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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Online Scrapbook "Party"! "Come Join In"

Have you heard of a Facebook Group called   "Scrapbook Deals" 

This face book group is a place where people sell any thing scrapbook related. You can buy and sell and there are awesome deals to be found.  So you can join it just to sell your stuff or you can by stuff they post.  I need to dig out my huge box of stuff that never made it to ebay.  LOL!

But! You will really want to join it today! because,  they are planning for the 3000 members bash.

Yesterday was the Bash party for 2000 members.

OH MY WORD!  I am so worn out this morning.  I feel like I have a hang over! With out any drinking. LOL!  Yesterday, I spent 14 hours online playing a ton of games Scrapbook related.  Party started at 11:00 am and ended around 1:30 am. LOL

Few Sample Games!
"Guess what I am" :  You are shown a picture that is taken of a Scrapbooking item up very close or just a little section of it and you have to post what it is.  And the first person to post the full name of it correctly wins.

"Whats missing" in the two pictures:  You are shown two pictures.  And you have to hurry and compare them and post what you see different in the second picture.  First one to post correctly wins.

"Memory Game":   You will be show one picture.  It will only be posted for like 5 mins.   And then you will be asked questions about that picture like.  What was in the picture,  Or what color was the Glimmer mist.  Or some thing like that.  There are several winners from this And then those winners go to a game called.  

"Price is right":   Winners from above game, are the only ones that get to play in this game.  They will be re-shown the same picture.  And they guess how much all the new items in the picture would cost.  You have 30 seconds to post (so you cant go searching)   And the closest person to the price with out going over.  Wins every thing in the Picture.

There are a ton of other games.  And not to mention the "Rapid Fire Bingo"  Oh my,  What fun that was.

There were three Bingo games.   A week before, she will send out event. You have to say your going.  She will then email you a picture of your card,  And you will print that off,  And that will be your card to play with all 3 games,  And for every other bingo game there is after that.  

Let me tell you, it was so fast and fun.  And not to mention the prizes.  I was shocked at the amount of prizes that were given away. I have never in my life seen some one give away such prizes.  Just a few were.  Cash prizes, deposited in your paypal account. I can not tell you how many of those were given away.  The first bingo game prize was $25 and the second was $75 and we had a runner up that got $15.   And I think the last one was $25. I cant remember I was so out of it by then. LOL  I mean, it was 11:30 pm.

Barbara, also gave away some really awesome prizes. Like this adorable hanging organizer with 40 pockets that zip close. And get this, It was chuck full of embellishments.  It was awesome. And she gave away 7 of those last night.

A ton of goody bags full of things like, punches, stamps, Inks, Dies.  You name it.  Including several cash prizes! Wow!

And not to mention.  The Contest.  There were 3 contest posted for one week.  "Cards", "Layouts" and Altered Art!

I was not lucky enough to win any of the other prizes.  But I did WIN the "Altered Art" contest with my Fall Mantel Decoration"   Woo hoo!  I won $25.  

They are currently at 2436 members and she is already planning for the 3000 member bash.  So hurry up over there and join so you don't miss it.   "Scrapbook Deals" 

If you don't do facebook or have an ID for there.  You really need to get one in order to play.  You can just sign up with a ID and only join this page if you like.  You can set your settings to personal so no one can look you up and friend you and set all your privacy settings and stuff.  But I think once you set one up just for your Scrapbooking related stuff, you will enjoy it.

I have one just for personal family and friends.  And I have one just for scrapbooking stuff.  That way I can catch all the new items coming out, see all my favorite blogs postings all in one place with out blog surfing all day.  Every thing is in one page. And I scroll though and I'm done.  Saves me so much time.  Hey, then you can like my page and get all my blog post there. LOL!  Just sayin!

Any way, Go check them out! you might find some great stuff to buy and may be sell some stuff you don't use any more.  And you can check out a little bit of the fun we had yesterday.

See ya there!.


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