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Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy Weekend! More Cutter Files added!

Whew,  What a weekend!

It's pay week, so of course had to go grocery shopping.  We were out of every thing so it was a big trip.  Why is it you seem to be out of every thing at the same time.  Laundry soap, TP, Paper towels, Trash bags, Dog and Cat food and People food.  But I think we are set for a while now. LOL!   I tried my hand at "Really" doing coupon shopping.  When your on a strict budget. You have to save where you can.  And I think I did pretty good.

I used My Coupon Expert to help me out.  She does wonderful match ups.  So I went to Publix which I dont usually shop at.  And got a lot of the BOGO sales and used coupons on those items as well.  And man, I got stuff pretty cheap.  Like,  I bought the Digiorno shredded Parmesan Cheese, normally 4.79 each, but were BOGO and then printed 2 coupons for $2 off one.  So I got both for only .79.  thats less then .40 each.  How awesome is that.   I also got the Chunky soups.  They are normally 2.49 each and were on sale for 1.29 and I had printed 2 of the $1.00 publix coupons and used the $1.00 on 4 coupon.  So I got 4 cans for .54 each.   I ended up saving $72 on my trip and spent total of $70 because I had meat and stuff that I didnt have coupons for.  But Im super happy to have saved half my bill.  These days its really rough for us and this really helped out.  But it did take several hours to get it all worked out.  but sites like this make it easier so make sure you check out her site.  She is local to me.  So Im hoping to make it to one of her classes.   Now, let me tell you,  NO way do I want to be a Food Horder.  I only buy things we use. And only get 4 at the most of some thing when Buy one get one. I don't need more then that.

After the grocery shopping,  We worked in the yard and weeded the veggie garden getting it ready for winter.  Did 6 loads of laundry,  and then helped my son get his truck on a tow dolly to take to the shop this morning. We have been working on it for the past 3 weeks and got it almost all fixed.  And found out in the end. After replacing the distributor and cap and rotor.  His truck dont have the timing marks so you cant set it with our timing light.  It has to be reset with a computer. Errr!  So the truck wants to start but wont.  So he took it to the shop this morning to have the timing set.  Man, you should of seen us trying to get that truck up on the tow dolly,  We had to go get several neighbors and give it a good running push. Glad that's over.   So he used my husbands truck to pull his truck to the shop.  Well, he works nights so took it with him to work, so he could just drop it off first thing this morning and not have to waste gas.

Well,  at 5:45 this morning I'm up waiting for Grandson to get here and Hubby is up for work.  And My son calls, Dad, I started the truck to heat it up (As its a little chilly here this morning) he shut the door and it locked automatically.  He calls in a panic, the truck is running and its locked.  My husband and I are just a laughing. Because this has happened to use many a time. LOL!  So we told him how to break in to the truck which took all of 2 mins. LOL!  So bad day avoided.

I'm hoping the rest of the week is uneventful.  We shall see.  I have a lot to do to get ready for the retreat next weekend. I want to try and get some page kits made. But I'm taking my cricut and laptop so I can cut stuff while I'm there.  I already reserved a table by an outlet for me and my friends.

But on the up side of the weekend.  I got 20 more files done.  I changed out my old packaging to my new package to match my blog.  And added MTC files to all the ones that didn't have them.  And tweaked some of my first files.  And got them loaded to the store.  So make sure you stop by and check out all the files added to the store.  I now have 81 files in the store and still have about 80 more to go.  Scrappin with Sharon and Smokey Diecuts. 

Well, Little man learned to scoot this weekend so he is on the move.  I got to get going.

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Ursula Schneider said...

Nice blog! You are one busy lady. I just discovered how to use my SIL and am creating files like a mad woman. I've got tons of old work that I intend to cut out. Such fun!