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Friday, September 28, 2012

Freebie Friday Files from My Favorites Sellers!

Thought I would pass along my favorite file sellers.  I love their "Freebie Friday Files"

You need to sign up for their newsletters so you get the links to the freebie friday files.  I will help you get there.  This is the link to their newsletter sign up. (Not the File) .

First is "My Scrap Chick"  (Newsletter link) You will need to sign up for an account so that you can add it to your cart and check out.  Great thing is.  It keeps all your downloads so you can go back and get them if you loose them.   Todays file is a super adorable Bat Tag.   She is also having a great sales so check it out.  75% 0ff  $10.00 .  That means you get $10 of files for only  $2.50.  Time for me to go shopping.

Next is "SVG Cuts" (Newsletter link) Sign up for their newsletter so you don't miss their Friday freebies.  And you will notice.  Their Friday freebie will usually match and go with their newest release kits. They also have a link to all their Friday freebies so you can pick them up.  Here . And you can get to their store and see all their fantastic sets Here

Last is "Scrappy Dew" (Newsletter Link) You can go here to sign up for their newsletter so you don't miss the freebie Friday files.   And Until Sept 30 they are having a Sale.  80% off.   So hurry up!

These are my favorites so far.  Now that I'm trying to get back in to scrapping.  I have to get on the ball.   I also have to reload my MTC software and email Andy for my code.  My laptop crashed and lost my software.  And I cant reload KNK software with out paying $75.  So forget that.  MTC is free for life after your first purchase.  With free upgrades (ALL THE TIME)  So I will have to break down and learn how to use it and watch some webinars again.  And have to reload all "MY" files I had backed up on my external.  So really starting over.

Got notice my new scrapbooking kit shipped yesterday so it should be here in a couple days. Woo Hoo!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scrapbook Generation! Kit Club!

Wow! Post # 2 in a week. LOL

Okay, so since I have not done a "Layout" in "I don't know how long"! Maybe a year!  And I think I'm about a year behind on Lil "P" pages.

I thought I would sign up with a Kit club!  That way, I have every thing I need to do some fast pages to catch up.  I have a ton of pictures printed.  So I just need to get those out and cut some titles.

So I checked out a kit club a friend is in called "Scrapbook Generation"  And it looks pretty good to me and I think I can swing it on my "No Craft Budget"  Its only $20 a month and $6.99 Priority shipping.  So for a total of $26.99 a month.  You get every thing you need to make 5 double layouts.  That's 10 whole pages.

And here is a picture of the Sept. Super Sketch Club Kit

This is what the kit includes to make 5 Double Layouts. 10 whole pages. (3 different kits) I love that you have some variety in these kits.  I have always struggled with matching paper.  So this will be great.

1.  6-7 sheets of cardstock, 3-4 sheets of patterned paper, 1 sheet of letter stickers or die-cuts, and sometimes a few extras like jewels, buttons, ribbon, etc. You also get a cutting guide and three sketches, from which you make three double-page layouts

2. One "Debbie Sanders Sketch" per month: always includes 2-3 sheets of cardstock, and three sheets of patterned paper (a small pattern, a large pattern, and a stripe), plus a computer sketch and any extras we've used (buttons, ribbons, title, etc.) You make one double-page layout.

 3. One "Allison Davis Sketch" per month: always includes 2-3 sheets of cardstock, and three sheets of patterned paper (a small pattern, a large pattern, and a stripe), plus a computer sketch and any extras we've used (buttons, ribbons, title, etc.) You make one double-page layout.

Im super excited to get this kit and all the sketches and cutting guides to help me get some pages done fast.  And cant wait for it to get here.  

See ya soon!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Checking In!

Wow, Can you believe it has been exactly 6 months today since my last check in.  I can't believe it.

So much has been going on and still going on.   I haven't had any time to do any crafting.  So here is whats been going on.

As yall know, I watch my little grandson.  I was watching him 3 days a week and that left me a few days at home by myself to get some crafting done.  But for the last 6 months, I have been watching him 5 days a week.  When he leaves I make dinner and do the dishes.  Im just plane wore out!   I don't know how you moms with little ones at home fit in crafting time.  Poor little one is always sick with some thing or another.  Just in the past two weeks, he has had allergy problems, that turned in to a sinus infection, and that turned in to a viral infection with a rash all over.  He is on 3 meds and breathing treatments and is just now starting to get better.  And he is so smart and talking so much.  Just love that Lil Punkin.

I might of told you,  I had packed up my scraproom so that my sons fiance and her twin 4 year olds could move in.   Well,  That never happened.  And they got Married a few weeks ago and bought their own place.  So I have been spending the past few weeks trying to get my house back in order.  All my scrapbook and sewing stuff is now back in my craftroom and most of it is put in its place.  And I really want to get in there and play a little. LOL.

I might have to clean up my blog as Im just a crafter ,scrapbooker now.  No more selling files for me,  Its just so much work and not really worth it in the end for me.  I would rather just buy a few files and only design if I really have to.  Im pretty picky about my files and I buy only from 2 places I love.

 SVG Cuts  (their files remind me of my own, Nice, Clean Cutting and Very Detailed, Great priced sets. Lots of 3d files)

and My Scrap Chick.   (Super cute files, really cheap prices Awesome Friday Freebies).

This is no longer scrapping with Smokey.  Several months ago she just disapeared. I think some one took her.  So now, I have a new puppy.  She is now 10 months old.  Her name is Maya.  And she is a Mini Long Haired Dachshund. Black and Tan.   I cant get good pictures of her awake.  She dont hold still if her eyes are open.  Always on the hunt. LOL!

And, We are now expecting grandbaby number 2.  My daughter and her husband are expecting a little girl in Feb 2013.  New baby is due Feb 3 and Preston turns 2 on Feb 7 so that will be a busy week. LOL.

Well, I guess that is all my updates for a while.  Im almost done with my craft room.  And am so far behind on Lil P's Pictures.  And almost done with my house.  We are moving every thing around in every room as we have company coming in 3 weeks.  

I hope to be back soon.   And let me say, Im totally confused by the new blogger. LOL!  I hope I post this right.