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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Panic! Blog was Disabled!

Wow, was I in a panic last night.

I went to check my email and didn't have any, so checked my google chat, it was logged out,  I tried to log in, it said I didnt have a gmail account.  I checked my blog, It said it was deleted.  Panic set in fast.

After trying the password recovery, it said my account had been disabled by gmail because of suspicious activity.   And it gives you a link to fill out a lot of stuff to prove its you.

It will ask you for your email,  but the email isnt working.  So when you get to the the part to recover your password.  It will ask if you can access your email.  Say no, and put in another email.  Lucky for me, Im able to get in to my husbands email.

Then it will ask you for the email addresses of 5 emails you email to most.

Then it will ask you for 4 google apps.  And you need to know the Month, Day and Year.  Are they crazy.  We. It says at the very top before you start,  to try and give the closest dates.  So in the list of apps.  I chose my phone, its an google android, and just recently got it. so I was pretty close on the date of that,  The rest I just guessed at.  Like, if you have a gmail account, what month, day and year,  or Picasa, month, day and year.  Or any other Gmail app.  You need at least 4 so they can verify you.

Then you will need your blog url so make sure you now it exactly.

And you will need to send the reqeust in on the same computer you usually log in to your account on.  So that it can ping your IP and make sure its you.

Wow, this was so scary. I have medical issues that cause me to have no memory. And this was a stuggle.  I had to fill it out several times till it submitted.

Then got a email to my recovery (hubby's) email.  Saying they would get back to me after the investigation with in 24 hours.  And whew.  It was only 5 minutes.  I got a email with instructions.  Like, run several virus, malware cleaners.  Then links and instructions to get a new pass word.

Wow, it was some work and very scary.  But im now back up and running.  And didnt loose any thing.

It seems that there were over 200K Google Android user that this happened to.  Some kind of gmail virus.

So if you cant access your blog.  And it says it been deleted or some thing.  Dont panic,  Just make sure you write down all this info you need.  To help you out,  And have a back up email. Or sign up for them to send text to your sell number to get your reset going.

Hope all is doing well.

Then you have to do several things to get the


jordiegirl said...

Oh dear, how awful for you, glad you got it sorted.

Well at the moment Mozilla Firefox will not load blogger at all so I am having to access it via Windows Live Writer!!! I have no idea why this is happening but as long as I can get on here it doesn't matter.

Sharon said...

I had been having issue with FireFox for several days as well, Now using Google Chrome, its so much faster. Give it a try.

Found out I had to change my thunderbird email passwords this morning in order to get my email from gmail forwarded. Wow, I have a lot of spam to clean up now.

Thank you Gmail for catching this and taking care of it so fast.