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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Manatee Springs SP and Suwannee River

Our "StayCation"  as my husband calls it when you don't actually sleep away from the house. Really turned out to be a Stay home Vacation. LOL!

Hubby has to take 3 weeks vacation in the next month and a half or he looses the time. No pay no carry over.  But good thing is he get 5 more weeks in Sept.  But cant use those till after March of 2012.

So this week, as you know.  He has been home,  So that means no scrapping for me.  It feels odd to not have been in the craft room for over a week.  But that will change next week.  He goes back to work on Monday, So I can get back to my normal schedule. LOL!

Monday we were headed to the Beach, but it rained.  So Tuesday we took a long driving trip to some where we have never been. Funny how you live in a state for over 40 years and still dont see much of it.  So we like to do day trips every few months and see things we never seen.  Tuesday, we drove to Chiefland and checked out the The Lower Suwannee River Refuge so my Husband and Brother could register to get on the list to get one of the few passes available for Hunting this winter.  They are on the list, so they are very happy.  And yes, it stormed on the way there. My head was so full of pressure, felt my my brain was a balloon ready to pop and my face was so swollen.  But It got better as the storm passed.

While we were there, we checked out this cool bat house, but man does it smell even pretty far from it. LOL. Then we did a short trail.  Its a 1/3 mile to the River.  I cant walk much and forgot my cane. So my brother found me a really nice stick to use. That helped along with several stops and my inhaler.  It was a nice slow walk.  We were passed by several people but that was okay, On the way back, it started to rain, so we had no choice but to walk the trail in the rain.  We seen a black snake just on the side of the trail.  That was scary.

Hey, Look,  I figured out how to share a Picasa Slide show. I think.  LOL!

We left there, and drove down the road about 8 miles to the Manatee Springs State Park. We have never been there before.  And wow, is it beautiful.  Its was super cloudy and raining so my pictures are kind of dark.  But you can still see how pretty it was.

As we entered the gate at Manatee Springs SP.  While stopped at the station to pay to enter. Currently $6 a car load of 8 or less.  We were greeted by a family of deer.  A Dad, Mom and Baby.  So dang cute. Just walked across the road,  Looked at us and kept walking.  We got a shot of them in the woods as we passed.

We had packed a lunch to bring.  So we got out a blanket and hand lunch on the picnic tables right by the springs.  It was not packed at all,  We went July 26, dead of summer and there were only 4 cars in the parking lot,  And the camp ground wasnt even half full.  We then did the trail by the springs.  Checked out the canoe launch and walked along the springs to the Suwannee River.  It was so beautiful seeing all those Cypress trees.  Seen lots of blue gill fish in the springs.  

When we made it to the end of the boardwalk to the Suwannee River. We were standing on the boat dock and all these huge Sturgeon were jumping.  It was crazy.  These fish were about 4 feet long and jumping straight up in the air. And making huge splashes.  People were telling us about them jumping in your boats and Canoes. So dangerous.  Don't think we will be taking our boat out there.  I forgot my new camera has a HD camcorder on it.  Or I would of took a video.

We drove around the camp grounds to check it out, and they are pretty nice.  Some are bigger then others,  But let me tell you, The Bathroom are the cleanest bathrooms I have ever seen in a campground. Didn't see one bug in there.  The are super clean and shinny.  And have nice showers as well.

While standing in camp spot 61.  2 more deer walked right by us like it was nothing.  A few minutes later a couple more walked by.  From what I understand after talking to the Really nice ranger lady as the shack on the way out.  This is very common for the Deer to just walk though your camp site.  You just cant shoot them in the park.  They must know this, because they just walk right by you. lol.  Hey, did you know that if you are disabled you qualify for half off camping. Wow, that so helps budget. So we can camp for only $10 a night. You cant beat that.

To make it even funnier.  My husband and Brother are hunters, And all those deer were driving them nuts.  As we were leaving,  I caught this picture of a deer just walking across the street by the check in station.  As you can see, the gate is just behind the deer. So they know they are safe behind the fence. LOL!

My Hubby and Brother are hoping that the deer are that plentiful 8 miles up the road when they go hunting this winter.  I told them I would go with them camping at the springs this winter, But no way am I hunting Bambi.

Rest of the week has been busy working around the house, building a pantry in the laundry area which is located next to the kitchen.  It freed up a lot of needed kitchen cabinets. How do we collect so much kitchen stuff, Jeez!  I need to declutter and save the stuff for my son when he moves out.  Was headed fishing yesterday and today,  but of course it rained both days.  So I bet you , next week, will be hot and sunny. LOL!  I'm so resting today,  I'm super sore from the activity this week. I knew it would hit me soon.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wow, What a week!

Im so whooped!  My hubby needs to go back to work.  LOL!  So I can get some rest.

He is on vacation this week.  And we are staying local but getting some things done, and Checking out some places.

We had planed to go to the beach Monday but it rained.  Tuesday we drove 3 hours north to check out the hunting refuge so the guys can plan their hunting trip this winter.  Then while we were there. We decided to check out Manatee Springs State Park.  We never been there.  And Oh My Gosh!  Its so beautiful.  I will work on a blog post for that one. I have so many pictures to show you. It was a all day trip.

Then yesterday we build a shelf in the laundry area to act as a pantry,  Its not done yet, it needs one side panel and some doors.  But it works,  Now I can move every thing out of the kitchen and have more cabinets for all the pans and baking stuff that sits on top of the cabinets. That drives me nuts.

Wow, I'm so worn out.  I have CFIDS so I'm sure I will be paying for all this activity the past 4 days. I can already feel it coming on.

I will work on a blog post with pictures of Manatee Springs.

Oh, I need to ask you all,  If I edit a post, I have to "Republish" it. In order for it to show up on my blog again.  Does that resend the post to you?   I need to know this before I start editing all my blog post.  I need to remove all the links to my old store.  I have been getting a lot of emails.  About the links taking them to my store that no longer exist.  So I will be updating those links with my new store links. 

Can y'all leave me a comment and let me know if you get repost If I edit blog post.  Let me know how you get my post, by feedburner, Email, blogger.  I googled it, and it says you don't, but I want to make sure before I start working on this.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Victorian Frames File Winner!

OMG!  I'm so sorry!  I forgot to pick the winner last night.   We are on vacation, what my hubby calles a "Staycation" because we are staying home,  but acting like tourist in our own state.  Starting tomorrow.

We spent Saturday, working out side, cleaning up dead brush, moving old wood to burn it.  Changing some things around that work better in their new location, cleaned the pool then jumped in.  Today, we cleaned the sheds so we can get all the stuff in there that goes in there. We must clean that dang shed every other month. LOL!

Headed to the beach tomorrow and traveling the state a few days this week scouting out campgrounds for our Aug and Sept vacations.   So I will check in when I can.  And post some pictures.

Okay, on to the Victorian Frame winner.  Random org selected number 8.

So our winner is: Crotnem

Since you left me your email.  I will email you the file,  So check your email. 

Thanks for all the comments. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Victorian Flourish Frames 1 RM00155 (Win this File)

This is a totally new file I have designed to be used on your cards and your layouts. 

This file comes with File Types: AI, GSD, KNK, MTC, SVG & WPC 

I added this file to my Store front for purchase.  Store front is a located on the Left Side bar or Purchase my files Tab above.  I'm slowing changing packaging and adding new files. So check back often.

I designed these files to be used for your cards or as mats or frames for you Layouts.  I test cut these at 6x6 inches.  And they cut perfect on my Cricut Expression using Make the Cut.  

File includes 3 frames.  One Oval frame with Swirls and flourishes,  One Square frame with Lattice and stain glass window frame.  Last one has a flourish Vine and is also square. 

If you would like a chance to win this file.  I will pick one person  some time on Saturday July 23 via random org to win this file. 


1.  Must be a "FOLLOWER" of my blog 
2.  Must "LIKE" My Fan page
3.  Must "Leave Comment"  on this post.

I will pick one winner on July 23 via Random.org and Winner will be posted.  You need to check back to see if your the winner.  

You will have one week from date winner posted to claim your file. 

Hope you enjoy the new frames. I just love them and you will be seeing some creations on the 

Oh! How do you like the new look of the CT blog.  I love it!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Siblings" July KOM layout

This is my newest layout using the July KOM that is now Sold out.   These kits are first come first serve. No preorders.  So on the first of each month. You need to be up and logged in to the store to grab yours before they sell out.  last month 75 kits were sold out in about 3 days.  Sneak peeks of the AUG kit will be out next week so stay tuned.

Okay, On to my layout.

This is one I used a picture of my 2 children.  In this picture from 1996.  My son was 11 and daughter was 7. They are now 25 and 21.  They grow so fast.

The heart ring is one of my cutter files.  And I used White liquid pearls on the edges. My first time using it and I really like it.  I used some lace on the edges, and then a string of pearls,  

I fussy cut these branches out of one of the papers in the kit and since the main paper already had glitter on it. I used stickles on the leaves and centers of the flowers.  And layered the branches on pop dots.  The velvet butter fly is also in the kit.

The Blue Alpha Metal brads I picked up at Biglots several years ago.  And I used them to spell out "Siblings".  I like how that little pop of blue pulls out the few blue flowers in the paper.

This frame around the picture is from Spellbinders Grand labels.  I used the same paper from the kit. Inked the edges a little and used pop dots to layer them.

This layout is a little busy for my normal "Simple and Elegant" layouts.  But the more I look at it, the more I love it.  

Hope you enjoyed this layout.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Busy Week! Flowers Swap Done!

I have been working this week on getting all my flowers done for the Flower Swap at the Flying Unicorn forum.

I cant remember if I posted my first 2 batches or not.  So I will post them with the rest.  If your in the flower swap.  Here are the flowers you will get from me.

Paper Flower Group 1

These Flowers are cut from my Flower Blossoms file RM00143.  I Inked all the edges and layered with hot clue so they will not flatten in your scrapbooks.  The leaves are from the same file.  I used the score pal to give the leaves spines.  And sprayed with shimmer mist. (Distress ink and pearl ex)

Paper Flowers Group 2 (Christmas Poinsettia)
These were cut from my file 3D Poinsettia and Tag RM00107 I cut these out of dark red cardstock, ran the the cuttle bug embossing folder, and sprayed with White shimmer mist.

Ribbon Flowers Group1

I used several shades of browns for this group. I like these, I might have to make more as I didn't make mine. Only the 12 for this group.

Ribbon Flowers Group 2

These are move of a Christmas collection,  Reds, Golds and Blue and Silvers.

Fabric Flowers Group 1

I made 12 of each group.  I didn't make mine, just to get these done. Wow, it was some work to make 60 flowers. In so many different kinds.  But I think they turned out really pretty and perfect for Scrapbook pages and projects.  I can't wait to see some of these in use.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

NOW CLOSED "Sparkle, Stripes and Shine" Blog Hop!

Blog Hop Now CLOSED,  Winner posted in the forum here

Thank you all for hopping by and following my blog. I love all the comments. You all make me feel so loved.  Thank you so much. 
Have a wonderful weekend. 


Welcome to the First Every "Flying Unicorn Blog Hop"  The theme is "Sparkle, Stripes and Shine"

If you are here via Raissa's blog, then your at the right place.  If not, then you need to start at the first blog which is Alda's, the owner of Flying Unicorn.  Look below for your last stop.

Here are the rules for the Blog Hop!

1. Blog Hop begins July 2 at 9:00 am Eastern time and ends July 3 at 6:00 pm Eastern time

2. You must be a Follower of  "ALL" Blogs 

3. Post a comment on "ALL" Blogs (Except Alda's Comments are disabled) 

4. Be a Member of the Forum

5.  Post in the blog hop forum thread. 

One person that is a follower and leaves a comment in this post will be chosen by Random.org to win this awesome prize provided by the owner of  "The Flying Unicorn Store"

Now for my project for the "Blog Hop".

I have been needing some thing to hold the stuff I use the most in my crafting area.  My rulers were all over and I got tired of looking for my scissors.  And really needed some thing to hold my heat gun.  So I came up with this cute little project today.

I made this Ruler, Scissor, Pens, Heat gun holder and it works perfect.  Here is what I used.
I used My Minds Eye  "Ooh La La" paper pack. Its super glittery and shimmery. I'm doing every thing in my craft room in these colors.  With this paper line.

You will need Mod podge, Paint brush, some containers, I used a empty roll my vinyl comes on, and cut it in to two different sizes.  And used a Spaghetti can and a smaller can.  they are all about the same size in width, just different height.  On the metal cans, I washed with soap and water, and dried.  Then used a pair of plies to flatten the sharp edges on the rim.

I then used cream colored cardstock to cover the edges, and lined the inside using cream card stock and modge podge.

Then cut my pattern paper to fit each one. Used modge podge to stick the paper to the cans and rolls.

Then used Martha Stewart punch to make the borders, Added green ribbon and yellow square rhinestones.  And cut the titles on my Cricut.

For the base, I got some wood out of my work shop and made a platform for the holders so they don't fall over as the Rulers are tall.  I painted it white, and then hot glued all 4 together, then hot glued to the platform.

Here is the finished project.

I made this a little wider so that I could have space for my glue that I use the most to sit in front.  And it worked perfect.  The Heat Gun is in the metal can, so it wont melt any thing when Im done with it.

I hope you enjoyed my project, it is really useful for me. I love it. 

Now on to your last stop for the Blog Hop! 

 Your last stop is Flying Unicorn Forum. 
You will have a chance to win this SIL SD in the Forum. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, July 1, 2011

UpDate! on Kit of the Month

Only 6 kits remain so you better hurry.  Its truly amazing how fast these kits sell out!

I know the forum was hopping last night with every one logged in and just waiting for Midnight to hit so they could grab the kits as soon as the store came back up.

Here is the link to grab the kits.  I couldn't add it last night because the store was being updated,  but here ya go.  You better hurry.

July Kit of the month

And don't forget, Tomorrow is blog hop with lots of prizes.


July Kit of the Month and New Diecut Challenge and Free File

I posted the winner of my June challenge at the Flying Unicorn so make sure you go check to see if your the winner of the awesome scrapping supplies.

I posted the new challenge for July "Diecuts" Challenge. That will run from July 1 - July 31 and a winner will be picked by random list.org.   You can enter as many times as you like.

Here is my card I made for the Diecut Challenge using the July Kit of the month.

Now for the Kit of the Month.

And here is my layout using the July Kit of the month.  I did this layout of my adorable Niece, she is now 8 I think.  She was such an adorable baby and is such a pretty little girl now. I used my files in this layout the heart frame is from RM00148 (Available for sale on my blog left side) and white flourish is RM00154 (Free download below)

This is the first month one of my files has been cut and placed in the Kit of the month so if you purchase the Kit, you will get my Victorian Flourish 1 RM00154.   And since this is my first file cut and in the kit.  Im offering this file free.

 RM00154   Is now in store

Edit: Sorry for the repost,  A friend let me know I had miss spelled "Flourish" on my store packaging and half the files. Funny how only half were misspelled.  But any way, Fixed file has been uploaded to the same link and password. 

Well,  if this isnt enough excitement for you.  Then you might want to stop by on Saturday for the Blog Hop! with some awesome scrapping supplies for prizes to be won and the ultimate grand prize you wont want to miss its a SIL SD machine.

So come back saturday.

Thanks for stopping by!