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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Disney Step Card (Free File)


 My grandson's 2nd Birthday is on Feb 7 and he just loves Mickey Mouse.  So I made this step card for his birthday card and put his favorite characters (Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto) on there.  On the front is Mickey Mouse.  And I cut his head out separate so I could put it on a "Wobble".  And Donald is on front with Mickey.  Next step is Pluto and last step is Goofy.

Paper is from Queen & Company and called Magic Multi Strip and has a bunch of borders. I used those for each of the steps.  And used the back side called Magic Flower for the main base of the step card.  I bought 2 pieces so I could use both sides.

I love using 2 sided paper because one, its thicker and perfect for this kind of thing.  And two, you know its going to match. LOL!  I'm the worst and matching paper so now I only buy 2 sided paper.

I made the Step card file in MTC 4.3.3 and saved it as SVG (with seperate layers) and EPS/AI and SCUT3 as I cut it with my sizzix eclips using Ecal.  And you can download the free file HERE.    

Note that this file is for the Step card with two mats for each step and has dashed and cut lines. "DOES NOT"  include Disney Files. 

And one last note.  We are expecting our 2nd grandbaby on Monday she will be induced and little one will be here some time that day. No name yet, they don't tell us till she gets here. So little Punkin will have an exciting next 2 weeks,  New sister and turning 2 and fist sleep over at Gramma and Pop Pop's. 

Thanks for stopping by and hope you can use the file. 



Anonymous said...

Thank you for this file...I have been wanting to try a step card. You have inspired me!

Sharon said...

Thank you for your comment. And please do give it a try. Its really easy

I would love to see what you make with it.