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Thursday, August 4, 2011

MTC Tutorials & Videos Do you have a Link?

Now that I'm using MTC more.  As it cuts to all my cutter machines.  And it fixes a lot of issues with each.  And not to mention all the awesome Updates.  I have added a tab to the top of my blog to make it easy to find other places that have MTC videos and Tutorial.    You can find that up top  or you can click "HERE"

If you need the new update 3.3.3  Or just want to try out the MTC software for free (note it will cut lines in your pojects untill you register).  You can get that by going to this link.  MTC.  Also if you purchase form me.  You get $10 in your choice of my cutting files for free. 

I so appreciate all that Andy and Brian do for us cutter addicts.  But I don't have several hours to spend watching the webinars.  So I'm looking for blogs that have short videos and tutorials.  I love Sandy's (Short and to the point) Videos and hoping she makes more for the MTC.  And Rob at Scrappy Dew has some awesome videos and tutorial in the Classroom.

If you have some videos and tutorial and want to be added to my list.  Drop me a email with your link to rsmobley85 at gmail dot com.  And I will add you to the list with your link.

Hope y'all have a crafty day.
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