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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Headed to East Coast!

Just wanted to wish everyone to be safe with the Hurricane headed to the East Coast.  We live in Central Florida and it is supposed to miss us except for a little rain and wind.  But its headed more North.  So please make sure you listen to the warnings.  And prepare and evacuate if told to.  And please plan for your fur babies.

We are just stocking up on water in empty clean Cat Litter Containers. We fill these with water for the toilet as we have a well and if the power goes out. We have no water.  And the gas grill has gas to cook with.  We took the pool floats out of the pool and picked up some stuff that could blow around. So we are pretty much ready for some wind and rain.  Just grateful the worst part is supposed to pass up.  But that could change at any minute.

As for crafting. I still haven't been in my craft room in 6 weeks, Man, that is so odd for me.  But I have been thinking about it the past few days. So you never know. I could be in there soon. LOL

Please be safe and take care all.


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