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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vinyl Monogram Tile

Can you believe this is my very first Vinyl on Tile!

Honestly, It is!  I haven't made these before so I thought I would give it a try for gifts this year for my Daughter and her husband and for my Son and his wife.  And it turned out so nice I made one for my friend and need to make one more.  I need to get another tile.

I bought the 12x12 tile at Lowes. They were only .98 cents each. And a pretty cream color with a little bit of texture.

And next I needed a Monogram.  Well the designer in me wouldn't let me buy one. So yep! You guessed it! I had to go and make one.  So I did.  I designed this all by hand. Made the thin frame, then added some flourishes. That was no easy task to figure out the placement.

 Then I added the text. I just used Arial bold since the frame was so frilly. I went with a plain Letter Font. And hand placed each letter for each frame.  I then did a little technique in MTC where you place a rectangle over your image and do the Boolean Join choose the 2nd option and then places two long thin rectangles over the opening and welded.  And that gave me the opening for the Last Name.

For the Last name, I used the same Arial font but I choose to use the Italicized option just to change it up a little.  I then welded the whole frame together.  Then did simplified all the nodes taking it from 11K nodes to just 1100.  So it now cuts super clean and weeds really easy.

This is the one I made for my friend. I added flat back pearls from Want 2 Scrap around the edge. She is a scrapbooker so I know she will love that detail.  I added large in the corners and center, then medium in between and then two small tiny ones on both sides of the medium ones.

After making the 3 letters I needed. I decided to just make the whole alphabet. So this is my first Monogram.  And it has all 26 letters.  You can find this file on the Design Elements tab at the top. And the file types are: MTC, SVG, EPS/AI, PNG and PDF. And can be purchased here  RM00169 Monogram1

DXF File coming soon!
I'm going to have to re-install my AICS2 software to get a good DXF file for Craftrobo users using Robomaster and Silhouette users.  I did not like the results I got from Inkscape DXF imported in Robomaster. So I did not want to pass that on. As it was not up to my standards.  So as soon as I install my old software I will be able to add a DXF file to the store and will update the info.

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KathyB said...

Sharon these are fabulous! I love making these! I love the monogram border!! Thanks for a great file. I have been a fan for a long time!

Darla Haverstock said...

Fantastic!!! Curious... Does your monogram alphabet file have the open rectangle to add the name or just the letter in the frame? I absolutely adore this!! :)

Sharon said...

Hi Darla!

Yes, the file has the open space. All you have to do is type the name you want. I stated I used Arial so every one is able to use the same font.

In MTC or any software. You can just type your name and group, combine or join them and resize and drag and drop your name and your ready to cut.

Bethany said...

Snuck in via the MTC forum. Those tiles came out amazing! I'll have to do some more reading through your blog and learn more. MTC and the forum are great sources and I love to sneak in via blogs.

Thanks for the file as well. You made it look gorgeous. One of these days I'll get better at cleaning up files the more I practice.