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Monday, December 10, 2012

Can You Cut My Files????

Yes You Can!!!!! (Long Post)

I would first  like to thank these two ladies: Barbie Creech for helping me test my file to see what is the best method for my loyal KNK file users. And Thanks Darla Haverstock  for also helping me test my files.  I received a lot of information from both these ladies.  Barbie don’t have a blog (Yet!)  but Darla does so make sure you stop over and leave her some love on her blog. Stamping Under Doctors Orders (Love the name of her blog).LOL!

I now create in Make the Cut and export out to these file types from MTC:   SVG,  MTC, Vector PDF, EPS / AI and PNG (transparent back ground with no lines)

Please note: Most of the files I'm posting on the tabs above are from before I lost all my software so they have AI, GSD, KNK, SVG, WPC and MTC.  So please let me know if you need a PNG or PDF file.

Also, I'm trying to get a DXF option file for those that need a GSD file.  For Robomaster or Silhouette studios.  Will keep you posted on those.

On to file testing.

As far as KNK users.  Yes you can still use my newest files.

Barbie tried the EPS/AI file (listed as EPS in my files)  and said, the file imported just fine in KNK software. She said, It did ask her about welding the lines together as it has “Thick Line Attributes”
She chose to use the file as it and said it cut fine.  And also changed the file to thin lines and it also worked fine.  Here are her Instructions on how to change to thin lines in KNK studios

Instructions for changing from tick line attributes: By Barbie
Once the file has been imported into KNK Studio, select all.
On the right side of the screen is the design color palette. One square has a cross hatch pattern (means it is invisible). Pick a color from the color palette on the bottom and drag it to that square to make it a color. Doesn't matter what color.
Using the pen tip (stroke and fill tool) on the tool bar ( icon next to the bottom), change the thick lines to "no lines"
Now it should cut perfectly.

Barbie also tested the PDF in KNK studios and said it imported just fine. And she did this one with a ink pen test and said it did fine. So PDF is a option for KNK users as well.  She mentioned that KNK can cut by color, which I remember, but the raster pdf comes in as black and white. So maybe I need to separate all the pieces so you can recolor each and cut by color.

Thanks Barbie for all your help on this!

Darla did a more extensive testing because she has several software’s.  Here is her break down on all the file types she tested.

KNK studios, Darla liked the PDF option better. She says to : Use import and uncheck thick line attribute.  She also cut this file at 5.5 inches and it cut great. I had them test the “Bless this Home” free file on the free tab above. Wow, that was super small considering I designed it to cut super large. LOL  But this is the results you get when you design a file and take the time to reduce the nodes.

Great news because that keeps it "cuttable" for small cutters like silhouette and craftrobo too.

MTC : Darla uses a older version then I in MTC so she couldn’t open the MTC file. So she just imported the SVG and it cut beautifully as well.  Here is a little tip for those importing mine or anyone else's SVG exported from MTC into MTC.  .

If your cutting some thing that requires it to be a special size this is real important.  You need to click the import SVG. A window will open and you need to make sure you check the little box on the bottom that says: “Use Actual” and put 90 in the box and then it will open the size it was designed. Do this with any MTC file you use the SVG to import.

SIDE NOTE: If your importing some one else’s SVG like from SVG Cuts. You will put 72 in the box for it to come in the right size, It has to do with the software its designed in.

SCAL imported SVG and cut wonderfully.

Fairycut and Funtime both imported the PDF perfectly.

Silhouette Studio Designer edition:
I was also able to bring the SVG into without any problems although it opens HUGE so again has to be resized once opened but no big deal

Darla reminded me that I needed a DXF file for all the Craftrobo users that use Robomaster and all the Silhouette Studio users.  So Im going to have to work on that one as MTC don’t have a DXF export option (I asked for it and we will see if they add it) but I might have to do Inkscape to get you a DXF until then.

If you need any help or need file types. Leave me a comment and I will see what I can do.

Thanks again Ladies for all your help!


Barbie said...

Glad I could help. Love your blog!

Darla Haverstock said...

So happy I could help Sharon. :)
I am so glad to see you designing again as I have always lived your files. You make some of the most wonderful things and they cut so cleanly they are truly a joy to use.
Thank you.