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Friday, October 26, 2012

3D Nutcracker SVG!

Oh My Gosh!  have you seen the newest kit from SVG Cuts.

I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before.  That I totally love Nutcrackers.  I have a pretty big collection of them I put out every Christmas.  I put them on my fireplace Mantle.  And I have several wood and some glass ones I put on my Christmas Tree.

So dont you know that I just fell in love with this 3D paper version.  You know I just have to get this kit.  But Im trying to make my self finish my Fall project first.  Or it wont get done if I get this now. LOL!

There are also Snowflakes, which is my other addiction.  But I promised I would not put them out this year as my hubby wants to change my White, Blue and Silver Snowflake and Snowman theme tree to a more colorful one for the Grandbaby.  But I can still put out my nutcrackers. LOL.

Oh, this kit also has a pair of Ballet Slippers.  And I just have to have those.  As my daughter is expecting a baby girl in Feb.  And I can for sure use those.

Make sure to watch the video on this page.  "Clara's Christmas Eve" 

This is how to get this kit for free


  • Visit www.SVGCuts.com and make a purchase of $9.98 or more between now and Thursday, November 1st 2012.
  • Add Clara’s Christmas Eve SVG Kit to your cart.
  • During Step 2 of Checkout, type FREEGIFT into the Discount Coupon section. Doing so will subtract the value of the SVG Collection from your total. This gift is a $6.99 Value!
  • All of your files, including the free gift, will be available for immediate download after you complete your purchase!
  • Happy Crafting!

Okay, I have to get working on my Fall project so I can get this one.  See ya in a few days.



Thursday, October 18, 2012

Refinished Night Stands!

I needed a set of night stands for my guest room as I had some guest (Sister in law and new hubby) coming for a visit this past weekend.   And let me tell you.  Finding furniture on a strict budget is not that easy, neither is fining a matching set of night stands.

I found a headboard and foot board on craiglist. They wanted $150 for it but I got it for $75 and its from Rooms to go so I was happy with that. I love their furniture because its all wood.  Most of the stuff in my house is from there.  I looked up this bed and it sells for $400 all by itself.  So I was happy with the amount I paid for it.

I had a old dresser that was close enough in color to use so that was okay.  But I needed 2 matching night stands.

Okay, first.  Do you know how many bedroom sets are out there with only ONE night stand. What the heck!  I like one on each side.  Don't you?  I would never buy a set with only one.  So that was the first hurdle.  So went looking at every New store and every Used store looking for 2 matching.  And New ones were just to expensive for my little budget.  I mean, I needed to pay no more then $50 for two and most were that much or more for one.

So I searched craigslist a couple times a day. And I found the exact matching set to my bed.  So I emailed and they said, "Im sorry, they sold with in 15 mins of posting. I was so upset.  I mean, they went to the set I had.  So off to look some more.

And I found this add on craigslist for a used furniture store a few miles from our house.  He had just acquired  20 night stands so I thought, Well, at least 2 have to match right.  So I went and yep, most had a mate.  I ended up getting 2 for $30.  Here is what they looked like.

They are super heavy and the drawers and sides are wood and the top is a laminate or some thing.  These match the dinning room table and hutch but not the bed.  So yep,  I needed to sand and stain them.

So I went to work on them.  Sorry no pictures of the work in progress.  Totally forgot about taking pictures. But I can tell you,  I had to sand the crap out of them to get them down to bare wood.  I used 50 grit to do a light sand on the poly just to break it up a bit.  Then used 80 to remove most of the poly and stain, then used 120 to do a fine sand to smooth every thing out before I stained.

Here is the after shot.  Just Beautiful!  I used Min Wax "Golden Oak" first but it wasn't brown enough so went and got Min Wax "English Chestnut" and the color turned out perfect.  It's so close in color to the bed and dresser.   I put on one coat with a sponge brush let sit for 15 mins. Wiped it off till clean, then applied second coat, let sit 15 mins.  And then let it sit over night.   Next day, I wiped them down again just to make sure they were free of left over stain.

 And then I added one coat of Min Wax Fast Dry Poly in Satin.  As the bed is also in a Satin,  Its not Shiny, just has a slight sheen to it.  Did a light sand with 120 and adding another coat.

I love how they turned out. Even with the top being a laminate. I couldn't change the color.  But it actually looks good with the two tone.  Every one loved how they turned out.

Now Im thinking to sand my dinning room table which I love.  But it is 12 years old and need to be redone.  I thinking of doing it this color as well.   Funny how over the years. Your love of honey colored wood goes to a darker, warmer color.

Hubby said, "Dude! Those look like brand new. Great Job!   Love it.



Monday, October 15, 2012

Cup Cake Purse

My Sister-in-law and her husband came for a weekend visit this weekend.  And it was also her birthday.

They came Saturday night and then the rest of my husbands family came on Sunday and we had a big BBQ and watched foot ball all day. We had a great time.  First time they have been to my house since we moved here little over 6 years ago.

So for her birthday.  We got some cupcakes and I made this super cute Cupcake purse file I bought from Cre8ive Cutz.

I bought two Purse files and swapped the base, This one came with a Mini holder bottom that holds 4 mini cupcakes.  I also bought the Cupcake Purse Single so I could swap out the bottoms. This cute file is only .99 cents.  And its super cute.  I bought several other files while I was there.

All the pieces cute super easy.  And cut in several piece so you have the option to cut what every color paper combo you choose.  I choose to use this super cute paper line called "Be Mine" by Echo Park. Im really loving Echo Park lately.  I used 3 papers from this line. They are doubled sided.  The inside of the pink is gray with writing. And the 3rd paper is the cupcake holder on the inside, you will see in another picture.

I sewed the edges of all the pieces with a metallic thread.  I used pearls and beads on a wire for the handle and attached with white brads. And attached to the front panel.  The circle that cuts out of the holder, I used on the front of the flap and added a cure prima flower along with some ribbon.

I also added a velcro button that you lift up just under the satin bow.  Along the top edge is lace ribbon with pearls also along the bottom.  It come out really cute.  And my Sister-in-law fell in low with it.

This is the inside. You can see the 3rd paper.  And this is a substitute cupcake. LOL!  I had got a mini cheese cake with chocolate on top with fancy chocolate fans and a nice dipped strawberry on top.  But She dug in to it before I could get a picture.  So this is a substitute cupcake. LOL.

I hope you enjoyed the post and try out this adorable file.

Thanks for stopping by:

Supplies Used: 
Cupcake Purse File - Cre8ive Cutz 
Paper Line- Echo Park "Be Mine" 
Rose - Prima "Love Letter Quartz"
Sequin trim, Satin Ribbon, Pearls, Brads, Velcro, Hot Glue gun, Sewing machine, Score tape, glue dots. Scotch quick dry glue.
Machine, Cricut with MTC.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guest Room Wall Quote (MTC and SVG File)

My son moved out a couple weeks ago and I have been busy getting the "New Guest Room" ready on a really slim budget.

I will post more on that later.  I just wanted to get this file posted before I forgot.   This is my first file in MTC and it was a little bit of work.  I know, It's just a title right!.   Ha, Yeah, I know,  But there was a issue with the font and it had open shapes.  I don't know if that matters in MTC.  But having come from designing in KNK studios for several years.  I like to have those closed so the file looks right on screen and know it will cut right.  I did a search and found one of Sandy's videos (Closing Open Shapes in MTC) and it worked like a charm.

During the several months I took off from creating.  My old laptop finally said enough.  And  my new laptop crashed.   So I was stuck with no software. Lost all my designing software and lost my KNK studios software I 100% designed in.  And didn't want to pay to re-install it and activate it.

So,Lucky for me.  I had purchased MTC and your allowed to install as many times as you like on as many computers as you like (as long as only one is open at a time).  And I had backed up my last version I installed and my cricut driver to external drive.  So I was able to install both.  And contacted MTC to reactivate it.  And man, as soon as I hit send, it sent me the code and I was up and running.  Now, it cut fine to my Cricut.  But I didn't have a long Cricut Mat.   So my only other option was to cut it on my KNK Groove E.

Well,  having lost my software, I didn't have the right driver for it.  So I posted on the MTC forum knowing Sandy is there and sure enough.  She helped me out and got me the link to the driver and I was up and cutting with the Groove in minutes.

Boy did it feel good to be cutting after 8 months of not cutting or designing for that matter.   So now Im ready to get scrapping with my new kit club I joined. (Scrapbook Generation).

Remember, this is going over the bed in the guest room so I thought it was perfect.  I have seen other versions on the net.  But I mad this one with fonts in MTC and the brackets on the side are from
Dafonts.com called "Soft Ornaments" 

I loaded this file in MTC and SVG format on the MTC forum.  Created in MTC 4.0.4

NOTE: I no longer sell my files and if I share one it will now only be in MTC and SVG formats.

I got to run now,  I have guest coming tomorrow and still have a lot to do.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Sneak Peak! Oct Kit!

Wow, I just signed up for the Scrapbook Generation Super Sketch Club kit and just got it on Friday.

 And today,  they are already posting a sneak peak of 3 of the 5 layouts in the Oct Kit.  Its really cute Fall layouts.  What you do think!

They have other kits available as well.  You can check them out HERE!

Looks like I better get started soon before I get to far behind on these kits.  Im hoping to get working on them in two weeks.  As Im kind of doing an "Extream Makeover" on my house. As my friend calls it.

I have every thing moved and put away in the craftroom.  I have my MTC software reloaded and plugin installed and reactivated so its ready to go.  I need to still load all my files and all the other files I had on my back up. And not to mention, have to learn how to use MTC and design in it.

 And then finish getting my house ready for guest coming in two weeks. This weekend we took the 55 gallon fish tank out side and gave it a good scrubbing. You have to do this every couple years and it was due.  And then we took Sunday off and went to the beach with my brother and his family.  We had a great time and got a little sun burnt   But it was so worth it.  We have been working so hard the past 3 weeks. We needed a break.


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