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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Introducing New CT Members for March- July

First, Let me say thank you to Caz, Elizabeth, Lynn, Gloria and Jill for their wonderful creations they made with my cutter files.  I really appreciate all your work you did for me during your term.

Now as we have a new year.  We have a new Creative Team.  We have 2 returning and we have added 5 new girls to my CT.  And a few of them are already starting on new projects.  So I thought I better go ahead and announce them.  So you know who they are when they post.

Our Creative Team for March - July :

Returning:   Jill Crossfield :     Blog: Not Yet                            Creative Consultant
Returning    Gloria:                  Blog: OmasCrafts                      Creative Design Team
New:           Sue Shaff             Blog:  Not yet                          
Creative Design Team
New:           Lenae Gem             Blog:  Sugargemcrafts               Creative Design Team
New:           Michelle S.            Blog: Michellemybellcreations   Creative Design Team
New:           Marie C.                Blog: Marie                              Creative Design Team
New:           Erin Reed              Blog
: Scraps of Reflection                   Creative Design Team
Please welcome all the girls to my Creative Team.  And check out their blogs and follow them and this CT blog so you don't miss any of their creations.

I cant wait to see what these girls make with my files.

Let the fun begin!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Mini Album

Remember I posted I was working on a mini album for my challenge I'm hosting at the VDBC. Feb Monthly Challenge "Recycle It"  

Well here is my Recycled project.  And I just love, love, love how this turned out.

I made this mini book for my daughter.  And her new baby. " Preston Meets the Family"  is heat embossed.  I used Fancy Pants Paper for this mini album.

This is a side view of the ribbon un wound.  I used this Fancy pants line of paper because I just love the blue and brown,  I did her baby shower in blue and brown.  And they are very country so the colors are perfect.

Delivery day, My beautiful grandson arrived 5 weeks early and healthy so he was able to come home after 2 days.  The photos above are when he was one hour old.

My beautiful daughter and her husband holding Preston.  This is the 2nd day. They were able to hold him after he spent some time in the warmer to get his temp back up.  And after they got his sugars level out.

Preston 6 days old.  5lbs and so tiny.  He is wearing Preemie sleepers and you can see how big they are on him.  And on the Right is my son holding his nephew for the first time.

This is me holding my grandson on the 2nd day at the hospital. This is the first time I got to hold him. And On the right is my husband holding Preston for the first time when he came home on the 3rd day.

 This is my Son-in-laws parents holding Preston on the 2nd day for the first time as well.

 And here is the mini album untied and you can see all the tags inside the pockets. These can be used for more pictures or journaling.

I used flattened Toilet paper rolls for the pockets, Punched holes, covered with paper, and glued the bottom end closed.  And punched holes and used grommets.  And my free file in the post below.  For the Hole reinforcements on each page and for the tie around on the front, I cut 6 of them and blued them together, mounted on round pop dot, and punched a hole for the brand. And covered the inside with tape so the tag can slid in with out getting caught.

Hole Reinforcement file can be found on the Free File tab at the top of my blog

I plan on making another one,  Gramma's brag book.  LOL!   So I will take pictures and post a tutorial as with this one was the first I ever made and was just winging it as I went and totally forgot to back up and take pictures. Jeez!.

Well, I hope y'all like my Mini Toilet paper roll album as much as I do, I think its just adorable.

What I used:
Pattern Paper: Fancy Pants "Happy Together"
Cardstock: Recollections
Rhinestones: Recollections
Glitter Adhesive Dots: Recollections
Glitter Adhesive Flourish: Recollections
Punches: Fiskars Diamond, Rope punch,  and Corner rounder punch
Stamps: Justrite Trompe Script 50 and Times New Roman 25
Embossing Powder: Detail Black.
Spellbinders: Curved Rectangles, Ovals.
Adheasive: Scotch Quick Dry Glue, ATG gun gold tape.
Other items: Book rings, Ribbons, Beads, Grommets, Pop dots.

Oh, Hey,  Have y'all seen the new Gallery at the VDBC forum.  OMGoodness!  Its so cool, so fast, and so easy to use.   So if you have pictures posted there already.  Sign in, upload a new picture and it will bring over all your other pictures.  And this one, you can have as many pictures as you want, you can vote on other pictures.  You can tag your picture in other albums like the designers file you used or the challenge or sketch you did the project for.  And you can look at some ones album and watch it as a slide show.  Its super cool!
So make sure you stop by and check it out.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Simple free file and Smokey Picture

Im working on my project for my Monthly Challenge I host on the VDBC forum (You still have time to play along for a free file).  And decided I needed a quick file to fix some thing that bothers me. 

Im making a little mini album.  And I really hate when you punch holes or use grommets and you can see the little tabs that hold the grommet in place.  So I made a fast but usable file.  And thought I would share for those of you that might need it as well.  This is a Hole Reinforcement file.  You know when you have hole punched paper and the hole rips.  Yep, this is those covers to fix the holes.  Nothing fancy but usable.

Right now, I have this file in only MTC 3.2.  if y'all need it in other formats. Let me know and I will convert it later.   Down load "Hole Reinforcements"   Password iagreetou.

Smokey Update:

My little trouble maker is doing much better and back to her old self since we had her spayed a few weeks ago.  And yes, she is getting in to every thing like always.  Yesterday,  My husband was putting up a new ceiling fan in our room and he yells for me.  So I go in and he dropped the screwdriver and Smokey picked it up and was running off with it.  This morning I get up and there is ribbon strung out across the living room floor.  And a few of my flowers in there as well.  So I have to find a new place to keep those.  And remember to keep the door closed.

So, This morning, I thought I would come in my craft room and make a new Photo Light box. And what do I see.  Yep.  Its Smokey, sleeping in my old Photo light box.  I have a white sheet in there and one on the top to diffuse the light,  But it wasn't working that well, its kind of small. So I made a lot bigger one today and got some new light bulbs and will give it a go later. 

I will try it out when I finish my project for my Challenge.  And post the pictures soon.

Thanks for stopping by

Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Nursery Projects

My daughter is doing my grandsons room in "Forest Friends" By Carters And there isn't a lot out for this set.  So I thought I would make some thing unique for my grandsons room.

Here is the first thing I made.  The Forest Friends line does not carry a picture for all the animals in this set.  It only carries 2 of the 6 animals.  So I thought I would make a picture collection of all 6 of the main animals.

I found this frame at Michael's for 19.99 and it was on sale for Buy one get one Free. So I got both, And one I used to make to match the baby's nursery.  And the other I am giving my daughter to put baby pictures in. 

I used Recollections Card stock (from Michael's) for this. I love how that card stock cuts.  And for those on a budget.  look for it when its on sale.  I just seen some new collections of this card stock so I'm waiting for a sale to get some of the new stuff.

Any way. Matched all the colors of the blanket and valance and used those colors for the back ground, and for the animals.  I think this turned our super cute and unique.  They don't sell this so she has a one of a kind which makes it special.  I used my Grand Calibur (love that thing as well)  and my Cuttle bug embossing folder "Forest Branches"  to emboss the back colors and brown mats.  Because the set has branches and trees in it so I thought it was perfect.  And it added to the plain back ground behind the animals.

Next I made a matching clock for the nursery. They don't have a clock in this set. So I made one for the nursery. You always need a clock to keep track of times for feedings. So now they will have one that matches.

I used 4 of the animals from the set for the 3,6,9,12 numbers.  And I cut several of the mushrooms from the set to the numbers in between.   And in the center is the tree from the same set.  I used bazzill for the blue and brown and Recollections card stock for the rest of the shapes so it matched the other animals in the first picture.   And if you look close, you can see on the second hand.  I placed the little bird from the set and it goes around and flies though the tree.  I alcohol inked the silver hands in a dark brown to match the tree trunk.     My daughter and every one at the shower loved these. They are so special because no one else has these. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my special projects for my new Grandson. But Please do not ask for these files.  I can not and will not pass them on because Carters is copyrighted and I made these for my own personal use.  I hope y'all understand. 

Creative team call:  I have gotten several replies to my CT Call, But I'm just reminding y'all.  You have till next Friday to apply. I will announce the winners on Saturday Feb 26. 

Thanks for stopping by:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wow, I just realized I have a candy addiction!

Okay, So, I know this is Off Topic, from Scrapping but, here it goes.

I'm not a big Chocolate candy person. Unless its the occasional Twix or Peanut butter cup. But I prefer the White Chocolate peanut butter cups. Yum!

What got me thinking was.  I really don't eat a lot of candy but at holiday times.  Like for Valentines. I bought a bag of Sweet Tart Hearts and that's it.  No other candy.  Love those things.

Then for Easter, I usually buy 1 bag of Jelly beans. Or maybe 2 if I find one I really like or haven't tried. But they have to be good kind like Brach's.  Smuckers, Starburts, Hawaiian Tropics, or Jelly belly.

Well, today I was at Joann's, and I seen some thing I haven't seen before.  And Oh My Jelly Beans!  I have a new love.  I picked up this pretty green bag  and it said Brach's Jelly Bean Nougats.  So I said well, I love Chewy fruity stuff and hey, these have jelly bean pieces in them.  So I bought a bag.  And wow, they are so good.  This could be a bad thing. LOL!  This is how I got to thinking about having a candy addiction.

Other then these, I only eat candy at Halloween time.  And that has to be Laffy Taffy, Mary Janes, and Peanut butter kisses.  Okay, and some Indian corn. LOL@.

So do you have candy addictions?


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

VDBC Newsletter and 2 free files

Quick post. To let yall know, the VDBC Newsletter when out today.  here is the link if you didnt get it. There are 2 free files in this newletter from FileKutz by LisaJane and Becky with Articrafts.
VDBC Feb 15th Newsletter


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's A Boy Banner and Cup Cake Wrappers

As you all know, the past few weeks have been busy for me.  I have been working on making these decorations for my Daughters Baby shower last Sunday.  And then big surprise. Baby Preston arrived the very next day.  5 weeks early.  So I have been playing first time Gramma and loving every minute of it.  Taking pictures and going to visit him.

He is 8 days old today and is getting cutter by the day.  I seen him 4 times last week,  And I seen him today. So 5 times in 8 days  ain't to bad. LOL!  I promised my daughter I would not be at her house ever day.  Maybe every other day, LOL!  Okay,  I will try and make it only like 2 times a week.  Right now all he does is sleep. He sleeps for about 5-6 hours wakes up to eat.  Sleeps another 5-6 hours and eats again.  I cant wait for him to be awake when im there. LOL.

Okay, Enough about my little grandson.  I am now able to show you the decorations and other things I made for my Daughter.

First up we have a "It's A Boy!"  Banner.  I love how this turned out.  I haven't made one before.  So this was pretty fun.  And every one at the Shower loved it and couldn't believe I made it.  So that was a nice feeling to know others liked it.

It was pretty hard to get a good picture of this as I made it big enough to span the wall so this reaches 6 feet across.  

I used blue satin and brown satin ribbon to string up each flag.  Each flag has Scalloped boarder with Solid triangle.  And then I made a accordion Medallion as the mat for the back of the letters.  And then double matted on top of that.  and I used pop dots and Grand Calibur to emboss the letters.  Each flag is 7.5 wide by 8.5 long.  So its good size for hanging on the wall.

Here is a close up of the banner.  You can see the pattern paper I used.  The blue and brown dots is 2 sided paper from Heidi Grace.  The Accordion Medallion  some use as flowers.  But I used this to give a little more details to this banner.  As its for a boy, I didn't want to bling it up with stickles and ribbons.  And it gives it some great dimension.  I  then added a double mat to hold the letters that I first ran though the Grand Calibur and embossed for more effect.  I think it turned out beautiful.

This file is available in store and comes with the mats for the flags. file for Accordion Medallion , double mats and letters for both  "It's A Boy! and It's A Girl"  You just cut, assemble and add ribbon and you have the perfect banner for your Baby Shower.  Or you can use the banner for other party's and just change out the words.  This file is available in my store  RM00138

Next, I made Matching Cup Cake Wrappers.  I have sized the files to fit your standard cupcakes you make at home and these also fit the Walmart Cupcakes.  So they should fit most cupcakes.

I used the same Heidi Grace paper for the wrappers and toppers.  I just alternated the papers and cut  12 in blue dot and 12 in brown dot and added mats in contrasting colors.   The wrappers say "It's A Boy"  and I also added "It's A Girl" to the file so you have both in one file.  I also included the toppers that are double matted and say "Baby"  And the words cut out of the shape so no small letters to glue. 

This file is available in my part of themy store RM00139

I am working on several things at the moment.  And one is Selling my Finished Creations.  I will give you more information on that as soon as I can.

Next up, I will show you some of the things I made for the baby's Nursery. 

And don't forget about my Creative Team Call  .  You have one more week to apply. If you like my cutter files and you would like to get them for free in exchange for your finished samples.  Then this is your chance to apply for the next term.  You can find details here.  RSMobleys Designs Creative Team Call.

Hope you enjoyed my Banner and Cupcake wrappers.
Back soon.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Creative Team Call (March- July)

Calling all "Cutter File Crafters". 
Creative Team Call 
for 5 new CT members
Apply between Feb 11- Feb 25 I will let the winner know the 26th and will announce new CT on March 1st. 

Why do I call this a "Creative Team"  Well.  I'm the file Designer so you all would be "Creating" projects with my designs.

I am looking to refresh my CT for the new year. I'm running a little behind on this because of recent events. (My Daughters baby shower then next day delivering baby 5 weeks early)  So this will be a fast CT Call.  So that you can start your new term March 1st.  And it will run for 5 months till July 31st.  So that we can squeeze in another new term for the end of the year. 

I will also be looking for Guest CT members.  So please apply to be considered for a Guest position and possible next term position.

I'm looking for super crafty people that use cutter files, that love to post to forums, yahoo groups, on your blog.  Any where else you like and willing to post on my CT blog.

And help me with new file ideas.  If you need a file for some thing. Let me know. I'm always looking for new ideas.

Requirements for CT

You will be required to post 2 projects Per month (cards, layouts, altered projects or any thing else using my files). You will get my file of your choice for free to use.  You can ask for and do up to 4 projects a month. Its up to you. But at least 2 are required.

You will be required to join the VDBC forum and become a active member  (your CT blog post will auto feed to the forum so that saves you a step)

You are required to post your finished project using my files at least 2 places.  One is my CT blog which I will give you access to and it will auto feed to the VDBC forum.  And at least one other place you like to post, but you can post to as many places as you like. 

If you have a blog. I would like for you to post it there as well.  And list my Store name and file number used along with store link in your post.  I can help you will any thing you need help with.

I will send you a contract to read and sign. For your term.


Please send me an email to (rsmobley85 at gmail dot com) with the following information and with "Creative Team Call" (March-July)  in the subject line.



Blog link:

Link to any gallery's so I can see your work:

List of your current CT or DT positions. And duties for those:

Where you like to post most often:

Send me a picture of 3 of your most recent works of art. (Cards, Layouts, projects what ever you like)

What cutters you have and use most often to cut files:

And what file type you use:  ( I offer my files in AI, GSD, KNK, SVG, WPC and MTC. )

I think that's about it.  If you would like to apply, please do.  And current CT members are welcome to reapply as well.  Please ask if you have any questions. I would be happy to answer them if I can.


Free Valentine Cupcake Wrappers!

If you would like to receive my "Valentine Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers set"  For free.  All you have to do is play along in my "Monthly Feb Challenge"  Recycle It Project!

You just make a finished project out of some thing you have recycled and post it in the thread on the forum.  It has to be a new project never posted any where.  And use some thing recycled.   And if you use any cutter files.  They have to be from one of the Designers from VDBC.  But using a file is not necessary.

If you would like to see some of the finished recycled projects some of the girls have already posted.  Check out the first post.  I listed the project picture post numbers so they are easy to find. 

I hope you join in.  Please post you project in the forum not on my blog for it to count.

Thanks Yall, 


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Got to hold my Grand Son for the first time yesteray!

I went to see my daughter and her new baby yesterday.  And he had a few problems though the night.  But noting major.

Because he is a preemie.  He has a hard time holding his temp.  So after the nurse gave him a bath, his temp was real low.  So they had to put him in a warmer.  And his sugars were real low.  And he was red, his feet were blue and he his arms were in the air, just a shaking,  He was so jittery and would scream if you touched him.  So they think because he is preemie, he isn't sucking hard enough to get enough breast milk, So they had to give him some formula.  To bring his sugars up.

So after about half hour of feeding him formula.  His color turned back to normal,  His feet were blue any more, and he had his arms tucked under his chin.  So he was doing better.  They rechecked his sugar and it was fine.  So they dressed him and took him out of the warmer and allowed us to hold him for a little while.

Wow, he is so tiny, and his little head barely fills your hand.  His face swelling as gone down, and he is so adorable.  He has my daughters color hair, and it looks to be a little wavy like my daughters hair. 

My daughter getting to hold her new son.  She is so happy. She has wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse since she was 9 years old. But found out how long you had to go to school.  So she changed to be a medical biller and would just have her own baby, lol.   I'm so proud of her. And love her so much.

Baby Preston, just as cute as can be.  He passed his car seat test and the pediatrician gave him the okay to go home after 5pm today. So that is exciting.

And here is me (Gramma) holding Preston for the first time. He is so sweet and so tiny.  I cant wait to hold him again.

I sure hope y'all don't get tired of me posting about my grand baby. I'm already working on a lot of baby files. So if you have a request of some thing you need.  Please email me at rsmobley85@gmail.com and let me know.  Because I'm new to making baby and kid files.  So I need some suggestions what to make, And if I use your idea.  I will send you the file free.  So contact me with some suggestions.

Thinks going on at the VDBC

Ribbon swap (Mar 1st last day to sign up)
Monthly Feb Challenge
Bingo (today is last day to sign up)

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We have a baby boy!

Wow,  Did we plan the baby shower right.

We had the shower yesterday, and this morning, My daughter calls and said, they are rummaging though the baby gifts from yesterday to pack a bag because they are headed to the hospital to have the baby, OMG!  He is 5 weeks early. 

But he is here she had a pretty fast labor.  He is healthy and breathing on his own and his color is perfect.  He has a little cone head and some bruising on his face.  But he is still so cute.  I cant wait to hold him. 

Here is a picture of our first Grand Child.  Im so happy he is healthy. 
 And now the fun begins.

Thanks for stopping by Sharon

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a Day! Baby Shower.

I'm so tired and worn out.  Today was I threw a baby shower for my Daughter and her husband.  They are expecting their first child and this will be my first Grand Child.  And I'm so overly excited.  I cant wait to see this little man.

We had a great time at the shower.  We had it as my daughter and husbands new house they just bought in November.  They have a little over an acre of land so it was nice. 

We had 3 smokers out there with tons of slabs of ribs and burger, beans and sliced potatoes with onions and peppers all cooked in the smokers with pecan wood,  Wow,  the flavor was awesome. 

A lot of them played Beer Pong and Corn toss.  I left at 9am this morning and got back at 7:30 tonight,  And wow, am I tired.  I think I will take the next day maybe two and recoup.  Its been a busy week getting ready for this. 

So in a few days.  I will post some of the decorations I made for my daughter,   Every one loved the cupcake wrappers,  the banner,  and the gifts for the nursery I made.   I will have have to upload pictures and show you all.

So I will be back in a bit after I get some rest.  I have a lot to catch up on this week.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentines Cupcake Wrappers with Toppers

I'm new to making Cupcake Wrappers but I think these turned out adorable.

With Valentines just around the corner this is a perfect time to make these.  And it goes perfect for the RRR17 challenge.  "Really Reasonable Ribbon Challenge" You just have to use Pink, Red and white and some sort of ribbon or trim.  So I did that.  I designed all 3 cupcake wrappers and toppers and cut them with MTC on my Cricut Expression.   The paper is valentines paper, and has Pink, Red and White.  And then I used White Curling Ribbon to make it frilly  And the cupcakes are white with White and Chocolate chips in side.  With White frosting with White and Red peppermint sprinkles.

My Husband loved these and said they tasted so good.  And he loved the wrappers.  He thought they were really cute.

I also decided to give these Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers to all the girls that participate in my Monthly Challenge for Feb.  At the VDBC.  This months Challenge is to make a project using some thing you recycle from its original use.  And we have had several cleaver entries already and this is only day 2 of the Challenge. 

If you would like this file,  then you have to either participate in my Challenge on the forum or purchase it in store here: RM00133 Valentines Cupcake Wrappers & Toppers

I hope you like my Wrappers.  I think I need to make some more of these.  They are super cute.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Challenge and New Grab bag

Here we go!

This is the First of February and you know what that means. All kinds of new things happening at Visual Designs by Chris. (VDBC forum)  All kinds of swaps, Bingo, Challenges and New grab bag for the month of Feb.  Oh, and a new newsletter will be out shortly.

We had a lot of fun with my Monthly January Challenge.  Pam in SD was the winner of my prize.  $15 coupon to my store. Her layout was stunning.  Mr. Random.org choose the winner.   It was so much fun, I'm hosting Monthly Challenge "February"

New Monthly Challenge for February : "Recycle it! Project" 

If you would like to play along in my challenge click on the link above and check it out.  All you have to do is use some thing you already have in your house that you can recycle it for a project. Like old soup cans, Cereal boxes, Product packaging.   You just have to make some thing other then a card or layout.  And use some thing other then its first intended use.  And post it in the link on the forum.   Every one that completes a project and list what they recycled and how.  Will get my newest file not even in store yet.  So head on over and check it out.  You have until Feb 28.  to enter.

I would like to thank everyone that bought the January grab bag.  It was a huge success.  Now its on to February Grab bag.  This months designers are, K Andrew Designs, Kitty's Cuttings & Filekutz by LisaJane.  There are some super cute Valentines files in this grab bag.  For only $7. 

Well, Im off to test cut my file for the New Monthly Challenge Feb entries. And just a update on Smokey,  She is getting back to her normal in to every thing self. So nice to have my wild child back.

Have a great evening