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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rocking Chair for Grandson

Many years ago. I bought a Roto Zip hand held tool when it first came out. Off one of those TV infomercials. And I have used this thing so much.  For just about every thing.  When I bought it. It came with a super cute cardboard template for this little rocking chair.  I held on to it. Thinking one day I would be able to make it.  And that day has come.

I made this rocking chair for my grandson Preston.  He loves Mickey so of course after I cut this out of 1/2 finished plywood.  I painted it Red and Black. And then cut the Mickey Vinyl Decal and used the free Disney Font for his name.

I had it sitting in line sight of where he comes in, in the morning.  And he seen it and got down from his Momma's arms, ran over to it. Got down on his knees and had his face about 5 inches from Mickey so he could see it real close. It was so cute.  He loves his chair and has been sitting in it and rocking all day. 

Looks like I will be making a pink one next Christmas as Lil' Punkin has a baby sister coming in the next couple weeks. 

I miss wood working, its a lot of work and takes me longer then it used to. But glad I kept all my power tools in my work shop so I can make some thing once in a while.  

Now have to finish my last 3 vinyl decals by tomorrow. And Im done with Christmas gifts. 

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