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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Access All Your Files & "Stuff" From Any Where!

I have been using a great free source to back up all my Cutter files I designed.  All my Pictures and all my Music.

Have you heard of DROPBOX.   You can sign up for free and you get 2 GB of space free just for signing up.

I can access all that from any computer or my cell phone. I just love this.

 If I have one file or picture on one computer, and need it on my laptop in my scrapbook room.  I just open the drop box icon, and its already there and Im ready to cut my file.   Simple as that. No more emailing the file to myself.  Or moving it to a thumb drive and having to put it on the other computer.  That was driving me nuts.

And every thing gets stored online.  So if your computer crashes.  You still have access to all your stuff to redownload it.

I love this service.  I added the dropbox mobile to my phone.  That way, when I go visit family.  I can just pull up all the pictures of my grandson that are stored on drop box. And not on my phone taking up space.

Here is a video to show you how DropBox works.  You should give it a try.

Go sign up for Free DropBox account.  Then add it to the rest of your computers then download the Drop box on the go app for your phone.  You will love it.

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