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Monday, November 28, 2011

Printer Issues Continue!

Okay, So after several hours on the phone with Kodak yesterday.  I get a email this morning.  They have checked in to the error and for me to call them when I can.

So, get up, clean the house and wash clothes, and mop the floors.  And call Kodak back.  With my support ticket number.  And again, they did remote access and tried every thing they could to fix my issues with installing it.  But nothing worked.  But in the mean time.  Some thing happened to my Adobe Reader and I couldn't open any pdf's.  So, they said, they would send in another report and get back to me.

Well,  I had the error report.  So I did some checking in google and looked up the error code.  And guess what!  I FIXED IT MYSELF!  I was so excited.  I actually got it to install.   Come to find out. The error I was getting was "Error 1402 Could not open key"  then a really long string of letters and numbers. So I googled "Error 1402"  And found THIS.  It sounded like my problem.   So I went step by step using the code and numbers in my own error log.  And did every thing it said.  And tried the install again.  And it worked like a charm.  So I said, well,  I will try this with the Adobe reader.  That wouldn't you reinstall it.  And guess what.  It worked as well.   So now,  Im going to try this on my Adobe Illustrator.  Because I cant get it to reinstall for the same reason.

Okay, so we think we are ready to go now that the printer is installed via wireless from my computer.  So I do a test page,  It prints perfect.  Then what the heck!  I get a Print head error!  Okay, this printer is only 2 days old.  So I look up the error code on the Kodak website.  And try every thing it says.  And it still has the same error.  So I call Kodak back.  And its a no go.  Come to find out.  My printer is one of the ones in a batch with bad print heads.  So they are sending me a new one.   Hopefully in a few days, I will have a working printer.  But all in all,  Kodak is great with their customer service.

Hopefully next up date. Will be about a working new printer.

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MichelleMyBelle said...

you have been through the mill with this printer, LOL Hopefully the new one they send finally works.

Sharon said...

You know, They sent me a new print head the very next morning. That was super fast. But it still gave the same error. I called them back, and now they are replacing the whole printer. With a updated model that replaces the EPS 2150 with EPS 2170. I hope it will be here today or tomorrow. And this one works.

Reshma Reshu said...
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