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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Small Paper Trimmer Suggestions

I am in need of a new paper trimmer.  I have tried several over the years and didn't like any of them.  Until I got my Tonic Studios one.  I use it all the time.  But its a little big for taking to crops.

This is the Tonic cutter I have now, and love it, but looking for some thing smaller that cuts good and straight. And is not a Guillotine cutter.

I was looking at a few Fiskars trimmers and some use a wire and most don't get good reviews.  Say the wire breaks after a few uses.

And then they have some rotary ones.  I was never a fan of the cutterpied so not sure I will like the rotary ones.

And then seen the Martha Stewart cutter. Its kind of unique with the side slider and the blades don't look hard to change. But the reviews say, they are hard to get.  Have any one see them in store.  Here is a video on how this trimmer works.

This fiskars Euro looks pretty cool but it don't have any reviews yet.

So, what cutter do you have and just love enough to recommend.  Post a comment below with your cutter and model or a link please.  I need to get one soon.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Scraproom! What A Mess!

(above picture is after) 

I don't know about yall.  But every time I work on some thing.  I have to have a clean room

When I work on a project. My room starts out so nice and clean.  And by the time I finish what ever it is I'm working on. My room is a total mess.  I mean, About half of every thing I own is out because I use so many different things for every thing I make.  So let me show you how the nice clean room above looked after my last project last week.   Disney Step Card  that I made last week.

Above picture is my counter top and on this end is all the ribbon I have been buying the past couple months to make bows for my granddaughters. And do you know I just counted them and I have 72 rolls on this counter.  And that don't include all my ribbon I had from before.  I think its time to go to my work shop and build me a ribbon shelf. What do you thing.  My paper trimmers got moved here so I could use the Eclips in its temporary spot. 

This is my Island in the middle of my room.  I needed a little more counter space so this is what I have for now. But I plan to build a nice Island with lots of cubbies on the sides.  This is just a old desk and two cubbies.  But it works.  This is where I usually keep my Paper trimmers (new blog post coming on paper trimmers) But since I still have my cricut on my top shelf and need to get rid of it. Right now this is the Sizzix Eclips home for now.  This is where I did my cutting for the Step Card.

 This is where I usually do my cutting.  My KNK Groove is on the bottom  and Cricut Expression is on top. I use the Expression the most but that will be changing soon.  It will be coming off and making room for the Eclips.

 This area isn't to bad.  My printer is on the right and just some left over poly board from my last project (a Vinyl sign for a neighbor)

 Now this mess on the side and behind the Island.  This is the boxes of stuff left over from the scraprook garage sale we had a few weeks ago and I need to take pictures and get them posted for sale.  And you see that Huge picture frame with the weird (kind of Scary) picture.  I love the frame and got it for $8 at the good will and plan to make some thing with it.  The smaller behind it.  Im going to paint and cover with fabric and make a bow holder for all the bows I'm making. So there are 2 projects.

 This is all my paper and basket storage.  I would really love to have a Ikea Expedit shelf here.  Or just build some of my own. One day that will happen. but for now. The wire cubes from Target work great.  Right now I have 30 of those cubes in there. No I didn't buy them all at one time. I had some all over my house and just started snagging them to use in my room. LOL!  You see some are black and some are white. The IKEA shelf has 25 cubbies and cost just a little more but more sturdy. This is why I would love that system.

Okay, after one hour of cleaning.  This is the after pictures.  And now its ready to play and make a mess again.

 Here is my room all clean.  Its about 10 x 13. Don't it look nice and all read to play. I have 4 work stations so when friends come over. They have a place to sit.  I also move around depending on what I'm doing.

 Main counter this is where all the ribbon and paper cutters were.  The end is my sewing station. I keep my sewing machine on top and in the cubbies on the right I have all my threads and stuff.  All my fabric is in buckets in the wire cubes.  The station next to it is where I sit most after I do all my cutting.  My tools and glue and stuff are there.

This is the cutter station.  KNK Groove on the bottom Expression on top. But I will be removing it and moving the Eclips up there soon. (Need to sew a matching cover for it) This is where I use my laptop to do all my cutting then move to the station next to it to do all my finishing work.

Here is the Center Island all cleaned and has the paper trimmers back in place. (That is Maya my mini Dachshund in the picture)

 This wasn't to hard to clean up.  I moved all the boxes in the walk in closet on the left. And closed the Curtains. When I moved back in here a few months ago, I snagged another set of cubes from another room and added them in here. So I need to make a curtain for it. But really hoping to get the IKEA shelf first. LOL

And the last part, Just closed the curtains on this shelf and put the poly boards in the walk in closet.  Oh, up top on the stacked drawers.  That is a rack I got at the good will for $2 to hold my cutter mats. It works great and keeps them all nice and neat. I really think I cold get 2 Ikea shelf on this wall and do away with this section of wood shelf and slider bins. But we will see.

I don't know why but when I clean my scraproom, it inspires me to want to go in there and play.  So maybe I will.

That is all I have for you today.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Family Reunion Invitations and Flash Back!

I found out last week that my husbands family is having a Family Reunion in Iowa and we are going. Yay!  I haven't been on a driving trip in years since our massive income change.  So this will be a nice trip.

We have not seen the family in Iowa in about 20 years so it will be great to catch up.  I was asked to design the Family Reunion Invitations and they are doing a Mexican Fiesta theme.  So I thought this is perfect.

I know I had done a Mexican recipe layout for a swap.  But the bad thing was I designed it in KNK software.  And I lost my soft ware after my last computer crash.  So I reinstalled my software thinking I could open my files and just copy and paste them to MTC.  Well that didnt work.  So the only way I could do it was to do a screen shot and trace it in MTC. That was some work.

 Well, I emailed Sandy McCauley, My go to person for all KNK and now MTC related stuff.  And she informed me that if it has been a year since last install.  You can install and register again.  Woo Hoo!  That worked, and now I am able to just copy my files from KNK and paste in place in MTC.  This will save me so much work.   I have so many files I never finished or converted to svg or MTC.  So this will help alot.

Now. Here is the flash back!  I knew I made that file a couple years ago, but im really bad with time frames. I just looked at the file and I designed it in 2007.  Wow! I didnt think it was that many years ago.

So I will be working on these and post when I get the final approval from the Reunion host.

And on a side note.  We are grandparents again.  My daughter had her baby Sunday Morning. 1 week early.  She had a little girl and her name is Emma Grace.  I just love her name.  So now Lil' Punkin is a big brother and I now have the next couple months off to get caught up on their pictures.

Have a great day,


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Disney Step Card (Free File)


 My grandson's 2nd Birthday is on Feb 7 and he just loves Mickey Mouse.  So I made this step card for his birthday card and put his favorite characters (Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto) on there.  On the front is Mickey Mouse.  And I cut his head out separate so I could put it on a "Wobble".  And Donald is on front with Mickey.  Next step is Pluto and last step is Goofy.

Paper is from Queen & Company and called Magic Multi Strip and has a bunch of borders. I used those for each of the steps.  And used the back side called Magic Flower for the main base of the step card.  I bought 2 pieces so I could use both sides.

I love using 2 sided paper because one, its thicker and perfect for this kind of thing.  And two, you know its going to match. LOL!  I'm the worst and matching paper so now I only buy 2 sided paper.

I made the Step card file in MTC 4.3.3 and saved it as SVG (with seperate layers) and EPS/AI and SCUT3 as I cut it with my sizzix eclips using Ecal.  And you can download the free file HERE.    

Note that this file is for the Step card with two mats for each step and has dashed and cut lines. "DOES NOT"  include Disney Files. 

And one last note.  We are expecting our 2nd grandbaby on Monday she will be induced and little one will be here some time that day. No name yet, they don't tell us till she gets here. So little Punkin will have an exciting next 2 weeks,  New sister and turning 2 and fist sleep over at Gramma and Pop Pop's. 

Thanks for stopping by and hope you can use the file. 


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sizzix Eclips Update and Blade Setting Test!

When ever I get a new machine.  I like to start off with some basic testing to see how much pressure and speed each type of cutting material needs.  But did a update first.

So having just set up my Sizzix Eclips and having done the Update on the hand held last night   It comes with version 1.1 but there were a couple updates that allow you to do folds and other things in version 2 and in version 3.1  it added the stamp 2 cut and other features. I like the being able to cut several different images on different colors on the same mat at the same time.  I haven't tried it yet, but seen it was one of the options.
If you need to update your handheld.  Here is the link.  You need to know your Serial number (on the back of your hand held ) and what version windows your running. 32 bit or 64 bit.  Then go to this link Sizzix Eclips Update.

I wanted to do some basic test cuts on different media using the Machine with the Hand held before I do any thing with Ecal.  Because I know the C***** cuts differently whith 3rd party software.  So wanted to check this first.

Okay, so on to the test. I used the cart that came with the Eclips "Rockin Janie" This is a simple flower, the inside cuts but is still attached in the center of the petals so you can curl them up. Cute! I cut this flower at the size 1.5 inches.  I wanted to make sure it would cut small.

These are the papers I used.  So you will know where to start cutting with your medium.

Joanns cardstock (white flower)  I used blade setting 1 and pressure was on 3 but I think I would lower it to 2.

Michael's Recollection Cardstock (Pink Flower)  blade setting 1 and pressure 3 was perfect. I love this paper, it cuts great on all machines. This cardstock is 65lb weight

DCWV (Green Flower) Textured with white core. Blade Setting 2 pressure 3.

Bazzill (Blue Flower) This bazzill is super thick with a heavy texture. Hard to bend. Blade setting 3 and pressure 3 and it cut out perfect first try as well.

Chipboard (Last Flower) this was a really thick backing off a Paper stack, it was thicker then the heavy Bazzill used to do the blue flower.  I used Blade setting 4 and Pressure 3 and it cut fine. But might use pressure 4 next time.

Acetate:  Im still testing this one.  I test cut some clear acetate from the package of the cartridge and did a Blade setting on 5 and pressure 4 and it almost went though. So I think changing the Blade to 6 will work fine.

Now other tips I found with this test cutting was.

When you load your paper on your mat and line it up with your lines. And then load the mat in to the machine. And it goes in and then out and goes to its home.  If you look closely at the blade holder and push down on the pin in the top. It will push the blade down so you will see where it will start.  I found out that its right on the edge of the paper.  And did not notice this with the first flower. So it cut just a tad off the left side petal.

So on the others.  After I loaded the mat. I used the arrow over and down keys on the hand held just to move the starting position a little and it was perfect.  So check that on your machine.

The other thing I found was. With using the thicker material starting with the Bazzill.  If I just loaded the mat like the others.  It had a tendency to not roll back in right and the cut of the outside flower was off from the center cut.   So I used the arrow keys on the hand held to move the mat so the thick cardstock and chipboard were under the gray rollers more. Not just on the mat as how it loads.  So your image will now cut like a 1/2 inch down from the top.  And it worked perfect..  I think the wheels just needed a little more to grab on to.

I just bought Ecal to cut to the Sizzix Eclips from Craft Edge it was $50.99 after using the code under it on the website. And will be working and testing with that soon.

I hope you find this information useful.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 14, 2013

I Own a Sizzix Eclips!

I am so excited!  I have been wanting a new machine for over a year now.  And didn't think it was in my budget.  But you know.  Things have a way of happening.

I had done a lot of research on a couple machines. Pazzel's, Cameo and the Sizzix Eclips and decided the Eclips was the one I wanted.

I know, I own a KNK Groove, which I haven't used since I got my Cricut Expression with MTC.  I have had great cuts with my Expression. Perfect every time.  Only thing I didn't like is it cuts circles as ovals.  But I love how easy the blade is to adjust.  I always hated the adjusting the blade on the KNK holder from the day I got it.  But I just got a Eclips holder for it and will see if I like that in the KNK.

But now to the Sizzix Eclips. As I said, I didn't think it would be in my budget for a long time.  But, I found out a store here in Florida was having a awesome sale to clear out the last of her sizzix stock.  And I just could not pass up the deal.  So my friend and I bought Sizzix Eclips.  I got 2 carts, the accessory kit and the usb cable.  So now All I need is ECAL to cut all my files to it.

I will see if I like designing in ECAL better then MTC if not, No big deal.  I can just design in MTC and save my file as SVG and Open ECAL and import the SVG and cut it. And I'm ready to go.

If yall have any links to tutorials on the Eclips or Ecal.  Post them in a comment. I will be adding links to a tab at the top for the Sizzix.  And I need to learn as well. LOL!

So don't surprised if you see a Cricut Expression and possible a KNK Groove for sale here soon!

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Several Cutter File Sales!

First off,  Happy New Year to all!  I'm wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year and hope its a better one over all then last year.

Now on to Cutter File sales! These are my "Favorite Places" to buy files.

Last Reminder:  My sale ends tomorrow Jan 5 at Midnight.  50% off $25.  Includes all 91 files I have posted on the tabs at the top of my blog.
Or click on these:
Flower Files
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Perpetual Calendar Months

14 new files added last week.   Add files to your cart  and add code NEWYEAR13 in your cart to get 50% off your total.  This sale will allow you to get a lot of my files for only .49 each and large kits like Monogram 1 for only $3.50 Or Perpetual Calendar (12 Full months of files) for only $7.50.  After your purchase you will get order conformation email with download links. 

SVG Cuts:  They only have a sale 2 times a year.  And they are kicking off the New Year with a New Store layout.  With a sale.  25% off all files in their store. Enter code NEWYEAR  So stop over at SVG Cuts and check it out.

Scrappy Dew: Is having a sale.  85% off $25.  Enter Code HAPPY2013

My Scrap Chick: Is having a sale as well.  50% off $25.  Didn't see a code so it may auto update when you hit $25 in your cart.

These are my favorite places to buy files when I'm not making any.  So I'm sure you will find some then at several of these sales to help you get your Craft on for the new year.  I know I have a ton of layouts to get working on and a few other projects.  Im about year and half behind on my grandsons pictures and he has a new sister coming any day. So I have to get on it. LOL!

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