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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guest Room Wall Quote (MTC and SVG File)

My son moved out a couple weeks ago and I have been busy getting the "New Guest Room" ready on a really slim budget.

I will post more on that later.  I just wanted to get this file posted before I forgot.   This is my first file in MTC and it was a little bit of work.  I know, It's just a title right!.   Ha, Yeah, I know,  But there was a issue with the font and it had open shapes.  I don't know if that matters in MTC.  But having come from designing in KNK studios for several years.  I like to have those closed so the file looks right on screen and know it will cut right.  I did a search and found one of Sandy's videos (Closing Open Shapes in MTC) and it worked like a charm.

During the several months I took off from creating.  My old laptop finally said enough.  And  my new laptop crashed.   So I was stuck with no software. Lost all my designing software and lost my KNK studios software I 100% designed in.  And didn't want to pay to re-install it and activate it.

So,Lucky for me.  I had purchased MTC and your allowed to install as many times as you like on as many computers as you like (as long as only one is open at a time).  And I had backed up my last version I installed and my cricut driver to external drive.  So I was able to install both.  And contacted MTC to reactivate it.  And man, as soon as I hit send, it sent me the code and I was up and running.  Now, it cut fine to my Cricut.  But I didn't have a long Cricut Mat.   So my only other option was to cut it on my KNK Groove E.

Well,  having lost my software, I didn't have the right driver for it.  So I posted on the MTC forum knowing Sandy is there and sure enough.  She helped me out and got me the link to the driver and I was up and cutting with the Groove in minutes.

Boy did it feel good to be cutting after 8 months of not cutting or designing for that matter.   So now Im ready to get scrapping with my new kit club I joined. (Scrapbook Generation).

Remember, this is going over the bed in the guest room so I thought it was perfect.  I have seen other versions on the net.  But I mad this one with fonts in MTC and the brackets on the side are from
Dafonts.com called "Soft Ornaments" 

I loaded this file in MTC and SVG format on the MTC forum.  Created in MTC 4.0.4

NOTE: I no longer sell my files and if I share one it will now only be in MTC and SVG formats.

I got to run now,  I have guest coming tomorrow and still have a lot to do.


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Trisha said...

What a pretty project! Congrats on getting a "new guest room!" This is such a good idea. Thanks for the file and the inspiration.