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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back From My Break!

I'm Back from my break!  Did y'all miss me? LOL!

Hubby went back to work this week from his 2 weeks off.  So I have been cleaning house and cleaning out a few cabinets this week.  We didn't do much on hubbys "StayCation" as he calls them because we cant afford to go on vacation and waste the gas.  But we did go check out a couple of nice walking parks by the river near us we have never been to.  It was really nice. I have some pictures but need to upload them. And we did drive up to his Sisters house in Eustis, Fl  to see his other sister from New York that was down for a visit. That was nice.

We worked in the yard, put down some more mulch to try and help with the weeds that just seem to come back every week.  And we got the Fall garden planted in our raised beds.  And its been raining every day so its getting a good start for germination.  We should start seeking things popping though the soil in a few days as we planted seeds last sunday I think it was.

So, I finally went in the craft room yesterday (Its been 2 months with the door shut) and started cleaning up every thing I left out I was working on and just left.  It was like, one of those crime scenes where some one just disappears in the middle of something. LOL!  Every thing was laying where I left it. My layout is half done, tools on the counter top.   So I started putting things away and cleaning off the counter tops and it felt so good to be back in there.  And I was getting a lot done.  Then hubby walks in from work at 1:00.  With news, they are cutting his hours again.  Jeez!  Next thing you know he wont have a job at all.  So many are in the same situation its just nuts.

But any way,  My month away is up tomorrow.   And let me tell you,  Im ready to get some crafting done.  I even purchased a super cute Halloween house from SVG Cuts yesterday and so excited to get working on it (Monday when hubby goes back to work) I cant get much done when he is home on the weekends you know.

Also, got some really great news. I will be watching my grandson a few days a week.  Im so overly excited about that.  He is getting so big and so cute.  He is now 7 months old and rolling every where and just got his first tooth this week.  I wish I could post pictures but you know my daughter wont allow that.

So any way,  I'm Back!  And hope to post something crafty next week.

See ya soon!
Sharon and Smokey.


MichelleMyBelle said...

Glad you are back! Remember what I said I was going to do? Well, I did not do any of it, LOL. I got nothing done. Maybe this month while my son is in school.

Will be waiting to see your Halloween House. I think I'm going to purchase it. Talk to you soon.

Sharon said...

Thanks Michelle, I have missed you. And you know, We all need a break now and then.


Lynn C. said...

Glad to have you back, Sharon. I have missed your blog postings and seeing your great projects.
How exciting to be able to take care of your grandson. Life is so much more exciting with little ones.
I've been away from crafting, except for my KitchenTableScraps group where I only make cards, for six months and am excited to get back to doing it too. I have two more major yard projects to complete, and then I can hit the scrap area. Boy, do I need to downsize and organize.

Georgie Horn said...

welcome back!