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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Refinished Night Stands!

I needed a set of night stands for my guest room as I had some guest (Sister in law and new hubby) coming for a visit this past weekend.   And let me tell you.  Finding furniture on a strict budget is not that easy, neither is fining a matching set of night stands.

I found a headboard and foot board on craiglist. They wanted $150 for it but I got it for $75 and its from Rooms to go so I was happy with that. I love their furniture because its all wood.  Most of the stuff in my house is from there.  I looked up this bed and it sells for $400 all by itself.  So I was happy with the amount I paid for it.

I had a old dresser that was close enough in color to use so that was okay.  But I needed 2 matching night stands.

Okay, first.  Do you know how many bedroom sets are out there with only ONE night stand. What the heck!  I like one on each side.  Don't you?  I would never buy a set with only one.  So that was the first hurdle.  So went looking at every New store and every Used store looking for 2 matching.  And New ones were just to expensive for my little budget.  I mean, I needed to pay no more then $50 for two and most were that much or more for one.

So I searched craigslist a couple times a day. And I found the exact matching set to my bed.  So I emailed and they said, "Im sorry, they sold with in 15 mins of posting. I was so upset.  I mean, they went to the set I had.  So off to look some more.

And I found this add on craigslist for a used furniture store a few miles from our house.  He had just acquired  20 night stands so I thought, Well, at least 2 have to match right.  So I went and yep, most had a mate.  I ended up getting 2 for $30.  Here is what they looked like.

They are super heavy and the drawers and sides are wood and the top is a laminate or some thing.  These match the dinning room table and hutch but not the bed.  So yep,  I needed to sand and stain them.

So I went to work on them.  Sorry no pictures of the work in progress.  Totally forgot about taking pictures. But I can tell you,  I had to sand the crap out of them to get them down to bare wood.  I used 50 grit to do a light sand on the poly just to break it up a bit.  Then used 80 to remove most of the poly and stain, then used 120 to do a fine sand to smooth every thing out before I stained.

Here is the after shot.  Just Beautiful!  I used Min Wax "Golden Oak" first but it wasn't brown enough so went and got Min Wax "English Chestnut" and the color turned out perfect.  It's so close in color to the bed and dresser.   I put on one coat with a sponge brush let sit for 15 mins. Wiped it off till clean, then applied second coat, let sit 15 mins.  And then let it sit over night.   Next day, I wiped them down again just to make sure they were free of left over stain.

 And then I added one coat of Min Wax Fast Dry Poly in Satin.  As the bed is also in a Satin,  Its not Shiny, just has a slight sheen to it.  Did a light sand with 120 and adding another coat.

I love how they turned out. Even with the top being a laminate. I couldn't change the color.  But it actually looks good with the two tone.  Every one loved how they turned out.

Now Im thinking to sand my dinning room table which I love.  But it is 12 years old and need to be redone.  I thinking of doing it this color as well.   Funny how over the years. Your love of honey colored wood goes to a darker, warmer color.

Hubby said, "Dude! Those look like brand new. Great Job!   Love it.




gail@My Repurposed Life said...

sharon! thanks so much for bringing this project to my attention. You really rocked it on those nightstands! So happy you got good deals and they match so well. Doesn't a great makeover feel sooo god?

Sharon said...

Thanks Gail! I get so much inspiration from reading your blog every day.