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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Preston" 5 weeks Old Already!

Wow how time flies.  Monday March 14, Was Preston's Original due date. And if you remember. We had the baby shower 5 weeks ago and he decided to be born the next day.  So he was 5 weeks old on his due date.

He is growing and gaining weight.  He is just now wearing a few newborn clothes.  His legs are a little long for the preemie sleepers now.  He no longer has to go to weekly Preemie appointments.  And new visit is in a couple weeks for his first set of Shots.

I got to go over and visit with my daughter and bring her the Wedding Scrapbook album I made for her.  And I got to hold Preston.   He has lost that pink new baby look and its looking like a cute little boy.

Here is Preston just looking at me as I was telling him, I'm his Gramma.   He is starting to be more awake. This was the longest he was awake I have seen him.  It was only about 15 minutes.  But I got to talk to him.  And he was looking all around the room.  No smiles yet.  But its so awesome to have them look at you while your talking.   I cant wait for him to get a little older. And know I'm his Gramma and how much I love him.

I better get started on some baby layouts.  I will be using several of the files in the March Grab bag.  They are super cute baby and kid files.  If you have any old pictures of your little ones or grand kids.  Now is a great time to get this set of files and get those pages done. 

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SlomoMom said...

Precious baby boy, now you are proud of him. Have been following you for a while. TFS

jordiegirl said...

Preston is looking so cute - you sound like a really proud grandma - enjoy.

Angela said...

Wow, Preston is getting bigger! I love them at that age. All full of wonder.

lauermaa at gmail dot com

Ginger (Games) said...

He is adorable, growing fast.

MichelleMyBelle said...

OOH he is beautiful!! What a cutie.

Sue aka barracudasue said...

Oh Sharon Preston is just gorgeous! I know you're not suppose to say that about a BOY but when it's true, it's true! He looks like a perfect angel in that picture! TOOO CUTE! :)