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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jan Grab bag Card 4 0f 4, Last day!

What a beautiful weekend it was here in Sunny Florida.  Mid 70's during the day, and around 50 at night.  Just perfect weather.  The kind that makes you want to work out side in the yard.  So that is what we did.  Hubby and I cleaned up some of the dead plants and tree limbs in the yard.  Removed all the dead veggies and left over green veggies in the garden and put them in the compost bin.  And got the raised beds ready for the new season.  And finished cleaning the shed and the my tool shop.

Today, we planted 30 strawberry seedlings, 8 asparagus seedlings.  We then planted a bag of onion bulbs. And also planted some Collard green seeds and Some head lettuce seeds.  Then I made some newspaper planter pots and planted 8 Vine tomato seed pots, 2 cherry tomato seed pots and 8 green pepper seed pots.  I'm not sure I have enough tomatoes so I think i will plant a few more.  I want to be able to can our own tomatoes this summer.

Next I need to plant some oleander seeds and some Crape Myrtle seeds so they will be ready to plant this summer. And be able to root good before next winter.  I love growing my own stuff. Such great satisfaction in knowing you grew it your self.  The broccoli is about done growing.  We had some for dinner this past week, and it was so good.  The cauliflower is just starting to grow heads and the Brussel sprouts are as well.  So have a few more weeks for those. Before we can pull those and plant beans and peas and squash in there place.  I have some Bok Choy I let go to seed so I can collect those. They are just starting to turn brown so have a few more weeks on those as well.

Okay, enough about my garden.  Now on to the last card.  

I almost forgot to post my last card I have in the January Grab bag.  And just to let you know.  Today is the last day you can get this awesome deal for only $7.

RM00128 Jean Pocket Card  "Birthday / Fathers Day Card"

This card looks like a Jean pocket and is perfect for Men and Teen boys.  The file comes with the front , Belt with loops and comes with 2 changeable pockets.  One pocket says "Happy Birthday and cuts right out of the pocket.  So no small letters to glue.  The other pocket says "Happy Fathers Day" and also cuts right out of the pocket.   Now, for a added surprise.  I have also added the sewing holes to this file.  So all you do is cut and then use a needle and thread to finish the pocket and waist band.

And also,  If you notice.  I made this to fit a Gift card in side the pocket. So how perfect is that for the man in your life.  I cut this out of paper that looks like Denim and its looks really cute.

One of my CT Members "Gloria" with OmasCrafts.  Made all 4 of my cards in the Jan Grab bag.  You can see 3 of them in this post.  And you can see the Jean pocket card here.
I love how Gloria used the brads on the pockets and the staples up top for the belt loops.  Super cute.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Smokey Update!

Just wanted to let y'all know that Smokey is doing fine.  She went to the vet yesterday morning and got spayed. She has been sleeping most of today.  And is doing better.  She ate some dinner which is really good.  But she cant jump yet. So I have to help her get up on the bed.  It will be a while before she can jump up on things.  Bandit is being such a good boy.  When smokey wakes up, Bandit goes over and rubs noses with her.

Right now, she isl laying on my chest while I lay in the recliner.  And watch TV and type this post.

I hope y'all are keeping warm. Man I don't like cold weather, and one day its warm, the next if freezing. But I guess I should be happy we only get frost in the mornings till the sum comes up and we don't get any snow. Brrr!. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan Grab bag file 3 of 4

Here is card 3 of 4 from the January Grab bag.  I you have not bought it yet. You still have 5 days to grab it before its gone forever at the price of just $7 for 12 Cards you can use all year, and just changing and switching titles you get way more uses.  This is a great way to start a new card stash for the new year.

You can make several cards and get them finished. But not put a title on it till your ready to send it.

This is my Happy Birthday / Thinking of You card.  RM00130

This card will cut as entire card, and comes with the vines with the flowers and 2 titles.  So you can change it out to make both cards.  

Here are two examples of my card that were cut by some of the Grab bag customers.

This card was created by Esther.  I love how she used the black on the inside.  You can now see how the front of the card bottom and side edge is the shape of the vine.  I love how this color combo turned out. Beautiful.

This is the same file.  And this card was created by Gloria (one of my CT members)  I love the spring colors of this card and I'm thinking.  You could use a Happy Easter Title on this card as well.   This is also Beautiful.
Great jobs Girls.

I have 4 files in this Jan Grab bag and so do the other girls.  We wanted to start the new year off with a year of cards.  So you will be getting 12 cards that will actually make more just by switching titles or images.  I have this file sized to cut and fit A2  but please test card size first as your soft ware may open at a different size.  You can see all the files in this Jan Grab bag here.

Update on Me and Smokey.

I think we are both getting better.  Today, I actually feel good.  I have energy, and I got my other 3 dining room chairs recovered. They look great.  And I spent a few hours getting coupons printed and then when hubby got home he took me to Publix to do some shopping today was the last day for all those great buy one get one free sales.  I was sick all week, so wasn't able to go.  But whew.  Just made it.  I saved $120 and $40 of that was paper coupons.  I didn't even get to use all the coupons I brought because they were out of the stuff.  But my hubby was shocked.  He said.  "Wow. We don't get a cart this full for that price at walmart" LOL!    So now that I'm feeling better.  I need to finish my projects for my daughters baby shower next Sunday.  Guess I will work on that tomorrow.

And Smokey, bless her heart.  She was so miserable being in heat.  The vet said every thing she was doing was normal. But wow, I felt so bad for her.  And she was driving us crazy and you had to guard the door or she would sneak out.  She did get out 2 times but My hubby and I, were quick and were able to get the little chihuahua to coral her in the corner of the house so we could grab her.   I called the vet on Monday they said call me the day after she stops the Yowling, and we will get her right in.  Well after 7 long days. She was back to her normal loving, in to every "Smokey" self.  Boy, did I miss that.   She ate yesterday which is good.  And then she laid on my chest in my recliner while I read my magazine and she just looked at the pictures.  Then when I went to bed.  She followed me in,  And had her nose and forehead touching my cheek, and her paws were around my neck.  And we slept for a bout 4 hours and off she went.    Right now.  She is curled up around my feet under my snuggie blanket. She does this all the time.  Just to be close to me.   I sure love this little girl.

So tomorrow morning.  Smokey Girl and I are off to the vet.  She has a 8am apt to get spayed.  So she wont have to go through that again.  All my pets are spayed or neutered.  Its much safer for them and their health.  And they live long lives.  My oldest cat Passed last year at the age of 15 and the 2 I have left.  Are 12  & 13 and  we have this little girl. I think she is about 6 months old maybe more.  And we have little Bandit. also fixed.   I have to leave her all day, But I get to pick her up around 5. I'm sure I will miss her while she is gone tomorrow.

Well, I think I'm headed to bed for the night.  Still need some rest.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

VDBC Forum Updates! Challenges and More!

This post is about all the stuff going on at the forum or getting ready to start and some things getting ready to end.

So in case you happened to miss one, you still have a chance to do a few or get a start on some new ones.

First off,  I posted a Monthly Challenge for January.  You have until Jan. 31 to enter your layout. Using all items posted for a chance to win a $15 coupon to any of my files in my store.  There are 2 entries so far so you have a really good chance to be a winner.   If you would like to play along.  Here is the link to the Monthly "January" Challenge in the forum.

The "Sketch" Challenge has started back up. Yay!.  Im excited about this one because, I love Becky Fleck "Page Maps"  and love the files created to be used along with the sketches.  And I need to finish my daughters wedding album in the next 5 weeks. For their first Anniversary.  So if you would like to check out the challenge and play along go here. Feb Sketch Challenge

January Grab bag!.  You only have a few more days to grab this awesome value for only $7.  You should see some of the cards that have already been posted using several of the files in the bag. Wow, they are just awesome.  Oh, Yeah, I still have two more to post, I better get on that. LOL!.

January Grab bag Challenge is still going on.  So if you have bought the grab bag already or if you haven't you still have time to purchase and make one of the files and enter in the challenge to have a chance to win the next grab bag free.  How awesome is that.  You should check out the post any way just to see some of the awesome cards made from the January grab bag.  And this ends soon as well.

January bingo is almost over and Feb will be posted soon, So make sure you watch for the sign ups for that one.  But if you signed up for the January bingo.  Ginger is looking for more entries in the layout bingo challenge she posted. So post and let her know if you want to get a layout in if you signed up for bingo.

Swaps!  Did you know that we are already thinking of swaps to start.  From what I hear there is a ribbon swap in the works.  So be watching for sign ups for that.

Feb Newsletter, have you signed up!  If not, you still have time you only have to sign up one time. To get our Newsletter in your email in box 2 times a month. With updates in the forum so you don't miss any thing. like Free file, Tips and Techniques, Recipes, you name it you never know what you will find in the newsletter.

Wow, that is a lot going on, I hope I got every thing going on in one post.  If I remember some thing else. I will post it in the next post showing my next card.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Comment posting change

Hello all,

You all know I love your comments.  And I had a few visitors tell me that they didnt like to have to log in to leave all kinds of information just to leave me a comment.  So I changed the posting from registered to Anonymous.  So they could post.  And wow, Im getting a lot of spam.  And I dont want any of that nastyness getting on the blog.  So I have added the word verification.  I know a lot of yall dont like that.  But really it does help protect all the readers of the blog with out having to moderate all the post.  I know I just type the word verification on all the blogs I visit because I know its there for protection.

So please dont let that stop you from leaving comments on the blogs you love.  Its really just to protect every one from any undue nastiness. 

Wow, I have been so sick since Thursday and still not feeling all that great today.  But Im out of bed and going to try and work on refinishing my scraproom chairs.  And one other project I need done by next week.

And lordy be, Smokey is driving me nuts. She is in heat for the first time.  And She is just misserable. Shes not eating.  Walking close to the ground and we are on day 6 of the loud Yowling all day and night. I called the vet this mornig.  They said, that it generally runs about 5 days,  So she would be close to done, She said, she will just stop all of a sudden.  Then we can get her in to be fixed.    I also checked in to getting her front claws declawed as she is only an indoor cat as my others are.  And not to mention I now have to replace all my curtains.   And OMG!  It has gone up.  The vet said it now cost $300.  Jeez.   Looks like I will continue to just clip her nails like I do now.  Lordy what do deal with because we love our pets.

Have a great day.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

RM00132 Layout by Julie Cantrell

Do you all remember the winner of my RM00132 Raccoon Bear Boarder file.

We, Julie was the winner of this file and she just sent me a really cute layout using the file she won.  And she also bought my Camping frame (log frame) to use in the same layout.   This turned out so cute.

And Julie gave me the sweetest compliments on my files.  I do work hard to design every thing by hand and simplify the file so it has a lot of detail but not a ton of pieces like most of the free files out there.  So it makes me really happy to know that others appreciate all my hard work.

"Thanks again Sharon for the adorable file.  I as putting the raccoon together Thursday night and my 21 year old son came down to see what I was doing and even he thought this little guy was the cutest thing.  Of course I was a little more excited about it than he was.  I love the detail in your files without all the extra fuse.  I'm not real skilled in the 'shading' and chalking and all the Little extras that make a die cut cute but with your files I don't need to be. (The 'little bit of camping luxury' title was from Chris' files)."

Thank you so much Julie for the wonderful comments.  I truly enjoy hearing these compliments on my files.  And your layout is adorable.  Thank you for using my log frame as well.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Love My New Blog!

WOW, WOW, WOW!  I'm so in love with my new blog.  Its so Me and Smokey. LOL!

I want to thank Kristal of K Andrew Custom blog Designs.  I have been so unhappy with it since I started it a year ago.  And now I have one that is all mine.   I'm So Excited!  I just have to share.

The header has my Smokey cat.  As y'all know.  She is always with me in my scrap room.  She takes my papers and ribbons and runs off with them. That why you see the paper and ribbon strung out. She loves when I have the machines running.  She just sits and watches them.  The other day, I found her laying on top of the Expression.  And if you remember, I have them stacked now. Good thing I keep it closed so no cat hair gets in there.

You can also see in the header.  My KNK Groove, Cricut Expression, and the skinny little thing up there. LOL!   Is holding my gypsy.  Man, I wish I was that skinny. LOL!.

So what do you all think of my new blog.  Do you think you will still find me? 
Thanks so much again Kristal.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blog is Finished!

The blog is finished! Wahoooo!

Jan Grab Bag File 2 of 4

Today I will show you my 2nd card of 4 I have in the January Grab bag.  I know this is a touchy kind of card. But we all know we will need one at one time or another. And I don't see to many of these out there for us to make.  So I took on making a card for this. Because I wanted it to be elegant. If that is possible.  But also wanted to make it so it could be used with a different title and still be a beautiful card.

               "Deepest Sympathy" Lattice Card  RM00127

 Every thing you see here except the pearls. Is included with the file.  I have designed this card to cut the entire card with the front Lattice.  You just fold the card in half.  I Made the card in Make the Cut because it has this cool Lattice feature.  I also made the laced mat in Make the cut as well.  I included the holes so that you can weave ribbon though it.  Includes the Title and all the flowers and leaves.  I curled some of them and added a pearl to the center.

I added a pretty patter paper to show though the lattice.  I also included a Digi stamp for you to print to put in side.  I really like how this card turned out.  Its really beautiful in person.   And the title is not attached so that means you can change it out with another of my titles and it will make a beautiful card for like "Thinking of you"  or  "Happy Birthday" 

 Here is a close up of the Flowers and leaves.   I curled the leaves a little bit after I scored them using my score pal.  to make the veins on the leaves.

I hope you like this card. It really has many uses with just changing out the title.

Don't forget you only have about 2 weeks left go grab this bag of 12 files with multiple use cards.  Before they go to store individually.  Jan Grab bag

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Winner of "Raccoon Bear Layout" File Posted & Blog update News

I posted the winner of this file this morning.  Congrats to : Jzayler 

Thank you for being a follower of my blog and leaving me a comment.  Enjoy the file. 
You have one week ( Jan 21) to contact me to get your file.

Here is original post.

Thank you to all that visit my blog my blog , become followers, and leave me comments.  It really does make me happy to know others enjoy my blog.  I myself have decided this year.  I'm going to follow all the blogs I like to visit.  So y'all please do the same.   You don't get emails from those you follow.  But if you use google reader.  It makes it easier to get updates from those blogs when you choose to read them.  And if you have a blogger id so that you can leave comments.  You can just check your blogger list.  You can also if you have your blog closed.  You can have just the blog you follow show so that, People can confirm your a follower other wise we have no clue if you follow or not.  

You will seem some changes going on here at RSMobleys Designs.   Y'all may have notices my blog has changed the back grounds a lot the past few months.  I'm just not happy with it.   I finally found out how to make my own header and I love the beach at Fort Desoto where we camped for our 25th anniversary this year.  So I used one of my pictures from there.  I like it, but yet, its just not to perky.  And someone else said my blog looks "Old Personish" LOL.  Well,  she is right.  So I am having her fix it. LOL!.  Thanks Kristal.  I just love your new blog look,  Your so great at this.

So you will see some changes on here, and I think you will like it,  I'm really excited about it.  You will see one of my guest that appear on my blog pictures some times as well.  Do you know who that is? 

Well, that's all for now.  I need to get some new files made,  I have been a slacker lately.  And need to finish up my Baby shower gifts for my Daughter.  I will post those after the shower first week of Feb.  I don't think she reads my blog.  but it does post to my face book and I don't want her to see it yet. 

So keep checking back to see all the New changes going on.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jan Grab Bag File 1 of 4

I will be showing you my 4 cards in the January Grab bag.  To show you what a great deal this really is.

You can click this link "January Grab Bag" to see all the cards in preview and to purchase this Grab Bag that is only Available until Jan 31. 

Here is my First of Four cards to show you. "New House, Moved Shape Card" RM00126

I Created this super cute card for my Daughter and Husband.  As after a long 7 months process of buying a house.  They finally moved in to their first Home.  So I thought this would be perfect to give to them with some Gift cards.

This is a shape card, in the shape of a house.  It has a ton of details.  I added 2 titles, So you can use it to send to some one with that just moved,  Or give to a New Neighbor,  Or you can use it to send your new address to family and friends.  You could even use this as a Christmas Card  if you changed the colors to red and green. .

The house card has a picket fence that opens in the middle, A mailbox with a flag. A door that opens, Window frames with Curtains, Room and Chimney.

Here you see the gate opens. The gate is attached to the back of the card and keeps the card closed. Also I have made the door so it opens,  You can put a sentiment in side. Or just adhere it closed.

And here you can see how the front of the card opens.  So you can write in side or add gift cards.

I cut this to fit a A2 Card size.  If you re size, Make sure you cut the back part with the fence first to make sure it will fit your envelope.  If that fits, with the gates folded, the rest will fit.

Well, I hope you like my card.  I will be showing you the second card in a few days.

If you want to pick up the grab bag you can do that here  "January Grab bag"

While your at the forum  make sure you stop by and check out my "January Scrapping Challenge".  For a chance to win $15 worth of free files from my store.  You have until Jan 31 to finish this challenge.

Thanks for Stopping by!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Racoon Bear layout File RM00132 ( WInner Posted)

Wow, Its been a while since I added a file to the store.  With the holidays and so many other things going on. But now that things are coming down. I have lots of creative things planned.   I Created this one way back in June.  And never got it converted and posted to the store.

This goes great with my other camping files.  So check those out as well.

This file comes with Left and Right grass boarder with little Raccoon feet trails  Left side has Black bear and 3 Pine trees and prints.  That lead over to the Right side where the Racoon is hiding in the tree stump and also has trees.   These are sized to 12 x 12.  But you can adapt this to fit 8.5 x 11.  One of my CT members will have a picture soon of her layout for a crop she is going to.

I am going to offer one lucky person this file for free.   You MUST be a follower of my blog and leave me a comment  on this post.  With your email so I can contact the winner. If you don't leave your email that is fine. But that means you have to check back to see if you won.  So make sure you subscribe to my feeds so you don't miss any.   I will pick a winner via Random org on Friday Jan. 14.

Happy Friday,  The WINNER of this file for being a FOLLOWER of my blog and leaving me a comment is:
              Congrats to:  Jzayler
You have one week (Friday Jan 21) to email me for you file as you didn't leave me one to contact you, (which is totally fine as I stated in the post) email me at:   rsmobley85 @ gmail. com   (No  spaces)

Thanks for all the wonderful comments.  I really enjoy reading them.

Have a great day and Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedding Layout " Wedding Party"

I'm still working on my Daughters Wedding album.  I'm trying to get it done for their 1st Anniversary.  This coming March.  Here are two of my newest layouts.

Ya' ll know I love Becky Fleck Sketches,  So I used this one from Dec 2010.

Here is my Layout using the above sketch.

I'm working in order of events for the Wedding so I'm almost done. I have maybe 8 more pages to do,  These 2 pages make 10 so far.   I used Cream Bazzill for the back, Green Bazzill for the Flower layer.  And the Design on it is from the Fiskars Corner & Boarder Punch - Vines.  These punches are am all time favorite.  I now own 2 of these and looking for more. They are so easy to use.   The paper is still from the DCWV Luxury stack.

 You can see the same rose ribbon I used in some of the other wedding layouts. I got that at Dollar tree, its so pretty.  The Gold snaps with the pearl centers I got in the sewing section at Joann's. I used those because the match the Pearl snaps on the Guys western shirts they wore in the wedding.  So thought it was a perfect touch.

Also I added 3 K & Company  Wedding Clearly yours. "Cherish Love Forever" and the double silver bells are from Wiltons.

This pearl flourish was perfect for this layout.  It has brown and cream pearls and green roses. Its from Prima.

Here is the Second layout. It has the same back ground layout. But I used to pictures and titles on this one. On this one, I used the same Lace Fiskars punch that I used on the wedding Invitations so again, it has some of the wedding details.

Used the same flower ribbon and the same word from K&Co.  "Friends"  and the gold and pearl buttons are buttons from Joann's sewing section. I though those added a nice fancy touch to the single word. 

Well, this is it for now.   I'm working on some stuff for my Daughters baby shower in 4 weeks,but I cant post that yet.  She might be reading my blog. And she wants to be surprised. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Awesome Day! Newsletter, Free File, Challenge and MTC.

Wow!  What a day this has been.  Its actually been really good day for me.  I hope it was for you as well.

Today, the VDBC Newsletter came out. Did you get it?  If not, just click the link and you can check it out.  Also you can go to the store home page and sign up to receive them in your email so you dont miss any.

I offered a free file in the January Newsletter.  So make sure you go read the newsletter to get my free file.  Its only available untill the 15th. So go get it while you can.

Monthly Challenge January:  I posted a new challenge in the VDBC forum.  And this challenge will last all month long.  Ends January 31st.   If you complete the challenge.  You will be entered for a chance to win a prize from me.   So go check it out.  And enter.   I can wait to see what you all create.

And now, For my Awesome Cutting experience today. As you all may know.  I'm now a Cricut and MTC girl.  And now understand why so many of you love your Cricuts.   I'm working on some gifts and decorations for my daughters Baby shower.  And I used my Cricut Expression and Make the Cut 3.2.  And OMG!   I got my entire cutting project done in like 15 mins.   I cut about 100 small pieces and some super micro tiny.  Out of 10 different colors of card stock with several colors on the mat at one time in 2 passes.  And it cut ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!  The first time.

No re-cutting, No using a blade knife to finish the cuts. No corners catching and ripping the paper. No sanding the back of the paper to get the image out. No Multiple cuts.   It was like heaven.   I ran the mat with all the colors on it and the piece still in place.  And showed it to my Husband and my Son.  And they were super impressed with how tiny some of the pieces were.  I mean, tiny. Like the eyes were so small, I didn't expect them to cut out.  And I would just use a pen or marker to draw the eyes.  But they did cut out.   And the hole was barley the size of a ink pen head to go in.    WOW!  I was super impressed and Im really loving cutting with MTC.  And have to tell you.  Version 3.2 is just awesome.  It makes the Cricut cut so much faster.  And im loving the layers thing in MTC.  I have been designing some of my newest files in MTC using some of the tools.

Like, If you see my files in the January Grab Bag I made the Lattice card for my "Deepest Sympathy" Card and I made the Jeans Pocket card in MTC and it was so super easy.  Im still designing other parts in KNK just because Im used to it.  But Im sure when MTC gets a pencil icon.  I will start fully designing in that.

If you would like to try out the MTC software.  You can download a trial version to play with and see how you like it.  You can click on the MTC picture and download the free version to play with.  And there are tons of Free tutorials, Videos and Weekly Webinars on using this awesome software.  So why not try it.

Well, Im done chatting for tonight.  I hope tomorrow is just as nice as today.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Recipe layout "Fudge"

I have been working on a lot of scrapping things lately.  And one of them is my "Favorite Christmas Recipe Book" 

And this year I didn't have my Daughter to back with as she has now moved in to her new house.  So I spent a few days with my good friend Jill.  And we had a blast baking all kinds of goodies and swapping recipes. 

She showed me how to make a few things, and I showed her how to make some.  We had a great time. Here is one of the 6x6 layouts I made the other night.

The paper is from one of my favorite Christmas lines. Figgy Pudding by Basic Grey , Red card stock is Bazzill and so is the green.  On the green the punched border is by Fiskars  "A Tisket A Tasket"  (Boarder & Corner Punch) I love the look of removing the outer edge. I did a tutorial on that here. 

Red Poinsettia and leaves are from Prima Colypso Tin Poinsettia I added Sulyn Glitter glue on the edges of the poinsettia, I love the look of glitter on the edges.  With a gold tiny brad in the middle.

Next, I used a strand of tiny pearls I got in the dollar section at Joann's.  To make the swirls.  I too a piece of green tape, it has a low tack.  And I swirled the pearls on the tape.   And then used Fabric Tack Glue on the pearls sticking up and then applied the tape to my layout, and removed the green tap.   And in the centers I added a Rhinestone from Michaels dollar section.  And the two little red birds are chipboard from Bo Bunny Noel Collection.  This is such a beautiful line of paper, but then isn't all Bo Bunny paper just beautiful.

Well, this is all for now.   Next I will have a Wedding layout to show you. Need to wait for the sun to come up tomorrow to get a better picture.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Card Published in "Ginger Streets Scraps" Magazine

Have yall check out the new "Ginger Streets Scraps" Magazine.  This is the first issue of Ginger Street.   Its a Ezine.  and its free.  You can subscribe to it for free.  And read it online. 

They do alot of digital scrapping, Hybrid scrapping and now have "Crossover Cafe" that does cutter file scrapping.

If your in to digital scrapping, they have free kit every month.  They also have a Forum and Store as well as their Blog.   So check them out.

You can see my card on page 37.  Penguin Slider Card

What time is it? January Grab bag time!

Hey Girls and Guys!

I'm one of the 3 designers in this months grab bag.  And let me tell you,  This on is a "Don't Miss" for sure.

You will see that the grab bags this year will have a new twist with all new themes.  So to kick off the year with a bang.  Here is the first one of the year. 

                    January Grab bag
Now, you see there are no previews on this picture.  But guess what,  If you go to the store, You can see all the pictures of the files in this grab bag.  And you can click on picture, you can see a bigger picture.

And I will give you this hint go make you want to go see it.  The theme is Year of Cards!  So, what does that mean,  Yes, 12 cards are in this.  And they are cards you can use all year long.  And some have multiple titles.  And you can swap and switch out and create even more cards, I can tell you,  there are Shape cards, lattice Cards, Men and Woman birthday cards, New House/Neighbor/Moved card, Father day cards, Flower cards, Thinking of you cards and yes even a Deepest Sympathy card.  I know we don't like that topic but yes, you do need one every once in a while.  So I created a beautiful one, and you can change out the title with one from my other titles.    This is a $35 value for only $7 .   So grab it before the end of Jan.

I will be previewing my 4 cards through out the month and telling you all about them.  So be watching for those. 

Now that I'm starting to design in MTC 3.2 ( which is the best version in the world to use so please download the newest version from my MTC badge on the left side bar.  As I'm going to offer my files in 3.2 only after this grab bag.)  I even created one file totally in MTC.  And am loving the way it cuts so fast to the Cricut Expression.   So I'm now including MTC files starting with this grab bag.

So are you ready to go check it out?  If so,  you can click this link January Grab Bag Or as always you can find the new grab bag picture in the top left corner of my blog.

Well, I hope you run over to the store and check out the new grab bag, its just awesome!

Thanks for stopping by!