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Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Freebie File: Spider Web

This is the first Friday in October so I'm offering a free file today only.  Tomorrow it will be in store for those that miss it.

This Spider web is perfect for corners of your Cards, Layouts or other projects. I plan to use this for one of my projects this weekend.  I need to get some black paint first.

Free File  RM00008 Spider Web (Link now expired) You can now find this in store here. RM00008 Spider Web

REMINDER:  Check out these post.

Thank you to those that have submitted.  You only have till next saturday Oct 15, 2011 to submit before selection is made.

This challenge runs all month long.  You have until Oct 30 to enter.  For a chance to win my newest Halloween Titles file.

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Heather D. said...

Thank you for the freebie! It's hard to find a good spider web and I love that yours is in the corner too. :-)

Sharon said...

Thank you Heather! And your welcome. I love that its in the corner as well.


patchworkhen said...

Thank you for the spider web!

blessings, patchworkhen

Julie said...

Adorable! Thanks!!

Four11Lady said...

This is a really cute file.....TFS

Shelly Schmidt said...

Wonderful file! Thanks so much!

Caroline said...

Thanks for the freebie Sharon, a file of yours I don't own :) cool!

Heidi said...

Thank you so very much! I appreciate it!

Sharon said...

You all are very welcome for the file.

Caz, Really a file of mine you dont have. Wow!


Sandy said...

So cute. I almost missed it since my internet went down yesterday and I had to wait until my Techy guy could come over and figure it out. Thanks!

Sharon said...

Gald you grabed it Sandy, I just pulled it down at 11:30

Thanks all for the wonderful comments.

Next Friday I will have another one. So make sure to check back.


Sharon said...

Missed the freebie, but am so happy to have been sent over here by Kat to find instructions about organizing my craft room. I've been blogging about that over at Diary of a Craft Room Transformation, but have picked up some awesome ideas here. TFS! I'm following you now so I can stay informed.

Come on over and give me a holler when you have a chance. After all, we do share the same first name. :-)