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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Free Rhinestone SS Size Chart File (MTC and SVG)

Are you like me and have a lot of rhinestones that come in a package and you have no clue what sizes they are.  Well. I thought about this and decided to make a cut able template to help me size.

NOTE! Downloading the picture to trace will not give you the proper size per hole. So please download the file.

I cut this our of thick cardstock two times and glued them together matching up the holes.  But it can be cut out of stencil plastic if you have some.

In this file I have added MTC created in 4.0.4 and SVG exported from MTC, PDF you can print out.  And the picture above. And you can get this file HERE!

Now, the file has two layers.  One is the numbers which is locked and closed.  You do not cut this layer, its just to tell you what size holes they are so you can use a fine tip marker and write on your template.

DO NOT! resize this file as your holes will be off.  Now I have not exported a svg from MTC so not sure if it keeps the size, you will know that if you cut it and a stone you know the size of don't fit or falls through.

Hope you fine this file useful.  I wanted to get it posted yesterday.  But I have been sick with that nasty flu bug going around.  My little grandson had it Monday and I spent the day cleaning up throw up , washing blankets and stuffed animals and lots of snuggling.   So now I caught it last night.  Feeling better as today goes on.

Im working on my Fall Mantle decoration and posted a preview on my fan page. But am no working on a blog post for a few parts I have done.

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scrapn said...

Thanks for this great file Sharon!
I am sure it will be very useful for me & for anyone who downloads it! Kathy