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Friday, January 6, 2012

IKEA Canisters and Vinyl Labels

I was at IKEA the other day.  And took my husband.  He had never been there.   We had lunch, walked around the entire place.  Man, it wore me out.  I cant walk much.  So we stopped a lot.  And it took us a couple hours. But it was fun.

Anyway.  While I was there.  I picked up some clear containers to use as Canisters in my kitchen.  I have been wanting to replace the ones I have for a while.  As they took up to much space on my little counter.

Here are the original white ones. In the 4 are Sugar, Splenda, Regular Tea and Decaf Tea.  In the green one is Dark Brown Sugar.  And then in the bags are light brown sugar, Self Rising and All purpose flour.
I really needed a container for all these that don't take up a lot of room on the counter.  Look nice. And close really good.  So I found these containers at IKEA in 2 sizes.  I think they were kind of expensive (Large 3.99 Med 2.99). I got 4 large and 4 Med. But I told my hubby what I wanted to do and he agreed these were the best option out of every thing they had.
I measured the front height and width and designed some titles that I needed.  And cut them out of Vinyl.  And then thought about it.  With these being Clear.  I wanted them to look the same from the front, no matter what was inside. So I made a label to put the titles on and it worked out perfect.   And these stack nicely and don't take up much room.  And the snap closed really tight.  And have a good seal.  And have a flip top to pour stuff out.
I think they turned out beautiful.  And cant wait to fill them up and see how they look on the counter.

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Gonne said...

I have some of these too and they work perfectly. The labels look nice! Good job.

Sarah said...

Wow these are awesome!! I love how the labels turned out - very professional!