Sandy McCauley, My go to person for all KNK and now MTC related stuff.  And she informed me that if it has been a year since last install.  You can install and register again.  Woo Hoo!  That worked, and now I am able to just copy my files from KNK and paste in place in MTC.  This will save me so much work.   I have so many files I never finished or converted to svg or MTC.  So this will help alot.

Now. Here is the flash back!  I knew I made that file a couple years ago, but im really bad with time frames. I just looked at the file and I designed it in 2007.  Wow! I didnt think it was that many years ago.

So I will be working on these and post when I get the final approval from the Reunion host.

And on a side note.  We are grandparents again.  My daughter had her baby Sunday Morning. 1 week early.  She had a little girl and her name is Emma Grace.  I just love her name.  So now Lil' Punkin is a big brother and I now have the next couple months off to get caught up on their pictures.

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scrapn said...

First off, congrats on being a Grandma again (most important) & also on getting your KNK software re-installed & getting your files back!! This is great for you & for us too!!!

Lynn C. (wordperfectqueen@yahoo.com) said...

I am SO excited you have your KNK software back. I hope you can now continue to design in KNK. I just learned how to use my KNK Groove-E and am not interested in MTC at this time. However, I suppose at some point I'll get it.
Congrats on being grandma again also. That should get you back into designing and I for one will be glad.

Sharon said...

Thank you so much for your comments. Your both non reply emails so Im commenting here.

New baby is home and she is adorable. Im happy to have my software back so I can access all my old KNK files. You just dont know how many I have that never made it to any of my stores. So I need to just finish those and get them loaded here and there.

Lynn C. I now you are one of my biggest supporters. And yes, I will provide KNK files for you. If you need some thing I currently have up that dont have a KNK. Let me know and I will get it converted. Sandy showed me a video on how to get my MTC files to KNK so shouldn't be a issue.

Thanks for the support girls.