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Friday, November 30, 2012

Node Editing in Make The Cut!

I have been designing in KNK studios for the past 7 years and loved that software.  But when my 2nd laptop (Newest one) crashed several months ago.  I couldn't re-install it because I had already installed it two times and that is all your allowed to install.  If you want to install it after that you have to pay $75 to reactivate it. What! That is just just nuts. And totally not in my budget.

So since I own MTC software already, and it has unlimited downloads and you can have it on as many computers as you want. As long as only one is open at a time.  And it has unlimited upgrades which are very often. Because the makers of this software listen to the people that use it.  And it cuts to several machines (except Cricut now)  And any possible machine I might own in the future.

I have been trying to learn how to design in it.  The designer in me just cant seem to give that up.  I have never been a person to trace files.  I make them all by hand using functions in the software.  I was having a hard time switching over from KNK to MTC.

Lately I have been forcing my self to learn it and I have learned a lot just with playing with it.  But I was still having issues with editing nodes.  Which is super important to a person that designes files with out tracing.

Well, a discussion came up today on the MTC forum.  And someone named GABE.  Helped me ever so much by directing me to a Webinar that covers a lot about  "Node Editing".  (Starts around 43:30 on the video)

I'm not much of a Webinar person.  I have signed in several times but cant stand to sit there for an hour or two to  find something out.  I like the short topic specific videos. Like the ones Sandy McCauley and Rob from Scrappy Dew make.   That way you just watch a few minutes and learn.  But I sat though this one because I was told it had a lot on Node Editing.  And boy did it.  Its a lot like my old KNK software and no longer think its just a tracing software and think I will learn a lot on how to design in this software.

Then I found out Sandy has a new manual out that covers a lot on MTC. So I downloaded her manual from her site. Iloveknk.com  And wow, it has a lot of information in there that helps you get acquainted with MTC and all the buttons and functions. And her MTC videos are Here .  

I'm so excited to have found this information. Now maybe I can learn to design in this software.

If your looking for Make the Cut software you can download a free trial to play with and see if you like it HERE  Don't forget to download a driver for your machine there so you can test cut (it will have a cut though your design until you register it)  But you can play with it.  Also , pick up the new Image Viewer while your there.

Okay, Off to play with this software and try and get some Christmas presents done this weekend.  Ejoy!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Files Available!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?  I hope you had a wonderful time with Family and Friends and ate lots.

It's now time to move on to Christmas projects.  I know I have a couple and need to get in gear or I won't get them done.

But in the mean time. I wanted to stop in and let you all know I now have all my Christmas files loaded.  I loaded some Christmas Luminary's.  Some Christmas Cupcake Wrappers with matching toppers.  Baby's First Christmas title, Pictures with Santa title, And several card files. Nested Snowflake, and some other card files.

 And two are my favorite.  They come complete with every thing you need to mass cut a bunch of Christmas Cards. Each card has 7 layers. And you can choose how many to use.  There are two sets and two cards in each.  You can find all the Christmas files up top on the Christmas Files Tab.

So let me ask you.  How are y'all loving the new cart with the immediate download?  I know I'm loving it. I have a email sent to me the same as you get so I can check how your downloads look and work.  And it looks really nice.  I have your downloads set up for 5 tries.  So if you have any issues with it. Please let me know ASAP so I can check it out and rest it for you.

I still have my old Creative team blog up and have been changing out almost 200 links so far.  With links to the new store.  But if you go to the CT blog.  On the Right.  You can pull up the files used by number.  If you see some thing you need and its not posted yet. Email me and let me know the number and I will be happy to load it for you.  So stop by and check out the Creative Team blog.  Lots of beautiful work from the past team there.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Free File!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.   I just wanted to do a short post today and thank everyone that has supported me.

I'm offering you all a free file on my Facebook Fan Page.  Available from Nov 22-24.

Like the page, and you will see a "PINK" tab at the top. Click that and download your file.

The file is RM00017  Turkey Day Traditions.  I know these fit our family and probably yours as well. LOL

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and have safe travels.  Enjoy!



Monday, November 19, 2012

Sewing Project! Firewood Log Carrier Tutorial

It's pretty chilly here today in Florida.  It actually got cooler as the day went on.  At 12:00 it was 61 out side and 69 in the house.  So I had to turn on the heater and that got me thinking. 

Its going to be getting colder and we will be lugging wood in the house and I know my husband always struggles with it and only brings in like 3 or 4 at a time.

So I decided to do a little sewing project.  And I had the perfect material.  I try to go to the good will every other week. Its actually my favorite thing to do. Just wonder around and see what I can find, and love that I can get most things really cheap.

On of my "Always Check" things is the fabric bin.  1 yard is $1.17,   2 yards is $2.17, 3 yards is $3.17 and so on.  And some times you can get some really nice fabric.  I picked up this heavy duty upholstery fabric a couple weeks ago knowing I would do some thing with it. It was 1 yard so 1.17.  I went to day and found a nice brown corduroy material.  So got it.  And decided to go with the blue upholstery fabric.

I stopped at Lowes and picked up a 5/8 x 48 dowel  for $2.18.  After I left I though, Hm! I must have a old broom handle in the shed.  Any way, I was there to pick up some tiles for Christmas gifts.  So its was fine.  
This project cost me a total of $3.35 (Yay!)

Here is a tutorial with lots of pictures on how to make a "Firewood Log Carrier".

You need some heavy duty fabric like Upholstery fabric 1 1/2 yards.  5/8 or thicker dowel rod cut at 17 inches, you will need two.  And of course a sewing machine, pins and measuring tape. 
I cut my material to the size of 35 wide by 48 long.

I turned the material so right sides are touching and fold in half length ways. Then measure to find the center point and mark it. (You wont see these marks so don't worry about that) I put the measure tape here so you can see how I marked this.  The center point is where the 2 is. So I marked the end of the tape, (+) at the 1, 2 center, (+) at the 3 and mark at 4.   (+) marks are your cut marks.  See next picture. 

I used a marker to draw the lines as you see here. Remember you wont see these lines, they are on the inside 

Draw a line at the "End mark" and 4 and go down 6 inches. Then draw your 2 and 3 lines only going down 5 inches.  Then draw your line across to connect them. And draw a line where the corners meet.   You will Cut on your lines at 1 and 3 down to the 5 inch line then across.  After you remove that section. Cut the diagonal lines just down to the 6 inch line.   This creates your flaps to sew and makes your opening larger (4 inches wide open). After you have this done.  You will sew your seam down the side. Tie and cut your threads. And turn the right side out. And move on to next step below. 

After you sew your outside seam along the side (48 inch side) then turn right side out.  And you will fold your flaps inward so you don't see them from either side. So they meet inside and pin to hold it while you sew. Your finished opening will be 4 x 6 inches.  

I like to line up my material with the edge of the Presser foot.  This is the easiest for me to watch to make sure I sew straight. I think its about 1/4 inch from the edge and works good for me. I sewed the inside edge of the 4 x 6 opening. The red dot is a pin. Holding the two sides flush with each other till I sewed it. 

Now we are going to sew the top where the dowels will go. To do this. use a ruler or measure tape to fine your mark at 3 3/4 inches from the end. And place a pin there. (I used a piece of paper so you could see the markings on the ruler. 

You will next. Take the end and fold it over so the end touches the pin.  Then make sure that your two ends are lined up with the sides. And use pins to keep it secure till you get all four done.  When your done. You will then sew along this section to create your pocket to hold the dowels.  Remove pins and tie and snip your threads.  And your ready to now slide your dowel in the pockets.  And you will see you now have hand holes.  

This is what it should look like when your done and its now ready to hold some wood for your fire place. 

Pile your logs in the center and stack a good amount. Make sure they stay in the center. This makes it easier for the next step.

Now you just pull up the two sides and grab a hold with one hand and carry in the house.  I was holding this with one hand and camera in the other.  And that's it.  

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and find this useful and make yourself one. My husband came home from work and I showed it to him and how much it holds and he was happy. I think he really liked this, knowing it will help get the wood in the house with out dropping half on the way in and getting all dirty. 

That's it for this tutorial.  
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Online Scrapbook "Party"! "Come Join In"

Have you heard of a Facebook Group called   "Scrapbook Deals" 

This face book group is a place where people sell any thing scrapbook related. You can buy and sell and there are awesome deals to be found.  So you can join it just to sell your stuff or you can by stuff they post.  I need to dig out my huge box of stuff that never made it to ebay.  LOL!

But! You will really want to join it today! because,  they are planning for the 3000 members bash.

Yesterday was the Bash party for 2000 members.

OH MY WORD!  I am so worn out this morning.  I feel like I have a hang over! With out any drinking. LOL!  Yesterday, I spent 14 hours online playing a ton of games Scrapbook related.  Party started at 11:00 am and ended around 1:30 am. LOL

Few Sample Games!
"Guess what I am" :  You are shown a picture that is taken of a Scrapbooking item up very close or just a little section of it and you have to post what it is.  And the first person to post the full name of it correctly wins.

"Whats missing" in the two pictures:  You are shown two pictures.  And you have to hurry and compare them and post what you see different in the second picture.  First one to post correctly wins.

"Memory Game":   You will be show one picture.  It will only be posted for like 5 mins.   And then you will be asked questions about that picture like.  What was in the picture,  Or what color was the Glimmer mist.  Or some thing like that.  There are several winners from this And then those winners go to a game called.  

"Price is right":   Winners from above game, are the only ones that get to play in this game.  They will be re-shown the same picture.  And they guess how much all the new items in the picture would cost.  You have 30 seconds to post (so you cant go searching)   And the closest person to the price with out going over.  Wins every thing in the Picture.

There are a ton of other games.  And not to mention the "Rapid Fire Bingo"  Oh my,  What fun that was.

There were three Bingo games.   A week before, she will send out event. You have to say your going.  She will then email you a picture of your card,  And you will print that off,  And that will be your card to play with all 3 games,  And for every other bingo game there is after that.  

Let me tell you, it was so fast and fun.  And not to mention the prizes.  I was shocked at the amount of prizes that were given away. I have never in my life seen some one give away such prizes.  Just a few were.  Cash prizes, deposited in your paypal account. I can not tell you how many of those were given away.  The first bingo game prize was $25 and the second was $75 and we had a runner up that got $15.   And I think the last one was $25. I cant remember I was so out of it by then. LOL  I mean, it was 11:30 pm.

Barbara, also gave away some really awesome prizes. Like this adorable hanging organizer with 40 pockets that zip close. And get this, It was chuck full of embellishments.  It was awesome. And she gave away 7 of those last night.

A ton of goody bags full of things like, punches, stamps, Inks, Dies.  You name it.  Including several cash prizes! Wow!

And not to mention.  The Contest.  There were 3 contest posted for one week.  "Cards", "Layouts" and Altered Art!

I was not lucky enough to win any of the other prizes.  But I did WIN the "Altered Art" contest with my Fall Mantel Decoration"   Woo hoo!  I won $25.  

They are currently at 2436 members and she is already planning for the 3000 member bash.  So hurry up over there and join so you don't miss it.   "Scrapbook Deals" 

If you don't do facebook or have an ID for there.  You really need to get one in order to play.  You can just sign up with a ID and only join this page if you like.  You can set your settings to personal so no one can look you up and friend you and set all your privacy settings and stuff.  But I think once you set one up just for your Scrapbooking related stuff, you will enjoy it.

I have one just for personal family and friends.  And I have one just for scrapbooking stuff.  That way I can catch all the new items coming out, see all my favorite blogs postings all in one place with out blog surfing all day.  Every thing is in one page. And I scroll though and I'm done.  Saves me so much time.  Hey, then you can like my page and get all my blog post there. LOL!  Just sayin!

Any way, Go check them out! you might find some great stuff to buy and may be sell some stuff you don't use any more.  And you can check out a little bit of the fun we had yesterday.

See ya there!.


Friday, November 16, 2012

New File Tabs!

UPDATE: New File Tabs!

As I'm loading files to the "Files for Sale" tab.  Its getting really long and I think you might get a little lost when looking for some thing as files will be mixed when I get a lot loaded.

So I'm now adding more tabs so that Files will be a little more separated and you can find what your looking for.

Halloween / Fall / Thanksgiving will be on one tab,  Christmas  files will be on another.  And will add more as I get more files loaded.

I hope you find this helpful.

Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Files Are Now Available!

 I decided to bite the bullet and sign up with a shopping cart service. And this one has a "Immediate Download".  What the means is.  When you purchase my files.  You check out with paypal and you get a email with your Invoice order and links to download your files.  How Awesome is that!

 I am in the process of uploading my files and starting with Halloween layout Overlays so you can scrap those Halloween pictures and move on to the next Holiday.  Then I loaded some Fall and Thanksgiving files like layouts, Luminary's and files for cards.  Next will be Christmas files. More Luminary's, Christmas cards, Ornaments, 3D Poinsettia and other Christmas files.  Then it will be a mix of stuff.

You can find my files on the tabs at the top   If you see a file on my blog or my old Creative Team Blog you have to have and its not on the tabs at the top yet.  Just shoot me a email at rsmobley85@gmail.com  and let me know what number and name of the file is and I will get it posted and send you the link.

I will be changing out old store links and tags and adding the "Add To Cart" button to those old post. This will let me and you know its been changed.

I just loaded 12 files today and wanted to say "Thank You" so much to those that have already bought files tonight. You guy's are fast. LOL!  I really appreciate your support.  Check back often as I will be loading files every day.

Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Mantel Decorations!

 "Fall Mantel Decoration"   

I didn't plan for it to take me 2 1/2 weeks, but I had a lot happen the past week with being sick and all. Which I'm still sick but was determined to get this done.  So I can make some flowers out of ribbon and fabric for headbands for my new granddaughter that can arrive any time in the new 2 months.  So having a shower this Sunday to get it out of the way.  Last time we had the shower. Lil Punkin was born next morning. 5 weeks early.  This one is expected to be early as well. We are hoping she waits till the shots are done at 36 weeks.

I used several files from SVG Cuts.com for my project.  And I will post links to those as I go though this post.  It will have a lot of pictures.  So you can see all the details that went in to this Beautiful Project! So here we go.

For the letters "THANKFUL" I used the 3D Letter set by SVG Cuts.com.  You get the whole set of 3D letters for $8.99.  And it comes with full instructions on how to put them together.  Think about all the uses you can use these letters for.  Make your child's name or decorate the new baby nursery in with their name.  So many uses for these.

On mine, I used DCWV and Bazzill cardstock, nice and thick and textured. I inked all the edges so it shows the details of the edges.  I then dug though my stash.  And found 8 different Fall theme papers. Then used gold brads on the ends of the letters for added detail. And used stickles on all the letters to out line the details of the paper. Used Scotch Quick Dry glue on the Letters and the paper on the front.

These are the Flowers I made using the 3D Mums Fall Flowers from SVG Cuts.com as well.  I love all the layers these have. Next you will see pictures of each set I made. I only made 5 of the 9 different Flowers you get in this kit.  You can make them any color to fit any theme. I choose fall colors for my decoration.

This is the Lollipop Mum in the set.  It has 12 layers per flower along with leaves.  I used a maroon color cardstock by Recollections "Spice Market". And used Scotch quick dry glue. A stylus to bend the petals. And distress ink on the edges. Also used large rhinestone by Recollections in the center with a touch of star dust stickles.

This is the Dublin Mum from the set and has 3 layers in the petals and 3 layers in the centers.  Used a stylus to bend the petals. Inked the edges.  Used a small yellow rhinestone in the centers on top of yellow dardstock and yellow stickles.

You can see the leaves in this picture.  I took a sheet of cardstock and folded it over so it was 4 layers. Laid the leaf on and used a stylus to get a nice emboss line.  A mouse pad is to soft and just bends the leaves. I wanted a deep impression.

This one is the Cedis Mum in the set.  I think this one is one of my favorites and It's Lil Punkin's favorite as well.  This one has 2 layers of petals. 5 layers for the centers.  I used the same technique on the petals and inked all layers.  Yellow stickles on the centers. I choose dark brown cardstock and autumn yellow.

This one is called Spider Mum from the set. and has 4 petal layers and 5 center layers. For this one, I choose a light tank color from the same Autumn pack.  I then inked the tips with a cranberry color from Adirondack inks.  And a red rhinestone in the centers.

The last flower is the Brittany Mum in the set.  This one has 8 layers. I choose the same Autumn yellow for all layers.  And used a rhinestone in the center with a little touch of stardust stickles in the center.  And a walnut distress ink on the edges of the petals to give it a nice detail.

I also used one other file from SVG Cuts.com  Its a free file that is a paper piecing. But I cut several of the same shape and glued them together with scotch quick dry and made the Acorn in to a 3D acorn. I cut them in two sizes.  You can see my post on that one HERE. 

And the last part of my decoration was my 3D Folded Pumpkin file. You can read about that post HERE

I tried to use most of my stash here at home so I didn't have to buy much.  Other then the two files I bought. I only bought the 4 glass candle holders for $1 each at dollar tree and the candles 2 per pack for $1 each.  And the bead garland I got at Joanns on 70% clearance so they were $2 each, I got two.

Here is another view of the Mantel.

I had the lights off in the living room and had just the lights over the fireplace on and it looks so cool in the dark.  My husband came home and seen it and he said. Wow, Now that is Cool!  I love when he loves my work.

Hope you enjoyed this long picture post.
And thanks for stopping by!

What I used:
Cardstock: Recollections, Bazzill and DCWV
Ink: Adirondack inks and Distress Inks
Rhinestones: Recollections and Want 2 Scrap
Files: Svg Cuts
Cutter: Cricut Expression
Software: Make the cut
Stickles, Ribbon, Scotch quick dry glue, Glue dots, Stylus.


Access All Your Files & "Stuff" From Any Where!

I have been using a great free source to back up all my Cutter files I designed.  All my Pictures and all my Music.

Have you heard of DROPBOX.   You can sign up for free and you get 2 GB of space free just for signing up.

I can access all that from any computer or my cell phone. I just love this.

 If I have one file or picture on one computer, and need it on my laptop in my scrapbook room.  I just open the drop box icon, and its already there and Im ready to cut my file.   Simple as that. No more emailing the file to myself.  Or moving it to a thumb drive and having to put it on the other computer.  That was driving me nuts.

And every thing gets stored online.  So if your computer crashes.  You still have access to all your stuff to redownload it.

I love this service.  I added the dropbox mobile to my phone.  That way, when I go visit family.  I can just pull up all the pictures of my grandson that are stored on drop box. And not on my phone taking up space.

Here is a video to show you how DropBox works.  You should give it a try.

Go sign up for Free DropBox account.  Then add it to the rest of your computers then download the Drop box on the go app for your phone.  You will love it.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

3D Acorn (SVG CUTS)

This is the second part of my "Fall Mantle Decoration"

3D Acorn (Finished Picture)

And wait till you see the free file I used from SVG Cuts to make this.  I made the above from this free file from SVG Cuts called "Oak Leaves Corner Element"

I used the paper piecing of the Acorn.  And I made it really big from the original file.  I cut this 6x6.  And I cut 8 of the bottom layer and 8 of the caps.  I then embossed them with my Cuttle bug swirl folder.  Then inked the swirls.

Then I used the same folding technique as I did with my Folded 3D Pumpkins (in the post below this one).  I did that, by folding each image in half and glued them one by one together. Then glued the last ones together.

Then I folded the caps and started gluing those on.  Now keep in mind.  If you are going to emboss them like I did. CD folder Swirls and the Mesh on the top. This will change the size of your paper.  So you might have to trim just a little on the edges.  And I mean just a tiny amount.

So what I did was trim the little bit and then inked it so you couldn't tell.  I also cut one half the size and put it together the same way.

I then cut the top part of the leaves in the file.  And glued the stems on and added a small piece of ribbon.  .

I think these turned out so cute and will look great with my Fall Mantle Decoration.  What do you think?
I have two more Reveals to post and then I will post the finished project.

Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Folded 3D Pumpkin

I'm "Slowly" and I mean "Slowly" working on a Fall Mantle decoration for over our fireplace.

I try and work on it a couple nights during the week after grandson goes home, dinner and dishes.  I started on it last week, maybe week before. I cant even remember. LOL.  But a lot has gone on this past week.  Like, Monday my grandson had that flue bug going around so I spent the day cleaning up throw up and stuff and watching blankets and stuffed animals.  And "Lil P"decided to share his germs with gramma so yep. Wed night I started getting and Thrusday was really bad. I have been recouping from it. My ribs are so sore I can't take a deep breath and my shunt that is in the side of my stomach is so sore when I move. So just been taking it easy today. So as you can imagine I haven't been able to work on it that much.

But I'm almost done with most of it.  I bought some candles and holders at the dollar tree.  And I have 3 parts of the project done.   Here is one part.

This is my Folded 3D Pumpkins.  I love how these turned out.  I made the file and cut it with MTC and cut it on my Cricut Expression (Yes, I'm still using my Cricut because I don't have the money to get new mats and blades and blade holder for my KNK Groove).

I cut out 10 of each pumpkin and stalk for the larger one which is about 5.5 inches tall and about 6.5 inches wide.   And the smaller one I cut 6 of each and its about half the size.  I then embossed them with with my Grand Calibur and the Swirl CB folder.

I knew I wanted to emboss these so I made sure I made them the size to fit in the folder. Just a little tip for you, LOL.

Then I inked the edges then just lightly rubbed the sponge over the emboss to pick up the highlights.

I then folded all the pumpkins and started to glue them together. One folded in half with the next meeting up with the first.  I used Scotch Quick Dry glue.  Y'all know I just love this glue and us it for every thing paper crafting.  And you buy it when its on sale or use a coupon on it. And it last a long, long time. So don't buy more then 2.

After all 10 were glued together. I then glued the two ends together.  This will give you the 3D effect.

Next, take all your Stalks, and ink if you like.  And glue the first one on.  This one will depict with the rest will fall so make sure you like wither its placed.  And glue the first, flip the next section, glue and do this till done.

I then added some ribbon but it was missing some thing.  So I just had to make some leaves and some swirls.  And I inked those and curled the tips and used the same glue and my Tweezer Bees to hold it in a tight space for a few seconds. And that was it.

I love how these turned out.   And I have the file for this available Here on my blog for only .99 cents.

I have this file available in MTC 4.0.4, SVG, EPS, PDF.

I will be working on a blog post of the next two parts I have done. Using SVG cuts files.  I think you will like now those turned out.

Thanks for Stopping by!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Free Rhinestone SS Size Chart File (MTC and SVG)

Are you like me and have a lot of rhinestones that come in a package and you have no clue what sizes they are.  Well. I thought about this and decided to make a cut able template to help me size.

NOTE! Downloading the picture to trace will not give you the proper size per hole. So please download the file.

I cut this our of thick cardstock two times and glued them together matching up the holes.  But it can be cut out of stencil plastic if you have some.

In this file I have added MTC created in 4.0.4 and SVG exported from MTC, PDF you can print out.  And the picture above. And you can get this file HERE!

Now, the file has two layers.  One is the numbers which is locked and closed.  You do not cut this layer, its just to tell you what size holes they are so you can use a fine tip marker and write on your template.

DO NOT! resize this file as your holes will be off.  Now I have not exported a svg from MTC so not sure if it keeps the size, you will know that if you cut it and a stone you know the size of don't fit or falls through.

Hope you fine this file useful.  I wanted to get it posted yesterday.  But I have been sick with that nasty flu bug going around.  My little grandson had it Monday and I spent the day cleaning up throw up , washing blankets and stuffed animals and lots of snuggling.   So now I caught it last night.  Feeling better as today goes on.

Im working on my Fall Mantle decoration and posted a preview on my fan page. But am no working on a blog post for a few parts I have done.

Thanks for stopping by!