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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Almost 2 Months! Checking In!

Wow, it's been almost 2 months since my last post.  Checking In!

Well, I didn't think I would be able to give up scrapping and file designing.  But let me tell you. I am glad I did. I went no mail on all my scrapping forums and Yahoo groups. And really took a break which I really needed. Got my room all moved and set up in the dinning room and pass it several times a day and it don't call me at all. LOL!

I have not missed being a file designer at all.  It was so much stress on me for so long.  I lost my love for it.  I have only designed one file since I gave it up and that was a card for my grandsons First birthday the first week of Feb. Right after my last post.   It turned out super cute.  His daddy works for CAT so of course his party was all CAT (Black and Yellow). I made this adorable card file with a back how and  on the inside a crane that pops out.  Just too cute if I say so myself.

Here is a picture of my card.
Can you believe this is the only file I have made? Me either! LOL  

I have recently bought a bunch of scrap booking paper kits so I think I better start slowly getting back to getting some pages done.  So I figured I might need some files.  But I sure don't want to have to make them if I don't have to.  

With having been a file designer.  I'm very picky about files.  So decided to go with SVG Cuts. I have followed them for a while and  I love their kits.  Great value. Super creative, Clean files. And 3D is a must for me which is in just about every kit.  And love that they do videos to show you how to put things together.  And Mary and Leo are just the cutest.  So I bought a few of their kits and 3 today.  And downloaded over a hundred of their free files.  

When I seen there new set "Playful Parlour"  Oh my word!  The bird cage is just to dang adorable.  So it got my creative flow going again.  So bought 3 sets today and will have to dust off my cutter and get cutting a Easter project using their kits.  

It may take me a while to get it done as you know I watch my grandson 5 days a week now.  He is 13 1/2 months old and just starting to walk. Starting to talk.  Knows about 10 words.  And has 12 teeth. Wow!  They all come 2 at a time right after another so poor little guy has been so miserable.  

So checking in.  I will post when I get some thing done. LOL