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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where Have I Been? Packing Up!

Wow, its been a week and a half since my last blog post. There has been lots going on here.  And lots of changes taking place.

Last week I went to my friend's house and helped her organize her scrapping room in to her dinning room.  She had it set up but it needed some organization.  And it looks so much better and she has room for every thing now.  Then that night I started feeling like I was getting another cold.  And yep, Sure enough!  I was so sick all week last week and I'm still fighting it.  But its slowly going away so that is good.

As yall have probably noticed.  My file designing has been getting slower and slower.  I watch my little grandson all week and it leaves me with no time to design or create. Can you believe he will be one year old in 3 weeks. Wow, how this year has flown by.   So I have really been slacking on designing files and creating for a while.

Well,  the biggest change is really huge.  My son was going to move out with his fiance but he got laid off 2 days before Christmas so things have changed. I finally got news yesterday that my son's Fiance is moving in here with her twin 4 year olds.  We are so excited to get 2 more grandchildren.  And the only room I have for them is my Scrapbooking room.   Yep!, So I'm getting some boxes tomorrow and starting to pack every thing up.  I haven't had time for scrapping in a while.  So I'm packing it all up so we can make a cute little room for the girls.

So what this means is.  I have placed my store on hold.  Meaning you can see the files but you cant buy them.  So some day, when I get back to this I will just reopen it.  Its a lot easier then deleting the store and having to reset it all up.  

I wanted to thank all Creative team members and all my customers for supporting me along the way.  I have really enjoyed seeing all your creations with my files.

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Sharon and Smokey



MichelleMyBelle said...

I know how hard this decision was for you, to pack things up. But, hopefully you will still find a little time to be creative. Stay in touch!

Cindy Boyd said...

Have you found a good "10 step program" to join Sharon? I'm sure you will feel the withdrawal! I know how hard this must be for you, but our families are always first! Good luck with your family


Ruthie Lopez said...

I don't know what to say!! it most be hard for you, but family is first! Hopefully you can find time to create!! Thanks your for the trust, those fabulous files, for everything!!!
I'll be here waiting for you!!!