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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Frustrating Printer Issues And Great News!

I have been needed to update our old Lexmark 4350 for some time.  I have had this printer about 6 years and it still works and all.  But the problem is.  I have it hard wired to my old lap top with Windows XP in my scraproom.

When I'm working on my new laptop and need to print coupons and stuff.  My new HP laptop with Windows 7 won't print to it.  I have tried downloading the new W7 drivers for it.  It says it working fine. But when I go to print, it tells me I don't have the right drivers.  So I tried taking the laptop in the scrap room and hard wire it instead of over the next work.  And still no go.

So, I figured, Walmart had a new Kodak 2150 "Wireless" printer on sale for $69.  So I ran over and picked up the last one.  Thinking this would fix all my printer issues, Right!

Well, it only half fixed the issues. I got the printer all hooked up,  And the WiFi button is all nice and blue.  So I tried running the old XP laptop wireless and it wouldn't.  No biggie, I just hard wired it which is fine, Its in the craftroom right next to the printer.  So I set print and its all good to go.

So I then go to the living room where the other 2 (Matching Identical) laptops are.  One mine, One my husbands.  I put the Kodak disk in, it installs and every thing is good to go. I do a test print via wireless and woo hoo! Its works.  The disk says "Install this software on EVERY Computer you want to run wireless"  So I move the disk over to my Matching and Identical laptop thinking, Its all good to go.

And holy cow! It wont install, it gets half done, and says "Rolling back" Install was unsuccessful"  Say what!  So I try again, 4 more times.  I get out the trouble shooting manual.  It gives a website to go and download the software manually.   I try that. It gets half installed and tells me the same things.  Errrrrr!

So I pick up the phone and call Kodak support.  And spend the next 4.5 hours on the phone with them.  And have to say, Kodak support ROCKS!  They were so good with trying to help and figure this out.  I only have a cell phone and when it gets warm it drops calls.  So yep, it dropped the call 5 times in those 4.5 hours.  And they were really good about calling me right back.  I talked with 2 different Reps and they tried every thing they could even though "Remote Access"  And couldn't get it to load.  So they told me.  They would forward that on to a supervisor and I would get a call with in 30mins.

Well, not even 10 mins later, Super visor calls,  And he did every thing under the sun via remote access to scan my bios of errors, None! And cleaned the registry of and Kodak install files and removed the old Lexmark from the registry.  And re-downloaded the software from the Kodak site.  And it still will not run.  So  after about 10 attempted installs it finally gave a error record.  And He is sending that in with a report to see if they can see whats going on.  But in the mean time.  He did a back door way for me to print wireless to the new printer.  I just don't have the Kodak software to be able to Scan, Fax or edit pictures with the software it came with.  But at least I can print for now.

So tomorrow,  I have to contact HP support, "They are not the greatest"  And see if they can find out what is stopping the install.  This may be also the reason I can not install my Adobe Illustrator software on this new laptop.

All in all,  This is very frustrating.  But great to know that Kodak is super in their support department.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had dinner at my Daughter and SIL house. This was her first year cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  And she did a wonderful job. The food was awesome.   But today, I cooked a smaller version of Thanksgiving dinner just for the Hubby and I and my son that is here 2 days a week. LOL  

I don't think I mentioned this, But now that its public.  2 weeks ago, My son purposed to his girlfriend and she accepted.  And they brought over her twin 4 year old girls for me to meet.  They are so cute.  So now,  We are planning a wedding for March 2013 and I have 2 Bonus Granddaughters.  Yay!  more little ones to scrap. LOL

I have tomorrow off from watching my grandson,  so I will be working on a few more NEW Christmas Files. Stay tuned.

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Heather D. said...

Congratulations on your son's engagement! Four year old twins must be adorable! Enjoy :-)

Lynn C. said...

Yay, Sharon. I'm glad to hear Kodak has such a good support dept. I would rather buy anything that has a good support dept. than something that is suppose to be good with no support.
Congrats on son's engagement.
I also am going to cook our own Thanksgiving dinner. We were invited out and had a great Thanksgiving but I always miss the leftovers. Just didn't get my fill of turkey.