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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Whew! Busy Week!

Wow.  What a week!

How is it that you only work in one room but your whole house looks like a bomb went off. LOL!

We started packing up the scraproom and my hubby says,  " You will go crazy with out all your scrap stuff"  I said.  "But I have had no time to scrap in a couple months"  He replies.  "I think we need to move your stuff to the dinning room, where it was when we first moved in here"  What!  Is he crazy!   I guess not.  Because.  We ended up moving ALL and I mean ALL of the scrapbook room to the dinning room.

Oh man,  It started with, Moving the dinning room table to the kitchen.  Yes, My kitchen is large enough to put a full size table in there. (I live in a double wide mobile home with lots of space, but not really used good. I think it needs a island in there.  but now the table acts as a Island. LOL

In the scrap room I had a wrap around counter top that I got from my friend Jill.  Well it was to big for the dinning room,  So we took it apart and the long part we took out side and cut it down so it would fit along one of the walls in the dinning room.  So I can leave the space open as its a walk through to the rest of the house.  And it worked out great.  I have my shelf with my KNK and Expression on it.  The printer in there along with my lap top.  And I have a good amount of space to scrap.   I used to have 3 scrapping stations but now have one. So when friends come to scrap we will have to go to the kitchen. But that is only, its just across from the dinning room.

I had a wall of wire cubes (one day my budget will allow for a IKEA Expedit)  in the other scrap room and we emptied it and moved it to the other wall in the dinning room.  And moved my other shelf to the small wall.  Moved all the stackable bins and drawers,  And moved all my DVD case stamp cases from a book shelf to a shelf on the wall.

I was using a small old computer desk as a Island in the center of the scraproom and it just worked good so we moved it to the new dinning room area just to give me a little more space as we did away with one section of the wrap around counter.

And let me tell you,  Its not the pretty right now.  I have to do some organizing and put away the last little bit of stuff on my counter and it will be about done.

Man, I can not believe that entire room which I thought was full fit in to this area of 2 and 1/4 walls.  LOL

I need to make some curtains to cover every thing so it looks kind of neat as its what you see when you walk in the door.  But I think it will work. I will post some pictures when its done.

Next came the walk in closet.  Wow, it was totally full of all kinds of stuff I need to post on ebay or some thing.  So have it all out and need to go though it.  Then Im done with the room for now.

So where does this leave me in this process.  Well,  I will still not have a lot of time when the girls move in.  So I have been talking with a old friend.  And she helped me realize I have made the right decision.

You will be seeing some changes on my blog and my yahoo group and facebook fan page.  What changes you ask!  Well, it will be a work in progress.  But.  Im still giving up designing as a business.  I just dont have time for all that.  Those that design and sell files know how much work it is to put the best files out there.

I will do another blog post next week with updates on all that.  But, all I will say for now is, My yahoo group members will be happy.   So if your not a member.  You might want to join.  ALL SCRAPPERS AND CUTTER MACHINES WELCOME!  No longer tied to my old store. 

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Lynn C. (wordpefectqueen@yahoo.com said...

I'm very sad that you are giving up designing, Sharon. I know family has to come first but you are so good at designing and having a vision for making something look nice. I hope you will continue to post and maybe down the line when you get your house back again, you will feel a creativity surge and start up again. I'd never say never because life constantly changes for us. This is just a new phase for now but it won't last forever.
Thanks for all the beautiful files and tutorials you have shared. I know I will miss you.

Sharon said...

Aw, Thanks Lynn,

I will still be around. Instead of packing up. We just moved every thing to the dinning room. So when I have a little bit of time, I can scrap. I just wont be designing unless I need some thing.

And If I make a file. I will only post it on my yahoo group. So make sure you join if you havent.