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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Blog Button!

I got up this morning and realized, when I had my blog redone, I'm missing my blog button.  So I played around with my blog header.  And played in Paint.net.  And I was able to make one.  I don't think it came out to bad for my first try with this small image.   The png header image I had to work with wasn't high resolution,  But I think it looks pretty good for now.

This blog button is 150 x 150 so it will fit on the side of your blog with the rest of your buttons.  Please add mine if you like my blog.

And, I also found a tutorial on the net on "How to add your button to your blog with that code box under it".  And Woo Hoo!  It worked on the first try.  So I'm super excited. 

So, To add my button to your blog. 

1.  Over on the top right.  You will see my button with the code.
2. Copy the code
3. Go to your blog dashboard
4. Add Gadget
5. Select HTML and paste the code
6. Save and view your blog.

You can move the button to any place on your blog by:
going to your blogger dashboard and clicking on the button box and dragging it where you want it.  And save and view your blog.

That's all there is to it.

I will be back with a blog post on some new blades for my KNK and Expression.

And don't forget about Blog candy, Tomorrow is the last day.

Thanks for stopping by!

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