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Friday, April 15, 2011

How to unmount "Wood Mounted Stamps"

I have had a lot of questions about my stamp storage with I really think is the best system you can have.  You honestly know every single stamp you have and can find it in just a few seconds.  When your in the market for new stamps.  Just take the book with you, and check your sections before you purchase.  This will stop you from buying the same ones over. LOL!.

Okay, on to how to Unmount Wood Mounted stamps. Some are really easy and some are a real pain in the you know what. I haven't done my Stampin up yet because I never use them so not sure I will keep them.

So you have to get the rubber stamp off the mounted block.  Most are on a gray type sticky foam.  And will pull off really easy and leave the back of the rubber stamp clean.  Like these  old Stamping up stamps.
You will then use Aleene's Tack it over.  You can get it at Joanns with a coupon.  And use a good small brush.  I like to use the flat edge ones, they work great. And you can put some in a little bowl and dip the paint brush in the glue and and paint the back.  It will be white when you put it on.  But in about a hour it will turn clear and glossy.  But, Wait 24 hours for it to dry so that it is re-positional.   And just stick it to the side of the DVD case.

Now, If you have some rubber stamps that will not come of clean.  I had a bunch of Just for Fun Red Rubber stamps that were a real pain.  When you peel them off they had a thick film on the back that was hard to get off.  So I tried several things like heating the stamp in the micro wave , using a heat gun, you name it, I tried it.  And the best thing I found that removed the left over on the back is some stuff called Scrappers Solution made by Undu.

You put some on the back and use the scrapper that comes with it. And scrap off the adhesive. And its left clean,  then you just paint on the Aleene's glue. And left dry for 24 hours before you stick on the case.

If you would like my excel sheet that has been sized for these cases.  You can download it here.
If it ask for password  use iagreetou

Stamp Storage excel sheet

If you all have any questions.  Just ask.



Just Jaime said...

Great tut! thanks!

Sharon said...

Thanks Jamie.

Man, I had this super long post I had typed up with step by step instructions on the filing system and I save it, but when I went back only half was there, Jeez.

So if yall need to know how to get the cases to the filing stage. Let me know, I will type up another one. Also. I will make my excel sheet link click able. In a few.


Trisha said...

Hi, Sharon. When I tried to dl the xl sheet, it did ask for a pw.

Sharon said...

Hm, I didnt give it one. Let me go check and see whats up with that.


Anonymous said...

I tried to access your sheet, but it said the password was invalid.


Sharon said...

It's now working, Password is iagreetou

Thanks for the email.