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Friday, January 27, 2012

Does IROCK Tool get hot enough?

Yes! It does

I bought a IMAGINISCE I-ROCK tool a while ago and never used it.  And today, I was checking my grandsons toy tractor to see why the buttons weren't working.  So I took it apart and found that one of the wires was broke off at the solder connection.

I didn't want to run out to my work shop to get my solder Iron.  And remembered I had this I-Rock. So I opened the package and put in 3 AA batteries (Yes, it takes 3)  And pushed the button,  let it get hot and touched the old solder point to see if it would melt.  And sure enough.  It did.  So I stripped the wire and inserted it in to the hot solder.  Now the tractor works and makes all kinds of noises.

So yes, the I-Rock does get hot enough.

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1 comment :

Renae said...

You are a genius! I would never think to grab my i-Rock to soder something. LOL