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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New File Tabs: Freebie Files and Baby / Kids File

I have added two more tabs at the top.

One is a Baby / Kids tab.  I will be loading every thing to do with Baby's and Kids on this tab. I'me new to making kids files so I'm sure as I get more scrapping layouts made I will need a few more files and titles.  So those will go on that page.  If you need a file for some thing. Let me know, I can always use some ideas. LOL

The other is Freebie File tab.  You may have some of these already.  So make sure to check this tab to see if you need any of these.

NOTE:  The files on the Free File tab will not get loaded to your cart. There is a link in Orange above the first file.  And all files on that page are in that one link so you can download all of them when your there. I did this as Paypal will not approve a total of $0.00.  It will only allow it if you add other files to your cart.  I didn't want you to have to pay to get a free file so I loaded them to Skydrive.  I am new to using this so if you have any issues with it. Leave me a comment and I will check it out ASAP.

Make sure to check file types as some are old and some are new.

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