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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wow, What a week!

Im so whooped!  My hubby needs to go back to work.  LOL!  So I can get some rest.

He is on vacation this week.  And we are staying local but getting some things done, and Checking out some places.

We had planed to go to the beach Monday but it rained.  Tuesday we drove 3 hours north to check out the hunting refuge so the guys can plan their hunting trip this winter.  Then while we were there. We decided to check out Manatee Springs State Park.  We never been there.  And Oh My Gosh!  Its so beautiful.  I will work on a blog post for that one. I have so many pictures to show you. It was a all day trip.

Then yesterday we build a shelf in the laundry area to act as a pantry,  Its not done yet, it needs one side panel and some doors.  But it works,  Now I can move every thing out of the kitchen and have more cabinets for all the pans and baking stuff that sits on top of the cabinets. That drives me nuts.

Wow, I'm so worn out.  I have CFIDS so I'm sure I will be paying for all this activity the past 4 days. I can already feel it coming on.

I will work on a blog post with pictures of Manatee Springs.

Oh, I need to ask you all,  If I edit a post, I have to "Republish" it. In order for it to show up on my blog again.  Does that resend the post to you?   I need to know this before I start editing all my blog post.  I need to remove all the links to my old store.  I have been getting a lot of emails.  About the links taking them to my store that no longer exist.  So I will be updating those links with my new store links. 

Can y'all leave me a comment and let me know if you get repost If I edit blog post.  Let me know how you get my post, by feedburner, Email, blogger.  I googled it, and it says you don't, but I want to make sure before I start working on this.

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