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Friday, November 30, 2012

Node Editing in Make The Cut!

I have been designing in KNK studios for the past 7 years and loved that software.  But when my 2nd laptop (Newest one) crashed several months ago.  I couldn't re-install it because I had already installed it two times and that is all your allowed to install.  If you want to install it after that you have to pay $75 to reactivate it. What! That is just just nuts. And totally not in my budget.

So since I own MTC software already, and it has unlimited downloads and you can have it on as many computers as you want. As long as only one is open at a time.  And it has unlimited upgrades which are very often. Because the makers of this software listen to the people that use it.  And it cuts to several machines (except Cricut now)  And any possible machine I might own in the future.

I have been trying to learn how to design in it.  The designer in me just cant seem to give that up.  I have never been a person to trace files.  I make them all by hand using functions in the software.  I was having a hard time switching over from KNK to MTC.

Lately I have been forcing my self to learn it and I have learned a lot just with playing with it.  But I was still having issues with editing nodes.  Which is super important to a person that designes files with out tracing.

Well, a discussion came up today on the MTC forum.  And someone named GABE.  Helped me ever so much by directing me to a Webinar that covers a lot about  "Node Editing".  (Starts around 43:30 on the video)

I'm not much of a Webinar person.  I have signed in several times but cant stand to sit there for an hour or two to  find something out.  I like the short topic specific videos. Like the ones Sandy McCauley and Rob from Scrappy Dew make.   That way you just watch a few minutes and learn.  But I sat though this one because I was told it had a lot on Node Editing.  And boy did it.  Its a lot like my old KNK software and no longer think its just a tracing software and think I will learn a lot on how to design in this software.

Then I found out Sandy has a new manual out that covers a lot on MTC. So I downloaded her manual from her site. Iloveknk.com  And wow, it has a lot of information in there that helps you get acquainted with MTC and all the buttons and functions. And her MTC videos are Here .  

I'm so excited to have found this information. Now maybe I can learn to design in this software.

If your looking for Make the Cut software you can download a free trial to play with and see if you like it HERE  Don't forget to download a driver for your machine there so you can test cut (it will have a cut though your design until you register it)  But you can play with it.  Also , pick up the new Image Viewer while your there.

Okay, Off to play with this software and try and get some Christmas presents done this weekend.  Ejoy!

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